Yam Madar

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He had a chance to land a long-term scout in Europe this week. After talking about draft prospects and potential free agent prospects, the conversation turned to Boston Celtics “draft and stash” players Yam Madar and Juhann Begarin.

Yam Madar

Yam Madar

Anonymously, the scout gave his honest opinion on both players. It includes commentary on their current game and ideas for the future of the NBA.

Yam Madar Of Partizan Nis Belgrade Gestures During The Eurocup… News Photo

36 games played (13 starts), 17.2 MPG, 7.3 PPG, 2.3 RPG, 2.3 APG, 49.7% FG, 45.3% 3P% (2.1 3PA)

Yam Madar has come a long way in the last two years as a shooter and winner. At the youth and lower levels, the sport dominated, but that did not continue as the competition improved. He’s still a strong player, but he’s not going to outshine anyone.

The only improvement was achieved by shooting. It is safe from three now, although the volume is not very high. It’s a tough spot this season. He always comes to the coach’s bench to ask. If he starts, he won’t play much. But in dribbling or extra kicks he is better now.

His finishing is good when he gets the ball up. And his jumping stroke is strong. He is the best center in the NBA, especially in transition.

Yam Madar Under The Microscope

His biggest flaw remains his refusal to communicate. He is a good free throw shooter, but does his best to avoid rebounds. Maybe that will change, but he has to be strong. He still misses the ball when driving too much for my taste.

Don’t let the small number fool you. In most of Europe, but especially in the Adriatic League, you don’t get a pass if your pass doesn’t lead to a shot. This means that the shooter will shoot without fakes or drips. Or you feed and maybe it’s one dribble but somehow no movement.

See more about last year’s conversion rate in Israel. They are a little closer to the NBA.

Yam Madar

Either way, he’s a good player. Smart player, good passer. He plays with two ex-NBA guys in Mathias Lessort and Rodions Kurucs, and Kevin Punter and Zach LeDay are very good players. Madar has shown that he knows how to get these guys on the ball at the right time and in the right place.

Belgrade, Serbia, 12th January 2022. Yam Madar Of Partizan Nis Belgrade Drives To The Basket During 2021/2022 Eurocup Regular Season Round 9 Match Between Partizan Nis Belgrade Vs Dolomiti Energia Trento In

I like that he is solid as a ball mover and punter and punter. They don’t run a ton of NBA pick and roll, but he’s showing signs of being there when he gets the chance.

He is a very good attacking player! (laughs) Actually, Madar is competitive. I just don’t know how he’ll do in the NBA. The body does not let him down. He has the power here. And the players will find him.

For example, have him guard someone like Chris Paul, who probably looks good physically. Paul no longer Screams with the boys. CP sees Madari and all the tricks but does it to everyone.

But ask him to guard someone like Tyrese Maxey or Kyrie Irving and he’ll get beat. He will probably be removed from the game.

Summer League: Will Yam Madar Join The Celtics This Season?

In a team program like Boston, he’ll likely be fine. But Payton Pritchard is their weak point, right? Madar is behind Pritchard as a defender. He doesn’t have the speed or fundamentals that Pritchard has.

I love him. He is as strong as can be. He wants to be the best, that’s why he jumped from Israel to Partizan. He could stay in Israel to collect numbers and awards, but the kid wants a problem. You gotta love it.

In the NBA, the coming shot has been huge. Before it happened, I wasn’t sure he would. Now I think he can be a great third baseman. Maybe a change of husband. Brad Stevens loved those guys and got a lot out of Shane Larkin, Brad Wanamaker and Phil Pressey. Ime Udoka seems to need you to defend yourself to stay down, so I’m not sure she’d throw Madari in there to change things.

Yam Madar

It looks like Boston has a lot of roster spots to fill on the cheap next season. If he wants to get out of his contract with Partizan, he can play behind Marcus Smart and Payton Pritchard. But I think he’ll spend a year here and wait until he has a better opportunity to be a third baseman.

Boston Celtics Notebook: Jayson Tatum’s Impact For Usa Basketball, Yam Madar Update, Other Celtic Olympians

22 games played (18 starts), 26.8 MPG, 9.9 PPG, 3.6 RPG, 1.5 SPG, 45.6% FG%, 26.6% 3P% (2.9 3PA)

Oh boy… Where do I begin? Juhann Begarin is such a mess. He showed a lot of improvement with his shooting last season. He shot 34-35% on 4-5 per game. This year? He’s below 30% and seems to have lost the confidence to make threes. He still opposes them, but bypasses many of them. And he’s forcing missed runs vs.

As a player, this kid is on the rise. He is 100% an NBA player. It’s okay there. The problem is, teams will play him a mile away if he can’t shoot. I don’t know if Boston told him to change his shot or if it came from Paris or maybe he did it himself. I’m not sure, but it’s not good.

As a driver, he is really good. He is fast and strong. He puts his shoulder to guys, makes contact and takes away his shots. He doesn’t want to go overboard though, so it makes him a little talkative. He goes to the goal to score.

Israeli Hoopster Deni Avdija Shoots For Top 5 In Wednesday’s Nba Draft

His skill needs work. If she can’t get through the guy, forget it. There is no actual floating to speak of. No real patience to get a flip shot or top down. Now it’s all about speed and power.

Begarin doesn’t play much, but he is a great ball carrier. He probably gets more respect when he plays with NBA guys like Axel Toupane, Kyle O’Quinn or Ryan Boatright. But these guys are all vets and he’s a kid. Also, I don’t want to shoot too often.

The good news is that it will pass, I just haven’t read it yet. But he was never asked to do so. It’s still a mystery box.

Yam Madar

Begarin is a different kind of Yam Madar. I’m a little concerned that he’ll stick around as an NBA defender. He is a bit lost at times, but he figures it out with experience.

Celtics Stashed Guard Yam Madar Scores 27 Pts, 5 Ast Vs. Maccabi Haifa

All practical equipment is available. He is fast, has good height, really strong and powerful. Begarin is really good at sliding his feet to stay in front of drivers. He then uses his long arms and strong hands to pick apart and steal.

If he wants to come to Boston under Ime Udoka, he may end up facing this transfer program. It just takes time because there are a lot of things he hasn’t been asked to do.

Change the ball? Turn the ball over to seduce someone inappropriately? Jump? He cannot do any of these things. Defense really doesn’t work here. It takes him a long time to realize. And Boston demands it, or you can’t play for them.

In defense, Juhann Begarin is in good shape after the summer, training and the academic season. Unfortunately, there are miles left.

Celtics Rookie Yam Madar Expects To Play In Nba This Season

He’s on a terrible team and doesn’t do much to improve them. But she is 19 years old! He must be finishing his freshman or sophomore year right now. How many students do you put in the NBA and expect them to contribute immediately to success? One or two.

That makes Begarin a lot of good news for NBA coaches this summer. Work on his shot and understanding of the NBA game. But he needs at least another year, if not another two or three, overseas before he’s ready. I want to see him get into a good program in a good league, but he might not want to leave home. Time will tell.

Boston doesn’t have top players in Yam Madar and Juhann Begarin, but they are good players. And they are very young. That’s where Danny (Ainge) and Brad (Stevens) and Austin (Ainge) have done well. Who voted for children vs boys?

Yam Madar

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