Top Restaurant Chinois Marseille

Top Restaurant Chinois Marseille

Top Restaurant Chinois Marseille

Top Restaurant Chinois Marseille – Ni Hâo has come to the right place for those of you who are determined to enjoy spring rolls, baked goods, steamed ravioli or Cantonese rice. Le Bonbon aims to find the best addresses for a Chinese restaurant in Marseille: follow the guide.

Fresh products selected every morning and prepared before your eyes, we have to admit that this method of preparation is not the specialty of Chinese restaurants. However, the same goes for Asian bistros. Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine can be enjoyed at the restaurant with a New York style. We still don’t know the connection to this Rika Chinatown in Marseille 6, but it doesn’t matter, we eat well there.

Top Restaurant Chinois Marseille

Top Restaurant Chinois Marseille

Not far from the Asian Bistro, Source de Jade, a Chinese restaurant in Marseille, is named after a stone that symbolizes the connection between the physical world and the spiritual world in Chinese culture. Here, we think with our palates as we sample delicious breads and spring rolls. Yes, vegetarians, lucky for you, the menu has plenty for you (once it won’t hurt). Don’t forget to make an evening reservation, the address is popular!

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At Tien Tsin, we abandon art to set the tone for the aromatic and delicious cuisine: fried ravioli, pork with squid and caramel is a real delight, the list is truly endless. Family and friendly, you just feel good. Don’t leave without tasting the rose wine, you bastard!

As the name suggests, it is cooked or boiled in vegetables. If not, make your own or opt for freshly made pasta dishes with Peking or homemade sauce or tomato omelette.

On the side of Chez Quan, we see the wealth of Vietnamese and Chinese gastronomy with a view of the sea in Marseille. It’s not ridiculous. Opened in 1992 in the Espace Borély, this restaurant is open, warm and good food. What?

In Shanghai Kitchen, you can find the most traditional Chinese cuisine: even the most WTF dishes, from jellyfish or boiled intestines. Are you tempted? No, other than that, the setup isn’t special, but it makes up for it with the accessories. Advice? Don’t hesitate, stink bug!

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It’s what you imagine when you crave Chinese cuisine. The menu includes meat skewers, appetizers, soups… Original desserts, crème brûlée with Chinese tea or organic chocolate foam with ginger and lemon, and not to mention all this at a very affordable price. A nice little address with convenient opening hours just a stone’s throw from Castellane!

The best addresses to enjoy the best food in Marseille! 15 Best TikTok Feed Accounts. 2 years ago, I dedicated the first post to Jin Jiang

. I found a real address with the right style and warm welcome. Little did I know then that the latter had so much to offer.

Top Restaurant Chinois Marseille

After learning the basics of the language in China, my level of Mandarin now allows me to speak with less understanding and read a few characters. In fact, when I go to a Chinese restaurant, in other words, I take the opportunity to ask for special dishes

Restaurant Chinois Marseille

Don’t worry, this map will be translated. The latter is based on cold dishes 冷盘, vegetables 电影 and hot dishes based on meat, meat, seafood and tofu. There are mainly Wenzhou and Sichuan specialties.

Note: In China, food is rarely ordered in individual portions, and meals are often served in large portions. Therefore, the dishes are often placed in the center of the table so that all the guests can share. If you go to a traditional Chinese restaurant, feel free to do the same, it allows you to eat in a varied, balanced way, but is more economical.

As for Wenzhou food, the famous “Wenzhou fish cake” 温州鱼饼 and fried rice cakes with fried pork belly f炒 were worth a try.

On the Sichuan side, the classic spicy cold chicken 口水鸡 and “eggplant with fish” are not enough. Meals I was able to experiment with others without finding such accuracy in cooking and serving. Appreciation of the aesthetics of the dishes does not just lie.

Restaurant Le Mandarin à Marseille

It’s hard to be more confident in Marseille. With good reason, Jin Jiang is home to an experienced chef who is passionate about his country’s cuisine and has spent over 15 years serving traditional cuisine as it is tasted in mainland China. The house also organizes events marked by the lunar calendar to entertain members of the Chinese consulate and lovers of the country.

106 Rue d’Itali, 13006 MARSEILLE (near Castellane and Prado cinema) Tel. : 04 91 92 63 75 Do you need a stage? What could be better than a good miso soup or a bowl of hot ramen… mmm. If you swear by sushi, ramen, and other baos, Marcel Secret has created a great Roundup of the best restaurants with Southeast Asian cuisine. Hold your dinners and ask the famous “Shall we eat tonight?” »

For all lovers of Thai culture and cuisine. Not only the flavors, but also the atmosphere, the decorations and the endless friendliness of the owners will take you away. Dive directly from the Thai forests into a tranquil courtyard garden. The cuisine includes scallions, curries and fried rice, as well as the famous Bobun, a traditional Thai marinated beef dish. The dinner menu also includes soups, pork and skewers. If you want to travel on the cheap, go to Cafe Thai!

Top Restaurant Chinois Marseille

Another pancake? But not just one! The first Japanese creperie in Marseille! The concept was originally born from owner Christophe Kaola’s passion for Japanese culture and knowledge of Breton crepes. Therefore, he started making Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes) in order to introduce this Japanese specialty to the people of Marseille. Straight out of the manga world is this small ramen restaurant

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(calamari with rice). Lovers of retro video games, Japanese anime and manga culture: Ko Ishi is for you!

Want to travel Asia with a meal? Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese… all cuisines await you at this New York-style bistro specializing in Asian cuisine. If you’ve had enough of all-you-can-eat buffets, Asian Bistro offers the best of Asian cuisine in a traditional bistro setting. Located in an old bakery on rue Breteu with its famous classical facade, the bistro offers fresh and high-quality ingredients for sophisticated and varied tastes. You can choose from a Chinese or Vietnamese menu.

This very small building in Panier district has amazing culinary expectations for you! Customers come to Tako-san (meaning octopus in Japanese) to enjoy the authenticity of the flavors. The specialty here is Takoyaki, small bites cooked in lard and stuffed with eight pieces of fire. They are served with a secret sauce, seaweed and mushroom, seaweed or edamame salad, as well as a slightly revised miso soup. All this for just £17 or a Bento.

You want exclusivity, here it is! Check out the fusion cuisine at Aux Antipodes, a fusion of Brazilian, Thai and Japanese cuisine. A completely new concept in Marseille! On the menu: Revised Thai, Massaman Coconut Curry Chicken, Chickpeas, Sweet Potatoes, New Soy, Onion, and Wholemeal Soup! Or tataki beef marinated in lime vinegar, fragrant rice sprinkled with freshly ground sesame oil, cooking juices and Thai herbs! An explosion of flavors and colors just by reading the menu! 😍

Restaurant Sushi Resto à Marseille

Mediterranean-flavored sushi with fresh ingredients straight from L’Estaque Auction. Maki, Nigiri and Sashimi and Chirashi, Miso and ititorakitori soups…as well as a variety of Bentos served weekly. Sumo sushi is created in the pure Japanese tradition, with goldfish, sea bass, mackerel… and local and organic ingredients whenever possible!

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