Tower Of Fantasy Cook Recipe

Tower Of Fantasy Cook Recipe – Tower of Fantasy (ToF) recipe guide. Learn the best recipes, recommended starters, how to cook, food buff effects and food shortcuts.

Cooking can be done from ingredients found in the world or from treasure chests. It will produce food that acts as a regeneration item. Once consumed, it increases satiety and gives additional bonuses such as attack and HP buffs.

Tower Of Fantasy Cook Recipe

Tower Of Fantasy Cook Recipe

You can get food by talking to chefs or completing quests. You can also prepare your own food.

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Instructions to open the cooking guide, how to change the use of junk food? Change shortcuts based on usage Click to enlarge

To the right of the HP bar is a feed shortcut that is visible. Press the down arrow to change the equipped food. For PC players, hold down the ALT key, point to the mouse cursor, and click the mouse.

You must enter more ingredients than necessary to create a new recipe. If you only use the exact amount of ingredients required for the recipe, the success rate of the recipe will be very low. If there are leftovers, add as much as you can.

We can find cooking robots from all over the world. By interacting with them, you can create new recipes. If you don’t have a recipe for the food you want to cook, you must create the recipe first, otherwise it will not appear in the Cooking section.

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Some food recipes can be purchased from NPCs in the game. However, if you have leftover ingredients, you can make the dish. If you have leftover ingredients, it’s not a good idea to buy these recipes.

Recipes may require rare ingredients. In this case, it is cheaper to buy recipes instead of making them.

In this section, we present a cheap, easy-to-build feed that can be used even in high-level content.

Tower Of Fantasy Cook Recipe

It is used in potent foods. We recommend getting them every time you see them in the world.

Tower Of Fantasy Cooking Recipes How To Power Up Yourself Game Guides Ldplayer

Fruit salad has great healing power. Balloon fruits are easy to pick because they grow in clusters.

At the beginning of the game, creating Nut Tea is powerful. This recipe calls for hazelnuts. This is often picked up by other players (depending on the channel), so be sure to pick it up when you see it.

Your feedback will be reviewed by our staff and handled accordingly. Please note that we do not respond to all individual feedback. Cooking will quickly become your best friend as you explore the vast open world of Fantasy Tower. Managing a hungry belly, keeping your health in tip top shape, and taking advantage of multiple buffs is a very important part of the game, so you’d better get up to speed on the old cooking pot.

Still feeling the hunger pangs? Well, Master Chef PT is here to help with your Tower of Fantasy cooking guide. We’ve listed all the Tower Fantasy recipes we’ve found, the ingredients they require, and the benefits they provide, so you can become the real Gordon Ramsay of the post-apocalyptic world.

Where To Get Hazelnuts In Tower Of Fantasy

Be sure to check out our Tower of Fantasy map guide to help you find all the ingredients you need. We also have a list of Tower of Fantasy levels and a Tower of Fantasy character guide so you know who to share these goodies with.

To start cooking, you need to find some ingredients and throw them into the stove. Tower of Fantasy stoves are strange things that almost look like recycling machines with smiley faces. When you get close to one, a cauldron-like icon will appear on your minimap and steam will rise. Most prisons and cities knock.

Just like real food, different recipes require different combinations of ingredients. When you learn one, it stays in your recipe list so you can refer to it later. The recipe page also shows what buffs or what level of health regeneration you get from eating the food.

Tower Of Fantasy Cook Recipe

When you start the game, you have already unlocked 13 basic recipes. That’s a lot, but there are currently 98 different foods – that’s 85 that you have to unlock. So how do you unlock them, you ask?

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Well, the easiest way is to do some side quests or buy guides from the shop and then use your backpack. However, many of these foods are very expensive and worth every penny you earn. Also, there are very few restaurants, especially early in the game, and they only offer a set menu – certainly not all 98 dishes.

As for the other option, it’s time for some chemistry. Food chemistry, the best kind. When cooking, go to the creation table where you can add up to five different ingredients for a maximum of 15 items. If you drop the right food and the cooking attempt is successful, it unlocks. that recipe and you can make it next time by clicking on it on the recipe screen. Unfortunately, you won’t succeed every time – the percentage of success after adding ingredients is marked on the right side of the screen and is often very low when you start, so it may take several tries. However, even if it fails, you still get a “horrible” group – it might only reset two servers, but it’s better than nothing, right?

If you’re not ready to experiment and might lose some of the ingredients you picked and looted in the wild, we’ve listed the ingredients for a number of recipes below. We haven’t had a chance to explore them all yet, but we’ll update this guide as we discover new ones.

Recipes produce different quality foods, indicated by the color of the border around them. White is the lowest, then green, then blue, and finally the really nice stuff, purple. The better the quality of the food, the more sweetness, satiety, and health restoration they offer you. Also, remember that eating food is a common cold, whether you’re eating a grain of wheat or a bowl of pasta – so aim to prepare affordable, high-quality food and store it in your greenhouse so you can make a salad. for something useful in the middle of battle instead of a raw chicken smoking an egg.

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That’s it for Tower of Fantasy cooking tips and recipes. If that makes you drool and want to try your hand at something that focuses more on the art of cooking, check out our list of the best cooking games.

A former freelance writer, Tilly likes to talk about her obsession with Genshin, Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing on a daily basis. You are a big fan of RPGs and indie games and you know more about Roblox to realize that Tower of Fantasy, the new Open World MMORPG developed by Hotta Studio, has many interesting things like cooking function. Players can cook more food or drink to restore their HP or hunger points. Also, certain foods or drinks can give you additional buffs, such as Volt, Flame, and Froze, to help you fight certain enemies. Not only that, you can also experiment by combining one ingredient with other ingredients to open up a new cooking recipe. Since these hidden recipes are very hard to find, in this section we present the Tower of Fantasy cooking recipes from the lowest food to the highest level.

Effects: – Restores 20 hunger points – Temporary boost (Volt Resist 15%, Volt Res +675, active for 1200 seconds)

Tower Of Fantasy Cook Recipe

Effect: – 20 hunger recovery – temporary increase (flame damage 2%, fire attack +150, active for 1200 seconds)

Tower Of Fantasy: Where To Get The Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe

Effects: – Restores 20 points of hunger – Temporary boost (Frost Resist 15%, Frost Res +675, active for 1200 seconds)

Effects: – Restores 20 points of hunger – Temporary boost (Fire resistance 15%, Flame Res +675, active for 1200 seconds)

Effects: – 20 hunger recovery – temporary increase (frost damage 2%, frost attack +150, active for 1200 seconds)

Effect: – Restores 20 hunger points – Temporary increase (physical resistance 15%, physical resistance +675, active for 1200 seconds)

How To Get Caviar In Tower Of Fantasy

Here’s a list of Tower of Fantasy cooking recipes that are still available, and we’ve categorized the recipes by class level. We may add some new recipes in the future and update as soon as possible. We hope this article helps you on your journey through the Tower of Fantasy. A recipe for cooking a fairy tale. For more information about the game, you can also visit the official website: Tower of Fantasy

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