Skal Labissiere

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Skal Labissiere

Skal Labissiere

The Portland Trail Blazers made one move at the trade deadline, and it sadly sent Skal Labissiere to the Atlanta Hawks.

Nba Draft 2016 Prospect Watch: Skal Labissiere

Portland Trail Blazers fans were hoping for a big trade at the deadline, and unfortunately this one didn’t work out at Rip City. It seems at the beginning of the year Skal Labissiere found his niche in the team as a good backup option for Hassan Whiteside. Some nights he played even 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, a serious foot injury has kept him out for the past month. He was supposed to be re-evaluated in early February, when that was not the case, there were some concerns about his long-term health.

The official package for Skal is a top defensive second round pick and $2 million in cash for the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks absorb him into the hat room. If the Blazers don’t bring another player back in the trade they could be looking to sign someone who was recently cut by their team in a massacre in the last 24 hours.

For a while, we were disappointed to see the back of Scal. He is young and has developed a game with strong defense and better passing. Although he has only played 42 games, we think he can be a big reserve that will add value to this team.

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The injury may be much worse than they say and it should be amputated. Or as we said above, the Blazers see someone on the open market who wasn’t there a week ago and they want to sign him.

Hassan Whiteside is sitting out the rest of the season, so when Jusuf Nurkic returns in the next few weeks, Skal may have met the requirements.

The NBA business is a tough business, so we wish Skal the best of luck in Atlanta. For now, we’ll have to keep an eye on the front office for other moves. Even if it’s a disappointing deadline for fans, Neil Olshey may not be done with the move just yet. Skal Labissiere’s trajectory since coming to Kentucky is the equivalent of a hot new stock that suffers an unexpected drop when it hits the market.

Skal Labissiere

Labissiere is one of the top two prospects at each recruiting service, and is ranked No. 1 by both Contenders and Scouts. 1 in front of LSU’s Ben Simmons.

Nba Draft Prospect Preview: Skal Labissiere, The Next Great Nba Wildcat?

“As a junior prospect, he worked at Karl Towns,” Rivals national recruiting analyst Eric Bossi told Bleacher Report. “The summer before Vegas, it was ridiculous. He looked like a guy ready to play at the NBA from that skill level now and then.”

Labissiere also impressed NBA scouts during the Nike Hoops Summit last spring and at the Kentucky combine in the fall.

“He’s good,” an NBA scout told B/R. “His skills, when you look at him and look at him, his skills jump at you, because he’s got size and length and athleticism and then his ability to step out and hit three pointers.”

Scouts held their hopes until they saw the 6’11”, 225-pound big man in the college game, but Labissiere is certainly one of the most exciting prospects in the country as the season begins.

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Coming back to Derrick Rose, Calipari has 11 players ranked among the top four prospects in their class by one of the major recruiting services. So far, every one of those players has left after their first year, taken the top eight picks and either had success in the league or seemed headed in that direction.

Labissiere began to promise. In his second game as a Wildcat, he scored 26 points on 12 shots and averaged 14.7 points per game over the first six games of the season.

But Labissiere’s playing time began to decline as the campaign progressed, largely due to an inability to rebound or defend, and Calipari pulled him from the starting lineup on Dec. 26 against Louisville. That day, he scored just two points in 10 minutes.

Skal Labissiere

Labissiere has put up a modest figure, which has been declining every month of the season (see chart). Derek Willis, a former three-star recruit, was bumped from the starting lineup, according to 247Sports.

Nba Draft 2016: Kings Select Skal Labissiere With 28th Pick

Kentucky’s struggles as a team only raised the spotlight on Labissiere’s slow development, and what burned the most was that the big man fell on the NBA draft board. Meanwhile, LSU’s Simmons has emerged as the No. 1 clear pick in the 2016 NBA draft and will likely be a first-team All-American. It’s hard to believe that this time a year ago there was a real debate about which player was better.

It’s not the first time a high-profile prospect has failed to perform as a freshman — Kansas’ Cliff Alexander and Florida’s Chris Walker are two recent examples — but Labissiere may be one of the biggest surprises. you, given Calipari’s track record with one. and a half freshmen and high expectations, owned by the evaluator and Kentucky.

His case study on why he struggled, what red flags there were before he arrived in England and what would happen to him afterwards in the basketball community is very concerning. I spoke to three NBA scouts and Bossi for answers.

The two aspects of Labissiere’s game that are easiest to attack are his defense and rebounding. Defensively, he struggled to hold his position and averaged 7.5 fouls per 40 minutes. He also struggles with retreat, and both weaknesses overwhelm his strength and will to fight.

Nba Draft Profile 2016: Skal Labissiere, Kentucky Wildcats

“Any time you see a guy who doesn’t seem to react well to a ball coming off the rim, the ball bounces off the rim, and there’s a lag between when it happens and when it’s able to react to him, it’s scary,” said the second NBA scout. “For a guy as tall and as athletic as him not to be able to rebound at such a good rate, that’s real problems, and I don’t think I think Kentucky can be blamed.

“The game was a bit too fast and too physical for him. He needed to keep things simple. It was difficult for him to make decisions at the pace of the game. It is difficult for him to achieve what he wants because of the lack of players. his body. But he still has a high jump shot, can still block a few shots. The rest is a real struggle for him.”

Labissiere’s high and long free shots are the reasons why he looks attractive in training. That doesn’t necessarily mean success in the league. One relevant example is Yi Jianlian, who finished sixth in the 2007 NBA draft after famously looking like a stud in private practice when he posted a seat.

Skal Labissiere

“I saw him at the beginning of the season [during training], and he showed his skills,” said the third scout. “At the time, he looked like a very skilled post. You could beat him to the floor, he hit turnaround jumpers and blocked lane shots. He showed good activity, and they threw him the ball, but I’m not sure how his teammates really encourage him or test him. For the most part, they’re pretty small, and I don’t think he’s really pushed until the real competition comes.”

Sacramento Kings Dilemma: The Curious Case Of Skal Labissiere

“In that moment, it was clear that he didn’t know how to play in a team and that he wasn’t strong enough yet. I think that’s the biggest thing. He just needed to gain strength. It’s not like the system doesn’t fit him. He’s not ready for college basketball, and if you’re not ready for college basketball, things are going to get worse at the next level.”

“There’s so much pick and roll defense in the NBA, and teams will attack him, and then teams will attack him at the post because he’s a young player and he’s small in terms of muscle mass and physical stature,” said the first one. scabby “He’s got great shot-blocking instincts, and you want to think of him as a guy who can hold your defense down with shot-blocking, but how’s he going to do that if he can’t avoid foul trouble and stay around. ?” in court?”

Bossi has a different perspective because he saw him play often during his high school career when he was having success. Earlier this season, Bossi quickly realized that Labissiere didn’t like the role

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