The Best Restaurant In Genting Highland

The Best Restaurant In Genting Highland

The Best Restaurant In Genting Highland

The Best Restaurant In Genting Highland – Ah, the great Genting Highlands is home to premium shops, international luxury brands and accessories that cater to the rich and famous, as well as those looking for a day out. Shopping at this country’s premier resort and casino site isn’t just an everyday affair, so the shopping experience you get here is one of a kind.

But, other people are like that when we shop, look at the prices and look at the aisles and admire the items and you’re so hungry.

The Best Restaurant In Genting Highland

The Best Restaurant In Genting Highland

Before you decide to read the list of restaurants available on this website, we have done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best restaurants and cafes in Genting Highlands Premium Outlets so you can save your time and just choose them. The best.

Restoran Chuan Kie (genting Highlands)

If you’re in the mood for some Thai cuisine, this is the restaurant for you. It has been designed with a focus on traditional woodwork and is beautifully decorated with deliberately exposed timber frames and pillars peeking out, as well as wooden shutters and potted plants to match the theme.

The menu here is authentic and delicious, drawn from traditional Thai cuisine and largely authentic. You can get anything from pineapple fried rice to pad thai.

The highlight is their signature seafood tom yum soup, which is perfectly spicy and thick enough with a little lemon juice. The seafood served is also fresh and delicious, really elevating this dish to another level.

Inspired by the local Baba Nyonya culture, Sambal Chile Baba Nyonya is a well-designed restaurant with features of Nyonya’s heritage in the form of decorations and artwork spread throughout the establishment. The paper lanterns arranged along the ceiling are truly original and enhance the ‘Instagrammable’ ability of the restaurant.

Burger & Lobster @ Skyavenue, Resorts World Genting

Their menu is full of Nyonya classics like cap koi (stir-fried vegetables) and kangkung belankan (kale with shrimp paste), but the main highlight here is the Kapitan Chicken or Nyonya Style Curry Chicken.

The gravy is creamy with a hint of spice, just enough to whet your appetite but not so much that you burn your palate, and the chicken is tender and infused with all the curry goodness.

A doughy piece of pastry fried to a golden crisp, the churro is a Mexican snack that can be enjoyed at any time of the day with a variety of toppings. Lucky for us, we can get one of the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets here!

The Best Restaurant In Genting Highland

Crepe & San Churros is a snack stop for hungry diners to stop and grab a bite to eat on the go while continuing their shopping spree.

Hours Food Trail, Skyavenue, Genting Highlands

Here the focus is on their selection of churros, which are made by a unique churro machine that makes the dough pieces even and perfect so that each piece has the same weight and texture. You can get it with various toppings like chocolate sauce and sprinkles, or glazed if you like. The perfect breakfast for people on the go.

Or this establishment called Yamcha Casual Kitchen is a Hong Kong-style dimsum joint that really takes you back when you want a quick snack. With so many options to choose from, you won’t find anything you like here.

The menu includes a variety of dimsum, or bite-sized pieces of Chinese food, served in traditional wooden steam baskets, and a variety of rice and noodle dishes such as nasi lemak and mee goreng.

We definitely recommend trying their dimsum as each dish is authentic and delicious and pairs perfectly with a pot of hot Chinese tea. For the perfect breakfast, Relax Yamcha is not to be missed.

Best Things To Do In Genting Highlands

More than your average cafe, Dome is a classy and stylish coffee shop located at Genting Highlands Premium Outlets and serves as a great place to relax and unwind with a cup of coffee in hand and soft music filling the air. The Dome also doubles as a place to dine, offering a range of delicious appetizers perfect for a full meal.

The menu includes burgers and pasta, as well as cakes and coffee. We strongly recommend you to try their freshly brewed coffee because it is very unique in terms of taste and aroma.

The aroma and flavor of the coffee is complimented with a piece of cake, which the on-site barista may recommend depending on the type of coffee bean used in a particular drink. Get your best cup of java right here at the Dome.

The Best Restaurant In Genting Highland

With a well-designed contemporary space with bright lighting and windows to showcase stunning views, Dubuyo at Genting Highlands Premium Outlets is a classy, ​​Korean-inspired restaurant that serves fine dining with stunning views.

Beauty In The Pot 美滋锅 @ Sky Avenue Genting Highland

The interior is clean and tidy, but the outdoor seating is the star of the place, and there’s nothing quite like enjoying a Korean meal on a naturally cool mountainside in the Highlands.

The menu includes Korean dishes such as Soondubu Jigae (Korean Spicy Soft Tofu Stew) and various Bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice) as well as traditional drinks such as Korean Green Tea and Shiki (Traditional Korean Rice Punch).

But the main highlight has to go to their Galbi Duck, which is their special marinated fried chicken served with rice and 3 portions. Enjoy the sights and flavors in Dubuyo today!

Located in the food court section of Genting Highlands Premium Outlets, Jr Curry is a simple and unassuming restaurant adorned with adequate lighting and decorated simply and cleanly. It is easy to spot; Look for the big sign that says ‘Grab & Go’ and you know you’re in the right place.

Best Places To Eat At Skyavenue In Genting Highlands

They serve a variety of dishes presented in a buffet style, where you take a plate of rice, place your choice of dish, and then go to the counter to pay. The highlight here is their wide variety of curries, from chicken to fish to beef. All curries are cooked fresh daily and are very tasty. Great place for a quick lunch.

A very cozy, well-designed and decorated cafe inspired by urban artist coffee shops, Cafe Juan Valdez is a great place to relax and hang out after a day of walking and shopping. They use wood paneling and warm lighting to really bring out the cool atmosphere of a typical coffee shop, and the aroma here is really fragrant.

They serve cakes and pastries and a great cup of coffee made from ethical Colombian beans.

The Best Restaurant In Genting Highland

We recommend trying their coffee and if you are a die-hard coffee lover, get their espresso so you can really taste it. Couple that with a sweet treat and you have a wonderful evening ahead of you.

Ken Hunts Food: Béni @ Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting, Genting Highlands, Pahang

The national chain, which claims to offer ‘the best chicken rice in Malaysia’, is coming to Kedai Nasi Ayam Genting Highlands Premium Outlets. Who can forget their signature jingle from the radio days, and the clucking sound of chickens at the end? We definitely can’t. The restaurant is light wood paneled and illuminated with bright lighting, a welcoming sight for any establishment.

In fact, they serve ‘Chicken Rice and Others’ here with a varied menu ranging from Chicken Rice to Noodles to Chicken Rebus and Cendal and Fried Dumplings. The highlight is definitely the special Hainanese steamed chicken rice, which is traditionally served with cucumber on the side.

An international chain of premium coffee shops, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Genting Highlands Premium Outlets offers comparable quality and strives to be better than its counterparts elsewhere. All we can say is that the coffee here is great as always, and the addition of the view really makes it even better.

Their selection of cakes is made fresh daily, so don’t worry about getting a stale cake while you’re here. Coffee is also aromatic and tastes wonderful, like a warm and energetic hug.

Resorts World Genting

Combine the two and de-stress and enjoy your evening with the sounds and smells of cafe life.

Finally, who doesn’t have a taste of Marrybrown in their life? Granted, it may have been years since you last dined there, but weren’t those happy times? Marrybrown @ Genting Highlands Premium Outlets injects a dose of nostalgia, as well as delicious food, to greet you with a special red palate every time you enter its doors.

Their menu is similar to KFC, most options include fried chicken. We are

The Best Restaurant In Genting Highland

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