Where To Eat In Williamsburg Brooklyn

Where To Eat In Williamsburg Brooklyn

Where To Eat In Williamsburg Brooklyn

Where To Eat In Williamsburg Brooklyn – I currently live in Williamsburg, so while this should be the easiest guide to write, it’s extremely complicated because there are so many great places to eat.

These are my local restaurants, so even though I order takeout and go to them, it can be hard to narrow down my list of places to visit in Williamsburg. I may be biased, but I love this area. With its panoramic views of Manhattan (along with the ease of getting there with one stop on the L train), Domino Park, and McCarren Park, Williamsburg is a little more spread out than other neighborhoods, with everything you need within walking distance. . It’s also easy to get to other areas to explore the city’s unique cuisines, like Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, Queens.

Where To Eat In Williamsburg Brooklyn

Where To Eat In Williamsburg Brooklyn

All restaurants and bars on this list are located in Williamsburg, excluding the surrounding areas. Excuse my favorites Greenpoint, Frankel’s and Oxomoco (had to give honorable mentions outside the lines). While some straddle the line between restaurant and bar, I’ve categorized them based on what I primarily visit for. And remember, these are just a few of my favorites in the area.

Eat And Drink Outside At These Heated Outdoor Restaurants

If I’m hungry on the West Coast, I want a breakfast burrito, and if I’m hungry on the East Coast, you better believe I want a bacon, egg and cheese Taylor. The New Jersey specialty is hard to find overseas, and while Fedoroff’s is best known for its Philly steaks and pulled pork sandwiches, the breakfast sandwich is a must-order. Layers of pan-fried Taylor bacon (or pork rolls) are served with fluffy scrambled eggs, white American cheese and sriracha ketchup. Instead of putting it in a kaiser, Fedoroff uses Italian sandwiches. Between medium and large, trust me, medium will be enough to fill you up.

I’m not usually a fan of brunch, but Sunday in Brooklyn is an exception to my rule. No matter what time of day you come, you MUST order a table pancake. A fluffy pancake is cooked in a plate-sized cast iron pan. Served with their signature maple hazelnut praline sauce and dollops of brown butter. It’s nice for one person, but perfect for sharing. I also recommend the fried chicken sandwich with shredded cabbage, pickles, mayo and hot honey. The Bloody Mary is made with mezcal and adds a hint of smoke to the morning cocktail. If you’re looking for a cool Instagram story, order a seasonal cocktail made in a honey bear filled with crushed ice.

What started as a pop-up at Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop has now become a full-service, counter-service restaurant off the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. The best thing on the menu is the BEC&L – a bacon, omelet-style egg and cheese on a bagel with a crispy latke and their special Russian dressing as a dip. Their entire bagel is called the Chicago Bagel, made with garlic, onion, sesame seeds and poppy seeds, with added heat from red pepper flakes. They recently went viral for their unique coffee machine that combines cold brew with oat milk and tahini.

I usually stop here with my dog ​​Benson when I come back from jogging at Domino Park. The great room is well-lit thanks to skylights and is a great place to work if you want to get out of the small apartment. Don’t expect a fancy latte – the drinks menu is very simple. They make a great cappuccino (my personal favorite). It’s great coffee, but I come back again and again for the croissants. More specifically, guava and cheese croissants. They are red striped dough filled with guava jam and cream cheese. If you catch them in time, they are still warm.

Take A Peek At Sunday In Brooklyn, An Ambitious Low Waste Restaurant In Williamsburg

Inside, Ace’s Pizza is meant to look like a suburban pizzeria from the ’90s — complete with a VCR that plays classic movies from the ’90s and early 2000s. While you might think it’s been around for years, it opened in February past and became an instant favourite. Ace serves Detroit-style pizza, which has become more popular in recent years with restaurants like Emily and Emmy Squared, as well as “granny-style” squared Sicilian slices. Detroit pizza is made in shallow pans with a crispy cheese rim around the crust. Order the triple pepperoni pizza. It comes with roasted bell peppers, sweet red peppers (teardrop shaped) and pickled jalapeño slices. The small one has four slices, and the big one has six.

