The Best Seafood Restaurant In Amsterdam

The Best Seafood Restaurant In Amsterdam

The Best Seafood Restaurant In Amsterdam

The Best Seafood Restaurant In Amsterdam – My all time favorite seafood place in Amsterdam. Seafood bar What I love about this place is not only the freshness of the seafood but also the buzz of the place. Casual dining with good atmosphere, good service and, of course, food. Cold starters are great for starters for 2 with oysters and different types of shells, I like to order the chef’s menu for 2 (it’s a huge plate) as a main course which includes different fish, lobsters and whatever you want put the chef your plate that day. It’s a surprise menu. The food is very tasty. They serve their fish in delicate sauces, like the lobster lobster sauce, which is delicious. Even vegetables are dipped in a sauce, such as salsa or oyster sauce, like a tangy sour shallot vinaigrette. All of their entrees come with a bowl of salad and fries. I have been back to this place a couple of times and have also brought friends with me. At lunchtime, this is a great place to order sandwiches. Did I mention the giant sandwich and giant calamari plate? Make sure you’re hungry before you order or go with a friend 🙂

Advantages: Lively atmosphere. good service Good food. friendly A tourist spot near the Rijksmuseum. The restaurant has this non-Dutch feel that makes me feel like I’m in a non-Dutch restaurant, not because of the tourists that visit the place, but because of the lack of pretension. Good value for money.

The Best Seafood Restaurant In Amsterdam

The Best Seafood Restaurant In Amsterdam

Cons: Always busy. Call to make a reservation for up to 4 people. Cannot be booked for a larger group. Entry is possible if there is an empty table. I notice it is busy between 18:30 and 20:00. Amidst all the endless chatter about food trends like ramen, donuts, bowls and everything avocado, it’s easy to forget that Amsterdam is a port city and, for most of its culinary history, much of the diet of its population comes from the canals and the near north. sea Built as a port located on the river IJ.

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And while Holland is perhaps most famous for its mussels (yes, the mussels you once had in Brussels probably came from the Netherlands), the North Sea is full of fish, and Amsterdam’s repertoire includes much more than clams . Whether you’re looking for cod, sole, oysters or prawns in a traditional or contemporary setting, the offer is endless. So we’ve navigated the wild waters of the city’s seafood scene to find Amsterdam’s best seafood restaurants. From Michelin-starred must-sees to casual gems tucked away in various neighborhoods.

Bridges Dining is a unique Michelin-starred seafood restaurant with a dynamic atmosphere, where you can enjoy a relaxed lunch in the afternoon and delicious food and wine pairings in the evening. It is a place where “the extraordinary is available”. You can choose from several à la carte options or a special chef’s menu. A unique feature of Bridges Dining is the Chef’s Table at the heart of the kitchen, where you can experience the magic of the kitchen staff up close.

For unbeatable views of the boats passing by on the IJ, head to Noord, where you and this seafood restaurant located in a former stork factory right on the river. The menu here is all about fresh, daily-caught seafood and fish, and there’s a wide range to choose from, from classic seafood to grilled whole fish like sole and sole, and typical Dutch dishes like prawns, mussels and North Sea crabs. .

The name says it all. At The Seafood Bar, all lovers of fresh fish dishes are sure to satisfy their desires. Whether it’s salmon to perfection, lobster bisque, ceviche or a fresh seafood dish; they have it all in this Parisian style restaurant. Their Fruit de Mer Royale with fries showcases everything they have to offer and is a menu favorite. All products are of the freshest quality and, whenever possible, fair trade and sustainable. Add a glass of fine wine to your meal to complete your meal!

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Located in a magnificent 17th-century warehouse on the picturesque Prinsengracht, ex-Vis aan de Schelde chef Arjan Vennekes’ restaurant John Dory brings the new concept of “fishtronomy” to Amsterdam: that is, tasty and affordable seafood in a beautiful setting. (three courses for €35). Open from 4pm for drinks, snacks and oysters. It’s the perfect place to start the night on a delicious note.

