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Los Angeles has some of the most efficient lines in the NBA, and looks to fix the problems that led to last season’s slump.

The Ringer Nba

The Ringer Nba

The Clippers were the better team last season. That doesn’t mean they won’t have another impressive season, but don’t think they will, either. Their blowout win over the Warriors on Thursday moved them to 25-14, tied with the unbeaten Lakers. 3 seeds out west. A closer look at their season reveals a potential juggernaut hiding in plain sight. Even if they don’t make a trade at the deadline, the Clippers have as good a chance as anyone to get it all.

Laying The Points With Farleybets

Los Angeles has a more defined identity in its second season with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. The frustration of last season, when he inserted two of his new stars into a team that made the playoffs without them, is gone. The only players remaining from the Clippers’ ‘Cinderella’ team from the past two seasons are Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, and Ivica Zubac, all of whom have played a small role this season. The newcomers bought into the system built around Kawhi and George. And both are playing the best basketball of their careers.

Their reigns have been empty due to both on and off the line with minor injuries and absences. related to COVID. George missed 11 games this season. Kawhi has lost eight. The duo destroyed the rest of the NBA in playing time together, averaging the best (plus-18.8) of any duo that played at least 500 minutes this season. Three of the top six combined in the league belong to the Clippers:

Both Kawhi (29) and George (30) are in the sweet spot of their careers. They still have the physical tools that make them stars, as well as a more advanced understanding of how to use them after being in the league for a decade. George (6-foot-8 and 220 pounds) and Kawhi (6-foot-7 and 225 pounds) are two of the biggest wings in the NBA, and two of the best shooters. Both are critical mobile shooting platforms that can shoot over 99 percent of field defenders. But just because they can make tough shots doesn’t mean they have to take them. They can be patient, moving the ball back and forth until someone looks open. George averaged the best field goal percentage of his career (49.5 percent), while Kawhi had the best (51.3 percent) in seven seasons, as he played in San Antonio.

New coach Tyronn Lue, an assistant under Doc Rivers last season, the Clippers have done better in improving their talent. They are playing at a much slower pace (25th in the NBA) than last season (eighth). Kawhi and George don’t need to play fast. They can walk the ball up the court and deliberately dribble into open jumpers, knowing that they will have a more effective half-court offense. The Clippers shoot so well that they get the same chances in the half court that most teams get in transition. Every player in their rotation, with the exception of Zubac, is a fall woman. Los Angeles is on pace to become the second-best 3-point team all-time, surpassing Gordon Slater’s 73-game winning streak in 2015-16:

One Defining Number For Every Team In The Nba’s Eastern Conference

The NBA has become a make-or-miss league since the 3rd, and no team has done it more than the Clippers. Their entire team is shooting as well from the depth of Kyrie Irving, who has never been told. 26 among players this season in 3-point percentage. Their stock may be adjusted in the second half of the season, because neither team is shooting well. But they can only regress so far. The top five players in minutes per game behind Kawhi and George—Nicolas Batum, Marcus Morris, Serge Ibaka, Beverley, and Williams—all have excellent shooting stats.

Los Angeles quietly had one of the best offseasons in the NBA by adding Batum and Ibaka. Batum advanced his career after a run on a rebuilding team in Charlotte, giving the Clippers another 6-foot-8 wing who can guard players in multiple positions, space and create for others. Mule added a new dimension to the team as a stretch 5, allowing them to play five shooters on offense and also protect the rim on defense.

Versatility will be important in the end. The Clippers were versatile on paper alone last season. Rivers refused to adjust even though his team won 3-1 against the Nuggets in the second round. The numbers are staggering. Los Angeles averaged minus-11.7 in 134 minutes with backup center Montreal Harrell on the floor in the lineup, and plus-8.8 in 202 minutes without him. Harrell can’t defend Nikola Jokic, and he doesn’t have the shooting ability to force Jokic out of the paint on the other end of the floor. But Liverpool insisted on playing Harrell in the second half of games 5, 6 and 7 while Jokic was on fire. It’s like a World War I general ordering his soldiers to fire a machine gun and being surprised by the results.

The Ringer Nba

To be fair, Rivers and Harrell weren’t the only ones to fall for Denver. But it’s hard for a team to have much confidence in themselves when their coach is stubbornly sticking to a game plan that everyone knows won’t work.

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It will not happen this time. The Clippers have a line that is better equipped to attack a center like Jokic, either with Ibaka or Morris at the 5, as well as a coach in Lue who knows how to play sports.

That was the key to their win over the Jazz a few weeks ago. Lue dropped to Rudy Gobert and played Morris at the 5. Utah ended up putting Gobert on Beverley because no one was guarding. With all five Jazz guards spread out along the 3-point line, the Clippers ran around Bojan Bogdanovic until they created an open shot. It’s the type of basketball they didn’t show last season.

The Clippers still have problems. They said no. 14 defense in the NBA despite having some of the best defenders in the league, while they are dead last in the performance of difficult times this season (minus – 26.4 in 45 minutes). That may be where they lack a traditional point guard that can set the offense back on its head. And that is why they have been linked to Kyle Lowry in the rumors. They could collect enough salary to trade Lowry, but the franchise doesn’t have a future first-round pick or a young talent to really excite Toronto. Los Angeles could end up making a small move for someone like Tomas Satoransky at the deadline.

But a team with Kawhi shouldn’t be this bad in the fourth quarter, no matter who the point guard is. Finally everything in Los Angeles surrounds you. He didn’t play well with the Nuggets last season, scoring just 14 points on 6-of-22 shooting in Game 7. The Clippers need him to return to the level he reached with the Raptors the past two seasons. The good news is that they have a better team and better coach than last season, and Kawhi responded with the best regular season of his career. That should be enough to make the rest of the league worry about what they will do in the playoffs.

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The Ringer Nba

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