Sixers Trade

Sixers Trade

Sixers Trade

Sixers Trade – The NBA trade deadline is over and the Philadelphia 76ers are in better shape than ever. The Sixers were able to reach an agreement with the Golden State Warriors for Glenn Robinson III and Alec Burks. They’re not big names, but they’re good enough to walk away as the clear winner at the trade deadline.

Despite teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Atlanta Hawks and Warriors landing top players, the Sixers desperately need bench work. Furkan Korkmaz is the Sixers’ leading scorer off the bench at 9.3 points per game and ranks 27th overall in Philly bench scoring.

Sixers Trade

Sixers Trade

In Robinson, they got a player who averaged 12.9 points and 4.7 rebounds while shooting 48.1% from the floor. Robinson is also shooting 40.0% on 3-pointers, so he has a big body to defend and rebound as well as stellar shooting off the bench.

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While it would be nice to hold on to Robinson, adding Burks is even more important. With Josh Richardson still dealing with an injury, Burks could provide help in a position of need. Burks is averaging 16.1 points on 40.6 percent shooting and 37.5 percent from 3-point range for the Warriors this season. This is a much-needed addition for a team that is in the middle of 3-point shooting.

Both players went hitless in the playoffs. Now they have something to play for and a host city if they can continue to play at a high level.

While some Sixers fans hoped Alton Brand would find a trade partner for Al Horford, Brand didn’t make any serious moves because he knew the team was still set up and had high potential if everything came together. Injuries, new faces and high expectations stand in the way of reaching the top of the Eastern Conference. However, they are still a dangerous team, as evidenced by their 23-2 home record. They get even better with these new additions.

The problem for the Sixers is consistency. They would beat the Milwaukee Bucks in one game and lose to the Phoenix Suns in the next. Despite that stellar home record they are 9-19 on the road.

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Did the Sixers get complacent? Yes, but they need a shot. The team is at its best when Ben Simmons is all over the court. With Joel Embiid out for nine games, Simmons stepped in and showed what he could do as the top dog. Can he get it back? Well, he had no choice and adding more shooting to the roster opened the door for the Sixers star.

Still, how can you say the Sixers won at the trade deadline when they moved players like Andrew Wiggins, Andre Drummond and D’Angelo Russell? That is a simple answer.

Wiggins went to the Warriors, who were competing for the top pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. He’ll score points, but the team has no chance of making the playoffs, and he’s still under that horrible long-term contract. He is a question mark as the Dubs try to return to glory in the future.

Sixers Trade

Drummond leads a Cleveland Cavaliers team that is battling the Warriors for the worst record in the NBA. The big man is a good fit, but he could become a free agent in the summer if he doesn’t use his $28.8 million cap hit for 2020-21. Even if he stays, his inconsistent effort level is problematic for a player who can make a lot of money.

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Russell is a great scorer, but the Timberwolves are currently at the bottom of the Western Conference. Will his presence be a great start to the season? Almost certainly not, and there are serious defensive questions about Minnesota’s core.

The Los Angeles Clippers (Marcus Morris), Houston Rockets (Robert Covington) and Miami Heat (Andre Iguodala, Jae Crowder, Solomon Hill) also tried to win the title, but they were not as important as the Sixers pulled off. Given needs and what they gave up. Which other applicants made a splash? The Boston Celtics are persistent. The Los Angeles Lakers did the same as the Bucks.

That will still take some time to play out on the court, but adding two reliable players to plug your hole of weakness is the trade deadline for contenders. The Sixers don’t have much to lose because they have a ton of second-round picks, so it doesn’t matter much since they’re in make-or-break mode. Philly also received a second round pick by trading James Ennis to the Orlando Magic.

The Sixers did what they had to do at the trade deadline, so now they have to come together as a team to try to reach that high ceiling. The Philadelphia 76ers ended their last campaign on a disappointing note, but the offseason was an excellent one for the front office as they added excellent role players like De’Anthony Melton and PJ Tucker. James Harden is willing to take a small pay cut to accommodate guys like Melton and Tucker because the 76ers’ flexibility is limited by their massive payroll.

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Limited flexibility still applies at this point, with Philly one of the teams not involved in any trade rumors a month before the Feb. 10 trade deadline. The 76ers want to upgrade parts of their rotation and roster, but they’ve found it difficult to move anyone that would result in a significant addition. Even with that confusion, 76ers fans will want some deals before the NBA deadline.

A tough wing who can score off the bench is a player they will need in the postseason as Philly’s second unit declines. Marcus Morris Sr. is the wing the Los Angeles Clippers will get as they use three or four forwards before picking him when everyone is healthy. With the Sixers, he could play behind Tucker and Tobias Harris, but he’ll be in the final lineup as another shot-creating option alongside Harden, Joel Embiid and Tyreese Maxey.

Morris Sr. wasn’t a hot or exciting player at the deadline on the NBA trade market, but he fits the style head coach Doc Rivers wants in his system. The problem with adding him is keeping the salaries in line between the two franchises that rank high on the NBA payroll.

Sixers Trade

Mathis Tiboul is showing flashes of his ability, but his offense is still a big question mark, so the Clippers could be a place to develop his offensive repertoire. Los Angeles still needs some outside shooting along with their stars, so they could turn to Furkan Korkmaz and Daniel House Jr.

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There are more intriguing options like PJ Washington, Cam Johnson or Seth Curry who could develop in Philadelphia, but negotiating money will be an issue when those guys ask for extensions in the offseason. As such, they could negotiate a deal involving Dallas Mavericks 3D forward Reggie Bullock.

He has really struggled this season as his PPG has dropped to 5.2 on 31.4% shooting from beyond the arc. Any fan of Reggie Bullock knows this was far from his ceiling, especially during his best days with the Detroit Pistons and New York Knicks. It’s the best option for the low-cost Sixers, as it could be a significant upgrade over Furkan Korkmaz and Danuel House Jr., who will play 20 minutes a night even in the playoffs.

There are nights when Rivers struggles to find a hot shooter, and Bullock will be one of the top picks, along with wings like Melton, George Niang and Shayk Milton. Bullock would be an ideal second-string replacement to Tobias Harris or De’Anthony Melton when the rotation is depleted in the NBA playoffs.

His 31.4% shooting from outside is an outlier, but his career 38% from three-point range is good enough to earn a ton of minutes for the Sixers. In closing, Bullock doesn’t give up any matchups on defense, showing his importance on both ends of the floor. The NBA world was in for a treat when the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers finalized a deal that saw the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers go to the Sixers and Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, and Andre Drummond. And two future Nets first-round picks.

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The deal was much-needed on both sides, as the Sixers finally fired Simmons, who didn’t want to be there. For the Nets, they added two key players in Simmons, an elite passer and defender, but moved on from Harden, who is looking for greener pastures.

Let’s take a look at the entire NBA trade deadline blockbuster and give ours

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