Sonnys Auto Repair

Sonnys Auto Repair

Sonnys Auto Repair

Sonnys Auto Repair – A car mechanic from the tiny Steuben County of Avocamay seems like an unlikely candidate for social media fame, but watching millions of videos tells a different story.

Eric Obrochta, 41, has created a base of nearly 600,000 YouTube channel subscribers, sharing the ins and outs of his work as the owner of South Main Auto Repair with lots of funny life stories from Diagnose until repaired. On the way.

Sonnys Auto Repair

Sonnys Auto Repair

In a June 2021 video entitled “Customer Says He Cannot Remove Rotor” Obrocht Pity Chevrolet Silverado Owner for Removing His Front Brake Rotor No Matter How He Hit It “.

Sonny Boy (red) — Jillionaire

After commenting on the matter, Obrochta said: “It’s ridiculous that Bolt was forgotten, but we did something stupid, didn’t we? I did it. You did it. If you did not do it. Still doing crazy things, you probably did not do.

Obrochta’s short video “When You Think You’ve Seen It All” released in September last year received more than 2 million views.

“Subaru smells like it,” he told the video, which was watched by nearly a million viewers.

Obrochta felt like he grew up at 47 S. Main St. Which is a car repair shop run by his father Paul E. “Sonny” Obrochta.

N Kit Sonny’s Super Service

He bought the business in 2005 (it was vacant for about 5 years) long before he married his girlfriend at Vanessa Obrochta High School. The couple, who are the parents of three children, will celebrate their 15th birthday next month.

Obrochta launched the South Main Auto Repair YouTube channel in 2014, something interesting. He took his video more seriously in early 2015 and saw his subscribers increase.

On a recent break from work, Obrochta spoke to The Spectator about growing his YouTube channel, how to make his videos, best practices for avoiding expensive car repairs, his love-hate relationship with road salt, and a career. His future. Home remedies?

Sonnys Auto Repair

I have a friend who made YouTube videos. My thinking was, “If this guy can do it, I can do it too.”

Sonny’s Tire & Service

I am on a dirt road in downtown Avoca. Now I speak to people around the world, like-minded people with similar interests in car repair. I started learning a few things by talking to different people and then this huge network opened up where I could see the amazing benefits of communicating with people from around the world.

This is something I can not predict. I am me, I just do what I am doing and people are watching. I do not understand much, but it is true.

These people are like doctors, pilots, airline staff working on these huge Boeing 737s and the compliments they will give you. They were asked, “Are you really going to make a great surgeon or have you ever thought about it?” ” I was like, “Are you kidding?” I say I almost graduated from high school.

Other stores send you their shirts or labels. They will send you a hat. I have the longest Jeep hat and after 6-7 years it is so sad that everyone wants to send a hat. People know I have an ice cream fetish so they send ice cream or a gift certificate. We bought maple syrup. If I go online and say, “Boy, I love milk,” a week later we would have three cases of milk. This is interesting.

Boots’ And Sonny’s Drive In

It’s out of hand. It’s just who I am and how I work. I do not do anything written. I tried it. I have a hard time with it. We just work and make notes and go. If I go through and pre-script or stage something, it looks fake or organic to me, I usually scratch those videos.

Did anyone see this work happening in high school? Have you been voted “most likely to make people laugh” or “Class Clown”?

Ha! Maybe “it might not work”. I did not do well in high school. I think I did not practice myself. I do not like to learn what I think I have never used. High school was a bit difficult for me.

Sonnys Auto Repair

Yes, but that’s what usually gets me in trouble. I may think that teachers or authorities are jokes. I’m always funny, but if you ask my parents, it may not be my time.

Spotlight: Lin Bethman & Sons Auto Service

(It) completely coincidental. I have a commitment problem. I hate the promise “every Tuesday at 8pm or every Wednesday” (if I have something in my head). It always happens at least once a week. I like to impress people. It can be out in the morning or in the evening. It all depends on what is happening in our lives.

Here are some of the fun ones. If anyone asks me, I answer that I am a male entertainer. I mean, it’s a more sophisticated DIY and a more professional technician because I do not do it on a jack on the ground using a car jack. Obviously we are a professional repair shop. We have elevators, air compressors, all equipment, computer systems, so it is more modern DIY.

“Ignore the story and leave it at that. It’s time to dump her and move on,” said Eric. . , Mechanically, it is easier to handle.

We will find a man who says, “I put $ 15,000 in this car and it still has problems.” It will be diagnosed and it is only a $ 100 string. If you bring it, you will save a thousand dollars.

Car Wash Equipment

It is a love-hate relationship. Every time we see snow, it brings us a lot of work. It’s like “look at that snow – more salt”. Because most of our repairs involve salt. Salt makes for terrible electrical connections. Rust, car rust, gas cable, rust, rust, brakes.

I asked a friend in the south, “What are you doing? The car breaks down normally because most of us are salt, rust, Rust. ” Here we get rid of cars when they are half rusted. When they are very rusty, you remove the car and it usually works well when you take it to the landfill. In the south, when the air conditioner could not be repaired, it was said to be removed.

Everyone asks, “Can I see your studio?” I think I have a Handycam that I bought at Walmart. This is my tool. I was in the third. They were severely abused. They were in my tool cart and they fell off the ground. I can not confirm the purchase of expensive equipment. This works. I would feel really bad if I used a flashlight or a brake cleaner attached to the lens by doing that to the camera. Price $ 4,000. The editing software we use is very cheap. It is definitely not up to date. I have never been in a video editing class or anything like that. Fake until you create it.

Sonnys Auto Repair

I subscribe to hundreds of channels. Of course there are all the car channels, but we have other interests. I watch a lot of YouTube.

Sonny’s Automotive Racing (sar) Archives

I do not brag, but when I take a woman’s performance. I made a prosthesis for a woman in the laundry room. His legs spun around. It was artificial so I did not touch it. It just has a bolt at the bottom. I put his feet straight and sent him on his way.

A woman I do not name, but she is in the show and she is sick and the doctor did not remove it, maybe not Heal. He asked me if I would cut it. Absolutely. He got out of the tire, cut it off.

Vinny on the street he has a mobile motorcycle. I made a video about him. He is a Vietnamese veterinarian. The arm of the motorcycle he was riding broke off, so we repaired it for him.

Follow Neal Simon on Twitter @HornellTribNeal. Subscribe or activate your digital account today to get unlimited updates. All New York-registered vehicles must pass an official annual safety inspection and emissions inspection. When you register a vehicle, you have ten days to complete a new vehicle inspection, regardless of when the last inspection took place.

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The annual Vehicle and Light Vehicle Inspection ensures that all New York State-registered vehicles meet minimum standards for safe operation on public roads and highways. Annual inspections also ensure that the engine is within acceptable pollution limits to control pollution levels.

Owners of cars and light trucks should have their vehicles inspected by an authorized service center such as Sonny Car Repair and

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