L’Industrie is one of my favorites if you’re looking for a great New York thin crust steak done extremely well. While anything you order will be delicious, they are most famous for their burrata pizza. It is prepared on the basis of a Margherita pizza, sprinkled with fresh basil, a large portion of burrata cheese and a little olive oil. Grab a cup of their ice cream while you wait to order! The seasonal flavor is complemented by a small amount of extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Who ever said dinner had to be dessert?

If you’re looking for wood-fired pizza pies, this is your place. They have a small menu, but they do every item well. The chewy thin crust goes great with a bottle of wine and their Caesar salad. The Margherita is great, although my favorite is the San Giuseppe pizza with tomatoes, hot sausage, onions, olives and provolone cheese. If you get your taste buds early enough, they might have bomboloni (an Italian filled donut) left over from breakfast (their Calabrese chili-filled breakfast sandwich is also great).

Where To Eat In Williamsburg Brooklyn

Although the original location with the commissary inside was in Carroll Gardens, I like to stop at this stand on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg for sandwiches. The Rueben is made with beef short ribs, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and relishes on rye bread. Order it with shaved turkey or a vegetarian version with broccoli. You can’t go wrong with an Italian sandwich – especially if it includes mortadella (a premium meat) topped with pistachios. If you’re in the mood for a breakfast sandwich, Court Street also has a bacon, egg and cheese Taylor served on a potato bun.

The 10 Best Restaurants In Williamsburg, Brooklyn In 2023

This family-owned, deli-only panini shop has been around for 25 years and boasts an incredibly long menu of hot and cold sandwiches. The Italian-American haven has some hearty sandwiches topped with everything from mozzarella sticks to fries. My favorite is the FDNY, made with thin crispy chicken patties with vodka sauce and melted fresh mozzarella cheese on garlic bread. The Anthony and Daughter sandwich with prosciutto, burrata, arugula with balsamic glaze and fig jam is also a great option if you prefer a cold sandwich.

Although originally a bar, they are best known for their fried chicken sandwiches. An unfortunate fire closed the kitchen in August, but it will soon reopen for food. A hot chicken sandwich (I order it medium heat) is topped with sauerkraut on a potato bun for a simple but delicious sandwich. If you have room, the Cadillac Nachos are a good table order, served with queso, jalapeños, pinto beans, three different sauces, tomato, onion and sour cream.

Lilia is considered one of the most popular restaurants in all of New York thanks to its pasta menu created by Chef Missy Robbins. Tip for getting a table: Set a Resy alert for every night you might go. That way, if someone cancels, you’ll have a chance to get the reservation. While much of the menu changes with the season, there are a few staples that will always be there.

Be sure to order the cacio e pepe fritelle to start. Fried custard dough boxes sprinkled with black pepper, Pecorino Romano and Asiago cheese. Grilled mouches with Calabrese chillies and breadcrumbs is another hearty starter, along with bacon with balsamic mustard and Parmesan butter. Don’t skimp on pasta. The agnolotti with sheep’s milk, saffron and honey is unique, while the mafaldini with pink pepper and parmesan is simply cocoa and pepper done well. If you’re in the area in the morning, stop by the breakfast window for a fried mortadella sandwich with Parmesan cream.

What You Need To Know Before Moving To Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This was the first restaurant we ate at in the area when we moved. We spent the day unpacking our apartment and went to Missy’s for dinner (paired with a martini) which did not disappoint. Lilia’s sister restaurant, located right next to Domino Park, is similar in that it does very good pasta, although it has a completely different menu. Ricotta Toast, made with toasted bread, is filled with expertly whipped ricotta and roasted red pepper flakes.

The Llama Inn is one of my favorite restaurants not only in Williamsburg, but in all of New York

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