Taylor Hicks American Idol Performances

Taylor Hicks American Idol Performances

Taylor Hicks American Idol Performances

Taylor Hicks American Idol Performances – HUNTSVILLE, ABAMA – When you think of the “American Idol’s” who made it, two names come to mind: Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. And you can probably add non-winner Chris Daughtry to the list.

Unless you’re an “Idol” fan, it’s hard to name many others who have won “Idol,” let alone competed and not won.

Taylor Hicks American Idol Performances

Taylor Hicks American Idol Performances

Around this area we remember Ruben Studdard and Bo Bice – Studdard went to Alabama A&M and lives in Birmingham and Bice was born here and still has family in the area. Bice, who now lives in Nashville, occasionally performs in clubs here and has released three tramps.

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Then there’s Taylor Hicks, another Birmingham boy who spent a summer in Huntsville growing up. In fact, he will be performing next Sunday night as the final act at this year’s Panoply at Big Spring International Park.

He’s been working non-stop since winning “American Idol” in 2006, performing in a Broadway touring production of “Grease” for 18 months, planning a new restaurant in Birmingham, doing gigs with the likes of Vince Gill at the Ryman and Steven Colbert. on “Late Night With Jimmy Flon” and auditioning for roles in television and film.

“After hitting all the time, a lot of people get complacent,” Hicks said. “They get the big pop and go under a rock.

“You have to constantly be out there and keep your eyes peeled. It’s hard work and a lot of people don’t want to work hard. It separates you from the pack.”

Taylor Hicks Lends Musical Talent To

Some remember Hicks for looking like the oldest contestant ever on “Idol” with his stubble and pepper hair, even though he was only 30 when he won in 2006. Others may remember his goofy dancing or pulling out his harmonica, the first “Idol”. contestant to perform with an instrument.

It’s been five years since Hicks won “Idol,” and some may think he’s gone the same way as other “Idols” — relegated to the fair/club circuit, or simply gone. In 2008, Hicks’ label, Arista Records, dropped it because it had what was then the lowest-selling hit for an “Idol” winner, even though it still sold more than 700,000 copies. In 2009, the New York Times mentioned Hicks in a story about the success of “Idol,” or in Taylor’s case, the lack thereof.

“It’s doubtful that any of the 24 remaining ‘American Idol’ contestants expect to play ‘Teen Angel’ in a touring production of ‘Grease’ in Milwaukee three years from now,” wrote the New York Times. “But that’s what 2006 ‘American Idol’ winner Taylor Hicks is doing. And it’s proving that winning the country’s most popular marquee competition is no guarantee of superstardom.”

Taylor Hicks American Idol Performances

There are all kinds of ways to measure superstardom, but a 2009 story on celebrity site popeater.com offers a barometer: “Hicks Laughing l the Way to the Bank.” In the story Hicks confirms, he earned $3.5 million during an 18-month run on the Broadway play “Grease” in touring, tramp, merchandising and appearance fees. That’s one of the reasons why Forbes listed him as one of the top ten money-making “idols” in 2009, earning more than $300,000.

Whatever Happened To Taylor Hicks From American Idol?

His debut “Idol” sold “only” 700,000 copies and its follow-up, “The Distance,” a modest 52,000. So it’s not on the Forbes CD sales list, so what?

• On April 1, Hicks made a surprise appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Flon” during a parody of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” sung by Stephen Colbert.

• He recently sang with Vince Gill and Keb Mo at the Ryman in Nashville in a benefit concert for the disease.

• Two weeks ago, he attended The Masters in Augusta, Georgia, and performed at several corporate parties, including the prestigious Maxim magazine evening.

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• A new bar and grill is set to open in late May in the Crestwood neighborhood of Birmingham, Oregon. It’s in a building that used to house The Open Door, a venue Hicks played for years before “Idol.”

• He will perform with other winners of this year’s “Idol” contest in May and then do another 25 or 30 concert dates this summer.

