Tim Hardaway Jr Stats

Tim Hardaway Jr Stats

Tim Hardaway Jr Stats

Tim Hardaway Jr Stats – CJ McCollum played in 596 games in his professional basketball career and logged 18,829 minutes in those games. McCollum scored 11,464 points in 499 games, averaging 19.2 points per game in those contests. He is averaging 21.9 points per 36 minutes as well as 3.9 rebounds and 4.0 steals over his career. Converting 4,405 of his 9,683 attempts, McCollum has a field goal percentage of 45.5%. He has a 39.5% 3-point percentage, converting 1,380 of his 3,493 long-range baskets. He shot 48.9%, converting 3,025 of 6,190 two-point shots. McCollum has taken 1,274 shots from the foul line, making for an 81.0% shooting percentage. He had an effective FG rate of 52.6%, though. He also identified 1,266 personal fouls and 1,037 turnovers. McCollum has 2,062 rebounds in his career thus far, after 1,687 defensive boards and 375 offensive rebounds. theft, 534; Collected 224 blocks and 2,087 assists. When it comes to game statistics, McCollum is averaging 7.2 assists and 3.5 rebounds.

For helping on the baskets; Hardaway hit 1,103 times; Had 369 steals and 85 hits. He averaged 1.8 boards and 1.6 assists per game. He totaled 1,659 rebounds in his professional basketball career; He made 1,463 tackles on the defensive end and 196 on the offensive end. With an eFG% of 51.4%, he also tallied 627 giveaways and 996 fouls. Hardaway made 1,215 of 1,492 shot attempts, raising an 81.4% percentage from the charity stripe. He recorded a two-point shooting percentage of 49.1% on 1,607 of his 3,275 shots. After making 3,535 three-point attempts in his NBA career; He has 1,264 rebounds and a 35.8% shooting percentage. Shooting 42.2%, Hardaway made 2,871 baskets on 6,810 attempts. He averaged 2.5 cents; Collected 3.7 rebounds and grabbed 18.5 per 36 minutes. Hardaway scored 8,221 points in his professional basketball career, averaging 13.9 points per game and was named a starter in 288 games. Tim Hardaway Jr. has accumulated 15,967 minutes and appeared in 591 games during his NBA career.

Tim Hardaway Jr Stats

Tim Hardaway Jr Stats

McCollum averaged 3.5 boards in addition to recording 7.2 assists per game. This year, McCollum has totaled 43 cents; Had 8 steals and 1 block. McCollum recorded 21 total rebounds over the course of the season with 3 offensive totals and 18 defensive totals. CJ McCollum recorded an effective FG% of 47.4% on the campaign, recording 10 turnovers and 12 turnovers. In terms of shots from the charity stripe, McCollum had an 86.7% percentage by converting 13 of his 15 shots. He made 37 of his 75 2-pointers for 2.49.3 percent. Beyond the perimeter, McCollum made 12 of 41 attempts, making him a 29.3% three-pointer. McCollum has a field goal percentage of 42.2% and has made 49 of his 116 shots. McCollum averaged 21.6 points when contesting 36 points; 3.7 boards and 7.6 assists. He scored 123 points and averaged 20.5 points per game in 6 games. CJ McCollum got the start in 6 matchups and was on the hardwood for a total of 205 minutes.

Tim Hardaway Jr. Stats, News, Bio

Tim Hardaway Jr. has been on the hardwood for a total of 130 minutes this campaign and has started in contests. He scored 72 points in 5 games and averaged 14.4 points per game. Hardaway averaged 19.9 points per 36 minutes; Has 2.5 boards and 2.2 assists. Hardaway converted 19 of his 55 attempts, and he had a shooting rate of 34.5%. In regards to long range shooting, Hardaway converted 11 of his 31 attempts for a solid 35.5%. His two-point percentage is currently 33.3%, which is 33.3% from 24 to 8 conversions. Hardaway has buried 23 of his 24 attempts at a 95.8% clip. Tim Hardaway Jr. Has compiled 8 fouls this year, picked up the ball 5 times and shot an effective field goal percentage of 44.5%. In terms of rebounding, Hardaway tallied 0 in offensive variety and 9 on the defensive side of the court sitting on 9 rebounds. 2 blocks on Hardaway; Includes 8 assists and 3 steals. Hardaway averaged 1.6 steals in addition to pulling down 1.8 boards per outing.

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Dallas Mavericks Supporters Tim Hardaway Jr. was seen as a catalyst in the Kristaps Porzingis trade with the New York Knicks. He averaged over 19 points per game, but that was a fantasy. The Knicks wanted to shed his huge salary and pick on incoming players.

Harvey Jr. played in 19 games last season after signing with the Mavs. He struggled to find the shot and adjusted. Leg injury delays production. Mavericks shuts it down early so you can run it.

Michigan Basketball: Tim Hardaway Jr.’s Draft Stock Skyrockets Vs. Buckeyes

THJ is back in full swing this season. However, it got off to a slow start. Hardaway Jr. came off the bench in the first 13 games. He averaged just 22.2 minutes and shot an abysmal 34.4 percent from the field. Then everything changed for the 27-year-old.

Seth Curry took a spot in the top five due to an illness. Coach Carlisle said Hardaway Jr. It seemed like a natural fit as I was looking for a way to get to. He immediately clicked. THJ blew away the Warriors with 48 points in the victory, losing 20 points in 22 minutes.

Even after playing three games with a hamstring injury, he’s still shooting well. In 20 games as a starter, Hardaway Jr. is averaging 16.1 points and 3.2 from 3 in 27.5 minutes. He shot 46.7 percent from the field and 44.1 percent from three. There are only 9 players who are better than 44 percent from 3-point range over the course of a season.

Tim Hardaway Jr Stats

Consider the Luka Doncic effect. THJ has scored 113 since breaking into the top five. According to NBA Stats, Doncic attended 37 of them. Luka’s gravity on the floor creates excellent looks for Hardaway Jr as well. He takes 5.7 threes per game that are either open or out wide. The Mavs guard is shooting at a 45.9 percent clip.

Mavericks’ Tim Hardaway Jr. Leaves Game With Foot Injury

THJ is delivering the needed third punch. The Mavs knew they were going to need someone to step up and take that position. Luka Doncic is on pace to average 30 points per game this season. Kristaps Porzingis can score 20 on any given night, but the team needs a consistent 15-point-per-game third option to win against top teams. Hardaway Jr. is fulfilling that role well.

Tim Hardaway Jr. stands as a starter. But whether he can continue like this remains to be seen. Known as a cool shooter; So it might just be a one-shot. Luka Doncic helps him by giving him open vision. It can be the difference in making it last longer.

The steamy Cuban is Tim Hardaway Jr. And we’ll be back with plenty of inconsistent analysis on the Dallas Mavericks. So coming back every day is a must for any fan. Gilgeous-Alexander averaged 7.0 assists and 5.0 rebounds per game stats. theft, 285; Received 167 blocks and 1075 contributions. Gilgeous-Alexander racked up 947 defensive boards and 166 offensive boards; Gilgeous-Alexander totaled 1,113 rebounds in his career. With an eFG% of 51.8%, he collected 515 personal fouls and 550 turnovers. Gilgeous-Alexander buried 987 of his 1,216 shots.

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