Restoran Di Bandung Yang Viewnya Bagus

Restoran Di Bandung Yang Viewnya Bagus

Restoran Di Bandung Yang Viewnya Bagus

Restoran Di Bandung Yang Viewnya Bagus – Where are you after a romantic Valentine’s Day? Why not go to Bandung? Here, Wego presents 20 restaurants and cafes with cozy atmospheres and great views, perfect for visiting with your loved ones.

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Restoran Di Bandung Yang Viewnya Bagus

Restoran Di Bandung Yang Viewnya Bagus

Have you ever dreamed of living happily with your loved one in a luxurious fairytale palace? You can also practice at the Bandung Lighthouse Café, which is not only a dream, but also a magnificent medieval castle setting. If you go as a couple, there is no doubt that it will be romantic. In addition to eating, Mercusuar Cafe has many Instagrammable photo spots that you can add to your photo collection of yourself and your partner.

Cafe Favorit Di Bandung Yang Enak Dan Nyaman

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This cafe is located in the Pankrat district, famous for its Antenzaka photo spot and cool mountain slopes. Corner View Café offers a variety of food, from savory meals to snacks and drinks.

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With a beautiful view of Bandung, your romantic dinner experience at Dago Hill can be found at Skyline Best View Resto. In the evening, every table in the restaurant is lit by candles, dimmed to create a romantic atmosphere. Ala-ala candle light dinner that’s it. The menu served at this restaurant is Asian; The menu is a mix of Indonesian and Western.

Tempat Nongkrong Malam Di Bandung Yang Seru

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Jardin Cafe has a cozy Scandinavian concept with beautiful green natural furniture. If you and your partner come here, this beautiful cafe is not only a feast for your eyes but also a delicious table for your tongue. Fill the stomach. Quality time is better remembered and less forgotten. Don’t forget to take lots of photos after chatting and eating. Jardin Cafe is full of stylish and Instagrammable photo spots.

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Restoran Di Bandung Yang Viewnya Bagus

Utara Cafe has many types of seats with different layouts and views, so you can choose according to your taste. If you want to come with your partner, there is seating in the house setting.

Rekomendasi 13 Cafe Di Bandung Yang Enak

Here are your options. The best time to enjoy Utara Cafe is in the afternoon and evening before sunset. The city lights seen from here are like scattered stars in the sky.

Located in the Cumbleuit area, this restaurant has a large garden-style open area. It’s no wonder that this space is often used as a venue for wedding receptions and other private events. The restaurant building has two floors. If you want to eat in the open space on the first floor, you can do that. The food menu is mainly western food.

There is nothing more romantic than having dinner at The Valley Bistro overlooking the beautiful city of Bandung. Dinner can start with tasty snacks such as:

If it’s romantic in Bali, but your pocket and time are tight, open Atmosphere Restaurant. The design of this restaurant is taken from the style of Balinese restaurants. Inside, wooden furniture, Full of gazebo and beautiful gardens. The swimming pool near this restaurant makes the atmosphere more romantic. You and your partner live in Europe; Dine on Indonesian and Asian menus.

Kopi Timur, Kedai Kopi Dengan City Light View Terbaik Di Bandung

To be precise, it is a bit far from the city center on Jl. East Expert Hill No.33. From here, you can clearly see the twinkling lights of Bandung. A place of love

!When it comes to food, this restaurant serves both Indonesian and Western food. The view from the top floor of the 3-story restaurant is spectacular. The main point is

I haven’t been there yet, but the atmosphere at Maja House makes me want to stop by. Architecture combined with modernity.

Restoran Di Bandung Yang Viewnya Bagus

And hotel. The interesting thing about this place is that you can eat in the cool breeze and peaceful scenery.

Tempat Makan Enak Dengan Pemandangan Cantik Di Ciwidey Bandung

This romantic restaurant is located in Maribaya in Bandung Highlands. The view offered by this restaurant

Adjacent to the green mountains of the Lembang area. The shop is also large, so you don’t have to worry about space. Generally, the restaurant is divided into three sections.

VIP room. If you want to enjoy the beautiful sunset in peaceful Bandung, Sit in the courtyard area or on the romantic terrace lit by candlelight at dusk.

Another Cumbleuit restaurant with a romantic view. Due to the high position, you can see the green mountains of Bandung. The restaurant is located within the Padma Hotel but is open to the public.

Tempat Wisata Dan Kuliner Di Cirebon (staycation)

Come to this restaurant at night. Bandung’s romantic atmosphere of fireworks and twinkling is perfect for dinner with your loved one. Based on the concept of a European restaurant, the restaurant combines modern taste. The restaurant building has three floors and the third floor is a special place for couples who want to spend a romantic evening at The Peak.

If other restaurants have a view of the forest, you can eat delicious food in this forest. This cafe has three floors. The concept of the first floor is an open space surrounded by greenery where you can enjoy your meal in the forest. In addition to the cafe, there is also a gallery on the second and third floors that displays wooden artwork. At night, you can enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner.

In Dusun Bambu, there is a place called Ruthung Kasarung to make your meal more special. Lutung Kasarung is a restaurant shaped like a birdcage. A cool breeze accompanies the meal in a cool way with your partner.

Restoran Di Bandung Yang Viewnya Bagus

, bar area. Orofi is open on weekdays from 4pm to 11:30pm.

Cafe Dan Resto Hits Buat Nongkrong Seru Di Kawasan Dago Pakar Bandung

With a diverse and affordable menu, you and your loved ones can enjoy the sunset before dinner.

Located on the 5th floor of Green Hill Universal Hotel Bandung, Bell View is a restaurant that serves a variety of French and Italian cuisine. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day and has a capacity of 200 people, with a classic craftsmanship in design and ambience.

Looking out the window, the lush gardens surrounding Gudon Petit create a romantic atmosphere. If you want to host a wedding reception, you can rent this garden.

In addition to his Gedong Putih has a white theme as its name suggests and also has a White Hall that can accommodate 200 guests.

Skyline Best View Resto, Dago Pakar, Bandung

A view of Bandung and distant mountains from the top floor of Trans Luxury Hotel. Photo: 18th Restaurant and Lounge

You don’t have to drive far to see the view from above the city of Bandung. At Gatot Subroto, not far from downtown Jl.

Get romantic with your partner on the top floor of Trans Luxury Hotel. There is no doubting the quality of international cuisine prepared by an experienced team. Finally, Complete your dinner with a special tiramisu made by Chef Lachman Hakim for 18th Restaurant and Lounge.

Restoran Di Bandung Yang Viewnya Bagus

Besides showing the beauty of Bandung above, many people don’t know that Moko Hill has a simple dining area with beautiful views. You can watch Bandung as the sky darkens while drinking a hot cup of coffee. This place is for adventurous couples, It’s a great place to sit and chat while enjoying the cool breeze while walking on the hills.

Resto Dengan Pemandangan Indah Di Semarang Yang Harus Kamu Coba

Try sending this list directly to your partner. Book now for a romantic dinner this weekend.

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Dulang Resort And Resto

So you can eat at 8 restaurants in Upper Dago with a good view. The beautiful scenery and fresh air will refresh your mind for a while. Especially for culinary friends who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. eat in the pine forest While drinking coffee, looking at the green trees, Or you can choose your favorite place according to the time and place, such as watching the beautiful lights of Bandung city. Those who enjoy al fresco dining while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery can visit any of the seven dining locations below.

The interior of the shop is spacious and has 4 floors. Floor for exclusive use for first floor parking

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