Ron Artest Iii

Ron Artest Iii

Ron Artest Iii

Ron Artest Iii – Metta World Peace says he “tried to be a hands-off basketball dad,” but admits it’s fun watching his son, a two-star rookie at Beverly Hills High, play serious basketball after years without interest.

During the 17 years of his young life, those close to Ron Artest III called him “Little Ron”. But most people may only know him as the son of Ron Artest II, aka Metta World Peace, the NBA champion, former NBA Defensive Player of the Year and one of the most colorful characters in the history of the league. While some NBA offspring grow up wanting to follow in their father’s footsteps from the start (see: Stephen Curry, two-time reigning NBA MVP), Artest III, the second of four siblings and eldest son, has other interests – Such as modeling – and, unlike her father, a reserved personality. “I had fun doing other things outside of sports, so playing basketball wasn’t an option for me.” It wasn’t until he was 15, in his freshman year of high school, that Artest III showed an interest in playing the game, his natural talent allowing him to shine almost immediately despite not having solid foundations. “I was lazy when I was younger,” Artest III said. Still, during his sophomore year at Palisades High, he led the team in rebounds and the playoffs. Now a six-foot-eight junior at Beverly Hills High and a spitting image of his father, Artest III is a budding two-star recruit. He played on the AAU Summer Tour and is expected to be a major contributor as a starting striker for the Normans this season. For Artest II, who never pushed his son to play basketball, watching this happen is a dream come true. “I’m very proud of Ron and what he does on and off the field and to see him become his own person,” said Artest II. “I try to be a hands-off basketball dad and let him make his own decisions and learn and grow from his mistakes. I’m really excited to see him play and continue to develop his social skills in Beverly Hills. High this year, because Whatever the kid thinks he went to school in Beverly Hills, at the end of the day I want Ron and all my kids to enjoy this country and all the good things that come with it, instead of all the murders and drug dealing. I Saw coming to Queensbridge.” Ad

Ron Artest Iii

Ron Artest Iii

Artest II grew up in the drafts of Queens, New York, where he became a high school hoops star at La Salle Academy. When he was in St. John University, he led the Red Storm to the Elite Eight of the 1999 NCAA Division I Tournament before turning pro and was selected by the Chicago Bulls with the 16th overall pick in the 1999 NBA Draft Young Art feels no pressure to replicate. His father’s success on the pitch. Instead, he sees using his father’s knowledge as the best way to overcome a steep learning curve. “I’ve learned almost everything he tells me is fair and will come up sooner or later in a game situation,” Artest III said. “Having him know the game so well definitely makes it easier for me and has allowed me to learn how to open up better and play better defensively and also become more comfortable the more I play the game.” Artest III is also blessed to have inherited his father’s size and ridiculous athleticism. For proof, go to YouTube to watch him dunk on poor helpless defenders, much like his father did in his youth.

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Even with a few early successes under his belt, Artest III knows there’s a lot of work ahead. “Now that I love the game and am passionate about it, I am very focused on reaching my full potential,” he said. He hopes he eventually finds a science somewhere; No one has been offered yet, but Ron impressed scouts with his rebounding and defensive prowess. The next step is to improve his basketball fundamentals. For Artest II, watching his son go through the recruitment process was quite a journey. “It was cool to hear people say he was good and everything, and sometimes it was a surreal experience to see people start showing interest in him because of his abilities,” said Artest II. But, he added, “As a parent, I’m mostly concerned that he respects people and the earth while striving to be a successful young man. Because the basketball is only a secondary element in the big equation.” Want to read more stories like this from Sports? Subscribe to our daily newsletter.

By signing up, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and to receive electronic communications from Media Group, which may include marketing promotions, advertisements and sponsored content. Ron Artest III, the former NBA veteran’s son who once shared the same name, signed with the KW Titans last week

Even when a young Ron Artest III was presented with a pair of sneakers worn by the one and only Kobe Bryant.

“I just never had the passion to play,” the new KW Titans member told CityNews 570 on Sunday.

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“My freshman year in high school, I tried out for the team and I passed, and I never went back to play. My dad found out I wasn’t playing, because I was living in Indiana, so the next year he took me to LA and said ‘You have no choice, you have to play.’

His father is of course the 18-year-old NBA veteran who once shared the same name before changing it to Metta World Peace and then Metta Sandiford-Artest.

“It was a little hard to walk around, to get caught up in it,” said ArtestIII. “He hasn’t aged back. We’re not the same person.”

Ron Artest Iii

“It was just a lot of daily questions, but I got used to it, I know how to handle it now so no more stress.”

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Of course he doesn’t feel the pressure. Much of the conversation with Artest III felt very lighthearted and fun as the 22-year-old reminisced about the past.

The former artist made a career out of his defensive acumen, winning NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 2004, being named to several NBA All-Defensive first and second teams in the mid-to-late 2000s, and reaching the top of the sport. , helping the Los Angeles Lakers win an NBA championship in 2010.

“I think I’m better than (my dad) offensively, I’ll say that,” Artestey said with a smile. “I play with a high motor and always ask him for advice every day.”

On the contrary, Artest had to work on his fading from childhood, thanks to the inspiration of one of his father’s former teammates in Los Angeles.

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He didn’t have much in terms of Kobe Bryant history — “Kobe is somebody you don’t really see. He’s the first one there, the last one to go. If you see him, it’s luck,” Artest III said of Bryant. , Artest’s former teammate from 2009-13 and then again for Kobe’s final season in 2015-16 — but the one story he tells could be the start of something.

“The only time I saw him and talked to him a little bit was after a game,” ArtestIII said of Bryant. “He went into the locker room and said three words to me, so I thought that was a long convo for me.”

“He went into the locker room, and the security guard brought me shoes that he just played in. It was a big game.”

Ron Artest Iii

“Normally someone would frame them, keep them. I put them on the next day and tear them up. They have some mileage on them.”

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“I don’t even know where they are now, but it made me want to play there, like these

“Hot shot. Fade away. I never wanted to play either, so I’d just go out there and shoot some fade aves. That’s it, nothing else.”

Now that he’s on the basketball bandwagon, like many, there are ups and downs. For Artest III, the road was filled with surgeries and address changes along the way.

Artest III had to undergo shoulder surgery and was inactive for five months. He followed that up by wrapping his ankle a few weeks after his return, undergoing ankle surgery that put him out of commission for another nine months.

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“After I was cleared, two days later I went to try out for a G League team and I was completely out of shape so I didn’t make it,” Artest III continued.

“A few weeks later they called me and I started playing in the team. I was lucky to be in the team, considering my physical condition.”

He then signed with Delaware (Philadelphia’s G-League affiliate) on January 9, but was waived in January.

Ron Artest Iii

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