Where To Stay In Downtown Savannah

Where To Stay In Downtown Savannah

Where To Stay In Downtown Savannah

Where To Stay In Downtown Savannah – When visitors first try to decide where to stay in Savannah, they often have a hard time choosing which section of town is best. There are many beautiful areas to explore, each with something unique to offer!

In this guide, I’ll break down the different sections of Savannah so you can choose a place to stay that best fits your budget. I have included the pros and cons of each area.

Where To Stay In Downtown Savannah

Where To Stay In Downtown Savannah

My name is Erin, and I am the author of the Savannah First-Timer’s Guide. It’s a handy e-book that sums up all the best insider tips in town.

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Just so you know, I say it like it is when it comes to Savannah! This means that I share both beauties

This post mentions crime, gangs, and homelessness statistics, because those things are here and I’m not trying to hide that fact.

Historic district | Victorian Quarter | Starland District | Planet Riverside District | Midtown and its suburbs | Tybee Island

The most touristic areas in Savannah are River Street, Plant Riverside, Bay Street, City Market, and Broughton Street.

Hotels Near Savannah Historic District (savannah) From $96/night

The southern part of the historic district has a “classic Savannah” feel. It is very beautiful and charming.

The Victoria and Starland regions are very diverse and home to many full-time residents, as well as a good number of SCAD students.

Tybee Island is not savannah, and it doesn’t look or feel anything like savannah; It’s the closest beach to Savannah.

Where To Stay In Downtown Savannah

This historic district map shows some of the most recommended areas to stay in Savannah, but I’ll discuss each section below in detail.

Where To Stay In Savannah: 7 Best Areas

Many visitor attractions are located in the historic district, including River Street, City Market, Jones Street, and the northern half of Forsyth Park.

The Historic District is where you’ll find Savannah’s beautiful brick streets and squares lined with famous southern oaks and Spanish moss.

The historic quarter is built in the form of a grid of 22 beautiful squares. Think of the yard as a small garden where you can stop to rest on a bench and relax in the shade!

I will divide the historical area into several regions, because the north and south ends are very different from each other.

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River Street was Savannah’s original warehouse district. It was a trading center where ships were docked and loaded with cotton and indigo for export around the world.

The area retains much of its rural roots – with souvenir shops, restaurants and art galleries still operating out of warehouses built hundreds of years ago. The history evident in this area is incredible!

While the rest of the historic district is above a bluff, River Street is the only street that goes down. It is only a few feet above river level.

Where To Stay In Downtown Savannah

Pros: There are many restaurants and bars, many of which stay open late into the night. The regular passing container ships are fun to watch! There are often talented street artists performing on the square. Some of the most beautiful sunsets in the city can be found on River Street.

Experience Luxury In Downtown Savannah

The Negatives: It’s one of the most touristy sections of Savannah, so it gets busy and tends to get rowdy. Restaurant prices are a bit high and not always the best that Savannah has to offer. Parking is scarce and valet parking fees can be expensive. It is a river area, so you might see rats roaming near the water late at night.

Homelessness: Members of the homeless community often choose to sleep on River Street. It is common to request spare parts or handouts from visitors to this area.

The Verdict: If you like watching boats go by, watching the sun set over the water, and want to stay in a bustling area full of historical significance, River Street is a great place.

In addition, Thompson Savannah is a beautiful riverfront property located in an extremely newly developed area

The Best Things To Do In Savannah, Georgia

End of the river. It’s outside the boundaries of the Historic Landmark District, but since it doesn’t fit into any other category, I wanted to add it here.

Riverside Plant is another new development on River Street. It is located at the west end of River Street and has its own section below: Click here to go to the Riverside Plant section.

You’d think this would mean hotels on Bay Street would have great views of the river, but that only applies to the upper floors. The trees and buildings on River Street canopy seen from the lower floors.

Where To Stay In Downtown Savannah

Pros: Most of the street-level retail space on Bay Street is filled with restaurants and bars, so you won’t have to walk far to get food or drinks.

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The Negatives: Bay Street is a high traffic area, so you may have to deal with some street noise. You will also exit your hotel on a busy sidewalk, as there is a lot of foot traffic in this area. As with most of the downtown areas, you’ll have to take steep historic steps to get to River Street. Only one public lift is available on the entire stretch of the river. It is located near the city hall.

Homelessness: It is rare to find homeless community members sleeping on Bay Street; It is too busy and strong to be a good place to sleep. Sometimes people sleep high on custom stairs, but that’s about it. It is fairly common for people to request extra shifts during daylight hours.

Verdict: stay in this section if you want to stay between the busy Riverside and City Market and you can easily access all the restaurants and bars in both areas.

Another tourist attraction in the historic district is the city market. The market occupies a two-block radius and offers shops, restaurants, and a thriving nightlife scene.

Holiday Inn Savannah Historic District, An Ihg Hotel, Savannah

Visit by day to check out the galleries and many talented artists, then stay at night for the bars and live music. W Congress Street, bordering City Market, is known as an entertainment/bar area.

Broughton Street is considered the “shopping street” of Savannah, so it’s a great place to buy clothes, gifts, and all kinds of souvenirs to bring back home. There are many restaurants on Broughton Street, including one of my favorites in Savannah.

Pros: If you like to be in the middle of all the action, City Market is the area for you. If you like to shop, Broughton Street makes a great home base!

Where To Stay In Downtown Savannah

The negatives: If you’re staying in a rental house above a bar or business, read them carefully to make sure it’s not too loud at night. Space is an absolute nightmare in this area. (Try Whitaker Garage or Bryan Street Parking if you can’t find a designated space.)

Hotel Aloft Savannah Downtown Historic District Savannah, Ga 3* (united States)

Homelessness: It is very common to find members of the homeless community sleeping in City Market, as well as neighboring Franklin Square and Ellis Squares. Franklin Square is also a gathering place during the day. Expect to be asked for alms when you stay in the market area of ​​the city.

Safety: I always like to warn first-time visitors that City Market is family-friendly during the day, but the vibe changes after sunset. When the bars close for the night, sometimes a fight happens – as well as the occasional shooting. [Filming takes place more often in City Market in 2022.] The Broughton Street area is generally safer than City Market, but is currently a rough construction zone. I hope this continues until 2023.

Verdict: stay in this area if you want to be in a full tourist area with a very high concentration of restaurants, bars and nightlife.

The Historic North District, shown in yellow, is the busiest and most “touristy” on the West Side, especially near City Market (between Franklin Square and Ellis Square).

File:downtown Savannah, Ga, Houses Img 4731.jpg

My love for this part of the historic district is no secret! Some of my favorite streets are in this area, and I feel it is one of the best areas to stay if you want to experience what it was really like to live in Savannah “back in the day.”

When I imagine the historic district with all its beautiful squares and palaces, this is the part of the city that comes to mind.

This area has fewer businesses and homes, and the streets are shaded by beautiful southern oak trees. It has a more residential feel than the areas mentioned above.

Where To Stay In Downtown Savannah

Pros: Historic homes are beautiful. The area is fairly quiet and residential. It is one of the safest sections of the historic district, if not the entire city. There are a lot of nearby attractions to explore.

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Cons: You will have a 20 minute walk to River Street from this area. Restaurants and shops are not as plentiful in this section as they are in the north. You won’t find many parking garages this far south, so street parking is the primary option.

Homelessness: There are quite a few community members who are homeless in this area. You might occasionally find someone sleeping on the threshold of a church, but this

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