• And, perhaps the project he’s most excited about, Hicks has been auditioning and testing for network and movie executives. In fact, trust that you’ll be seeing it on TV and/or the big screen soon.

Taylor Hicks American Idol Performances

“Yeah, I think it’s just a matter of time for film or TV,” Hicks said during a phone interview this week while working at his restaurant in Birmingham. “I’m getting a lot of great feedback from TV and film producers. The music thing was great, but this is a whole new side of the spectrum.

American Idol’ Taylor Hicks Signs Record Deal

“To be honest, I should have worked on this straight from ‘Idol.’ This acting play could end up being my home.”

Resistance Determination. hard work Be business savvy. Hicks has taken them to heart and worked non-stop since winning “Idol” five years ago. There were 585 performances of “Grease” over 18 months; he only lost three of them. His things are still packed in boxes in his parents’ basement and he travels between Nashville, New York and Los Angeles.

“I lost a couple of years in my 30s,” Hicks said, laughing. “I heard they were great but they passed me by. I’m trying to catch up with script acting and a new record in FL.

Yes, he’s a persistent artist/entrepreneur, but deep down he’s a Southern gentleman. Whether you like his original music or not, there’s no denying that he’s a nice guy and a great artist. Hicks Ways poses for photos, signs autographs and endorsements, performs for various causes and charities.

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“I come to Earth every show because there are ways that someone there has a disability or some type of cancer or is with the Make a Wish Foundation,” Hicks said. “We can tell you about the amazing things that are happening, but it’s not about how many records you sell or the ‘Flon’ concerts. It’s about how many lives you can touch through charities like Habit for Humanity, Children’s Research and groups like Make- A. -Wish Foundation.”

Hicks said the timing of his “Idol” career hit him hard in the music world.

“As an entertainer, you want to make an impression, and I think that’s one of the things I’ve done,” Hicks said. “If you saw my ‘Idol’ run, I was doing impressions at the biggest shows they had.

Taylor Hicks American Idol Performances

“I wanted to rely on imprinting in America who I was as an entertainer, a musician and a singer. And the timing couldn’t have been better. I’m very blessed.”

Idol Winner Taylor Hicks Returns To The Stage For 2 Local Shows

If you purchase a product or register an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation. American Idol’s bittersweet fifteenth and final season is underway, and throughout the season, Music’s Reality Rocks is inviting alumni from the series to share their stories. And who better to participate in this special series of trials than champion Taylor Hicks, winner of Season 5, the highest rated season in the competition’s history? Here, the silver fox reveals his strategy for the show and explains why the crazy purple jacket Taylor we’ve all seen on TV wasn’t necessarily the real him.

As someone who had spent a lifetime playing bars, dreaming of success, spending time learning the instruments, writing songs and selling CDs out of my trunk, I was completely in love with the idea of ​​success long before I even tried. for American Idol. I always thought of my big break. And I didn’t think “n”; I thought “when”. I knew Idol was my chance, so everything I did was calculated on the show — little things, like meeting the production car guys. I would go out to the truck and say hi to the guys and say “thank you” after every show.

But here is my most important tip. Want to win a singing competition on national television? Cozy for the singer. That was how he could sing whatever he wanted, like even “Something” by the Beatles. I planned with her every week, and we always picked the right songs; as we got closer, she was instrumental in cleaning up everything that was in the canal.

I obviously didn’t get along with everyone on the show. People especially think that Simon Cowell and I were enemies. But actually, he and I smoke Kool cigarettes in his dressing room sometimes after the show, which is a total no-no of course. He smoked Kools, and I just thought it was interesting, so while I’m not proud of it, he and I enjoy a good Kool cigarette now and then. Not only that, he was the one who told me to do “In the Ghetto.” He actually gave me advice.

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But of course Simon and I didn’t always see eye to eye, and he didn’t always understand what I was doing.

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