The Best Restaurant In Kl

The Best Restaurant In Kl

The Best Restaurant In Kl

The Best Restaurant In Kl – Kuala Lumpur’s food scene will delight visitors with its diversity and dedication to excellence © Stefano Politi Markovina / Alamy Stock Photo

From Malaysian seafood joints to old-school Chinese restaurants and elegant French-style cuisine, Kuala Lumpur’s food scene will dazzle visitors with its diversity and dedication to excellence.

The Best Restaurant In Kl

The Best Restaurant In Kl

With 14 years in the Kuala Lumpur restaurant business, the formidable and successful Jenifer Kuah is a force to be reckoned with. In 2013, a chance meeting with Christian Reverend Scott, who is also the co-owner of the Aberdeen Café Moonfish, led them to open the Sitka restaurant in 2014, followed by Studio Sitka in 2016. Both restaurants are leaders in the scene, with Sitka serving casual and modern Asian food; and a hard-to-get-in, studio-winning studio serving menus with contemporary flavor driven by local produce.

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“Kuala Lumpur, and actually Malaysia, is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines,” shares Jenifer. “Besides Malaysian, Malaysian-Chinese and Indian (North and South) food you can easily find decent French, Italian, Syrian, Thai, Sri Lankan and more food – conversations start here and revolve around food.”

Kuala Lumpur-based writer Aja Ng spoke to Jenifer and Christian for their recommendations on the best restaurants to eat (and visit) in Kuala Lumpur.

Many consider it the best Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, and for good reason. Over the years, the restaurant first grew in size, then spread to different regions. “It’s known to be consistently delicious.”

(carved pork belly roasted until tender and salted soy), steam-fried silver catfish, lily of the valley with lotus roots and macadamia nuts. The dishes are usually served with steamed rice and served family style in a semi-casual dining room. “It’s welcome in this city,” he adds.

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Having a “good leaf” meal in Kuala Lumpur is a unique and enjoyable experience, and for that they recommend Jenifer and Christian Bala. A large piece of banana leaf is placed before each guest, which serves as their plate; then the servings come with vegetables, spinach, cucumbers with yogurt, beets with mustard – later they serve curries – lentils, fish, chicken and crab – they fill the plate and complete the piles of steamed basmati rice. . . Succulents, fried, filtered turmeric, pomfret, mullet or lizard are also available in order, as well as vervex varuval, crispy pappada and fried bitter gourd. The casual restaurant is spacious and well ventilated, ideal for seeking out a hot meal in these climates.

(casual local coffee shop with a collection of food vendors) in Lucky Gardens. The variety of food here, freshly cooked and so affordable, is mind-blowing,’ Jenifer explains. Hainanese chicken rice

(Malaysian wonton noodles) are sold individually by commercial traders, but they make a line of direction to the pork noodles at the very back. A large bowl full of gravy and minced meatballs, sliced ​​pork, kidney, liver, mustard greens and fried egg mustard is served together with a bowl of kon-loh (dry flat rice noodles), smothered in soy sauce. gold glitters with gold. of axungia and garlic. It’s a combination of delicious and warming — the ultimate comfort food.

The Best Restaurant In Kl

“[Some] of the city’s food establishments are as basic as they come, full of flavors served in a non-existent environment. At the other end of the spectrum is Entier, on the 41st floor of the Alila hotel,” Christian says. serving French-style dinners with superb views of the city skyline from its vantage point in Bangsar. “It’s good for a classy night,” says Christian. Start with a glass of Bordeaux from the extensive wine list, before moving on to dishes such as pâté ras pâté, ox tongue and loin, and toasted sparrows imperial Josper with rust butter.Chef Masashi Horiuchi, who hails from Fukuoka, Japan, was sous-chef at the Michelin-starred Atelier de Joël Robuchon in London five years ago before leading Entier’s kitchen from its doors in -2018.

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“After a night out, one craves some comfort food the next day, and that’s when Albert Lai’s delicious Hong Kong-style noodle bowls restore you,” Jenifer introduces. Working out of a small, air-conditioned shop in Pudu, Albert serves meltingly sliced ​​beef, such as brisket, root, and tripe in a tangy sauce over rice noodles—topped with a sprinkling of chilies and chopped spring onions. finish each bowl. Australian wagyu and US prime beef are also on offer, for those lucky few patrons Albert deigns to offer them (or dare I ask you).

