Tower Of Fantasy Reddit

Tower Of Fantasy Reddit

Tower Of Fantasy Reddit

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Tower of Fantasy is a new MMORPG now open for PC, iOS, and Android devices. Seen as a direct competitor

Tower Of Fantasy Reddit

Tower Of Fantasy Reddit

, and uses the gacha system to unlock unique fighting skills. There’s also a massive quest mode, so you’ll want to send your character hunting for crates, solving puzzles, and demolishing enemy castles.

Tower Of Fantasy Tier List

The beginner’s guide gives tips and tricks that the game doesn’t tell you directly and can help in the first game.

, you can progress before you hit a wall. On the first day you can reach level 18, on the second day you can reach level 24, and so on. Levels correspond to chapters in your Wanderer log, so you can check that to see how close you are to the next point.

That being said, once the set time of day has passed, you can continue. There is no fun to be had in this game until you reach level 20, so be aware that on that day one may get a little bored.

Things like signup bonus, daily rewards, and other days are rescheduled at 5 a.m. EDT. If you hit a wall (as mentioned above), wait until the reset time has passed, then you can do more days and continue the level.

How To Fix Tower Of Fantasy Login Status Exception

If you use the gacha system in the game to unlock weapons and characters, you will find that you are not adding characters to your party as much as you do.

Or other mobile games. But you can force the Simulacrum to use that character as an avatar, if you want, but it’s not a statistical or cosmetic difference.

If you give gifts to characters later, you can unlock the “Simulacrum feature” which you can change, giving you different buffs depending on the character.

Tower Of Fantasy Reddit

It’s easy to forget about riding and driving around while exploring, as you spend most of your time running and climbing. Running your hill is faster than sprinting, so be sure to use your mounts whenever you look.

Tower Of Fantasy August 2022 Codes Guide

There are many different types of chests in Tower of Fantasy. The orb types give you gacha money (Gold and Black Nucleus), while the triangle- and rectangular-shaped ones reward items for upgrading items or making food, as well as EXP.

If you have trouble climbing a hill, you can climb it without worrying too much about strength by going down the hill, jumping twice, and then going up the hill again. . Your second jump will give you more air, allowing you to slow down the fitness program.

If you are near a puzzle that rewards a Black Nucleus or a chest, symbols will appear on your mini-map near you. Orb shaped boxes will be marked with an orb (yes) and Black Nucleus balls will be marked with a diamond shape. These puzzles often require you to use fire-type abilities on nearby objects, debris to break down walls, or other quick interactions.

In the weapon menu, click “cabin,” select the weapon you like, and select the magnifying glass below the weapon’s image to see its various abilities. Each weapon has different melee and ranged abilities, so you’ll want to figure out how to make the most of your weapon.

Tower Of Fantasy Players Recreate Characters From Genshin Impact, Valorant, And Even A Hololive Vtuber

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