Located in a traditional Dutch warehouse in the heart of Amsterdam, Lucius Seafood Restaurant is recognized as a trusted destination for quality seafood and culinary surprises. The kitchen is open 7 days a week from 17:00 to 24:00 for an early dinner, a late dinner or to start a champagne and oyster dinner on the town. The restaurant offers fresh oysters, lobsters and a wide range of North Sea fish and is famous for its perfectly prepared large Dover sole. A selection of high-quality wines and friendly, experienced service have made Lucius Seafood Restaurant a favorite of locals and visitors from around the world since 1975.

Harbor Club is located in a unique location in Amsterdam: the former wine terminal that has been converted into “modern chic”. Scholars can expect a variety of exquisite dishes made with quality ingredients, including ultra-fresh seafood and a wide selection of meats. Their sea bass ceviche and dry-aged Tomahawk steak are highly recommended. No less impressive is the spacious and beautifully decorated setting with a six meter long seafood display. And if you’re in the mood for a relaxing refreshment in one of the city’s most picturesque spots, its waterfront terrace is the perfect spot for drinks and snacks.

The Best Seafood Restaurant In Amsterdam

Experience the vibrant atmosphere and rich flavors of Tel Aviv at this newly opened seafood bar De Pijp, featuring a quirky seafood-inspired interior with a fish-shaped table, fishing rod clamps and stair tiles of fish Fisk Bar’s kitchen prepares modern Israeli cuisine at an affordable price, from simple grilled seafood to creative dishes with fine cuisine. The bar also offers amazing cocktails and a wide selection of wines by the glass. Best of all, the kitchen is open late, but you can also come at the weekend for a drink or brunch.

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Can’t decide between seafood and Chinese? Enjoy the best of both at this Chinese restaurant located near the Amsterdam Arena metro. East Harbor combines authentic Asian flavors with modern design at a reasonable price, and here you’ll find everything from seafood noodles and steamed oysters to whole lobster seasoned with garlic and ginger. Not a fan of fish? Don’t worry, Chinese favorites like Peking Duck and Wonton Soup will also be on the menu.

Craving fried seafood flavor? You’re in luck because there’s a British-style fish and chip shop with a difference in the beautiful Jordan area. Of course, here you can enjoy the classic battered cod with chunky peas, as well as tofush and veggie chips, fish chowder and bycatch croquettes, along with matching beers, ciders and G&Ts, as well as British puds like trifles. and the chaos of Eton. But what makes The Good Companion truly commendable is its sustainable focus on fish and, of course, all that delicious food.

If we told you that you can find fish and chips, fish tacos and salmon burgers for under ten euros in Amsterdam, would you believe that it’s also sustainably caught and delicious? Believe it or not, you get all this and more at Visbar Beet, a trendy seafood restaurant. Because in addition to fried Dutch snacks like kibbeling and shrimp bitterballen, as well as sandwiches, salads, soups and seafood dishes to share, there’s also an interesting seafood-friendly wine list.

The chefs at Mr.Crab and Mr.Crab Bistro have a mission in life: to share their passion for nutritious and healthy seafood with the rest of the world. This may just be the secret that makes Mr.Crab’s seafood dishes so unique. Enjoy all the seafood and fresh seafood that Mr.Crab has to offer. While you prepare your meal, the seafood chefs can instantly respond to your requests. Fried, baked or steamed with all the ingredients and flavors you want. The fishmonger ensures that the seafood is fresh and well cooked.

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Mr.Crab: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 115, +31 20 891 59 59 – Mr.Crab Bistro: Amstelstraat 7, +31 20 779 82 64

Brut de Mer is a seafood bar in the heart of the Pijp district serving delicious oysters and seafood with great wine pairings. Their lobster rolls are some of the best in town and they have an amazing selection of seafood dishes to share. An oyster lover? You will be spoiled for choice here. Options! We recommend

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