“Malaysians love Japanese food,” says Jenifer. “While many restaurants run large menus of Japan’s greatest hits, the number of specialties has multiplied – from ramen to sushi, tempura and yakitori.” Christian and Jenifer chose Sushi Azabu, a branch of the restaurant of the same name with a Michelin star in New York, from indulgences.

(a tradition of letting the chef choose your order) lunch in Kuala Lumpur. The intimate wood-roofed restaurant serves seasonal Japanese courses, from Hokkaido scallops to scallops, sparrows, large sunfish snapper, sea urchins and the most delicious shrimps, in multi-course meals of delicious red meat. , sashimi, sushi and hot and cold.

Late night dining is part of the Malaysian food psyche, and that’s why Bak Kut Teh at Restoran Shangri-La in Damansara always hits the spot. “

Affordable Fresh Seafood Restaurants In Kuala Lumpur Where You Can Feast On Crabs, Lobsters, Prawns And Other Shellfish!

Translates as ‘food mouth tea,’ explains Christian. “It consists of minced pork, pork, mushrooms and beancurd dipped in a syrup, layered with Chinese roots and spices, then crisped, deep-fried crullers and steamed rice – it’s beautiful!” Restoran Shangri-La is casual and renovated on Jalan Batai, where lots of 30-year-old shops recently received a facelift and injection to excite new tenants.

“A good pizza is one of the most enjoyable things in life,” says Christian. Both he and Jenifer marvel at the passion that Dihyang shows in the craftsmanship of this pizzeria, the only one in the region approved by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. The restaurant has gained many detractors because of its rigid stance, when it tells customers that they should neither adulterate nor cut their lagans, but at the same time, many like Christian and Jenifer respect their commitment to tradition. The modern pizzeria is bright, shiny and welcoming, tucked away in a wood-tiled oven on the wall opposite the entrance. What do you eat? Margaret of course!

, pork-free rice flour originating from Indonesia. Choose from a number of cooked dishes

The Best Restaurant In Kl

(rotten beans) to eat with steamed rice. “The flavors echo the local herbs and spices, cooked by the Minangkabau (Malay ethnic group from West Sumatra, Indonesia), located when they moved to Malaysia.” The restaurant gets very busy at lunchtime, as workers from nearby offices flood the place, along with tourists looking for a delicious Malay meal.

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(Chief) roast pork. The pork belly is marinated and roasted over coals in the alley

While patrons begin to fill and expect. The pork is sliced ​​between 12.30–1pm and delivered to customers sitting patiently while those in the queue eagerly watch. “You may be a little nervous while you wait, but when the crispy pork skin melts in your mouth, providing tender and flavorful meat, it will all be worth it,” Jenifer promises. By Master Wong

“I love the exquisite use of spices in Sri Lankan cuisine,” says Christian, continuing: “And in Aliyaa you experience it in a great environment that shows not only the diversity of cuisines, but also the experiences that one has. Kuala lumpur. “Sri Lanka staples like

(rice cooked in Musa leaves) and Columbus crab is served at this elegant restaurant in Damansara Castle, with a menu of delicious wines and cocktails, such as Old Ceylon, Colombo Passion and Kot, which contain fresh coconut water, dark rum. and Coco* rum. .

Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar @ Micasa All Suite Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Christian says: “My first experience in a Malaysian restaurant was exciting, miles away from the best dishes I’ve had in Scotland and Denmark, where I used to work. Here, with tanks filled with various types of seafood from all over the world, from Canadian geoduck to abalone and Australian lobster, New Zealand clams and oysters, clams and clams, big as a dish, crab Woe, Sri Lankan crab. crab – everything is offered. Choose what you want and how it is served: raw, steamed, fried with garlic or chili, Mornay style cooked. The menu also contains a large variety of vegetables and non-comic items, such as chicken, beef and game. Large and dressed, guests dine under the night sky in this semi-alfresco restaurant.

“There are only good things to say about this place. It’s very encouraging that restaurants like this excel in their ranks, contributing not only to their customers, but also to their teams, communities and producers,” says Jenifer, adding: “It starts with the food

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