Restaurants Near Inner Harbor Baltimore

Restaurants Near Inner Harbor Baltimore

Restaurants Near Inner Harbor Baltimore

Restaurants Near Inner Harbor Baltimore – Inner Harbor An iconic inner harbor location for tourists and residents alike. All Neighborhoods

The Inner Harbor is the crown jewel of Baltimore’s charm. Don’t miss it – and then step away from the boats to enjoy more downtown Baltimore.

Restaurants Near Inner Harbor Baltimore

Restaurants Near Inner Harbor Baltimore

With shops, restaurants, a magnificent concert hall, the National Aquarium, the Maryland Science Center and, of course, boats of all sizes and descriptions, the Inner Harbor is postcard-ready Baltimore. Skip the line, take a water taxi or take an evening cruise to see the city from the water. A Sailor’s Life Experience in the War in the United States from 1812. Star or pirate on the city pirate ship – Edepol!

Inner Harbor Hotel In Baltimore

When the sun goes down, the inner harbor heats up, the lively hotspots of the non-stop Power Station! With a huge wicker music venue, dance clubs, evenings and funky restaurants, this attraction attracts college students from all over Baltimore.

There is something for everyone just a short walk from the harbor. The Sunday morning farmers market is a great place to shop during the week or enjoy a brownie stroll. Young families flock to the Port of Discovery Children’s Museum. Patisserie Poupon, around the corner from Shot Tower, is made with authentic French craftsmanship.

A cushioned beach, street performers, a cold fountain by Sondheim in the summer, ice skating and New Year’s torches in the cold, and views of the Chesapeake Bay from the top of the World Trade Center are just a few reasons to keep coming. downtown.Baltimore is a beautiful city and a travel paradise. There is so much to see and do – especially in and around Baltimore and the Inner Harbor. Chara City has something for everyone and is a very walkable city to explore. If you don’t like walking – take a water taxi from place to place or hop on the Light Rail. Everything is within a few miles! Looking to do something special? Here are our top 5 things to do if you’re visiting Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Looking for some history? Take yourself to the small garden village of Fell’s Point – a few steps north of the inner harbor. It happens to be a historical place. It was second only to Ellis Island as a destination for immigrants in the early 1900s and was home to Frederick Douglass (see his memorial park and statue here) and the first Black shipyards. Baltimore has a rich maritime history, and the Point falls into the gaps of maritime history. At Point Fall, take a water taxi to Fort McHenry – the site of one of the fiercest battles of the War of 1812. US soldiers successfully defended the port of Baltimore from the British inside Fort McHenry.

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

This is the battle and where Francis Scott Kane wrote The Star Spangled Banner. The National Monument and Historic Temple is a must-see for anyone interested in buffalo history. Expect to spend half a day if you want to explore and take the highly recommended official tourist tour. Plan to visit in good weather – the bus/taxi ride is half the fun and the Castle is well worth exploring and enjoying. Most of your day will be outdoors – so plan accordingly.

Before or after your trip to Fort McHenry, be sure to take some time to explore the quaint village, which has become a hot spot for locals and tourists alike. There are lots of cool bars, restaurants, shops and markets to explore. Stroll the cobblestone streets and see the historic homes of Baltimore Row that make up the neighborhood. The restaurants at Point Fell are top notch and a far cry from the touristy chains you’ll find in the Inner Harbour. Grab a burger at Alexander’s Tavern. Pick up fresh oysters and clams at Bertham’s. Or order a crab cake at Duda’s – a neighborhood favorite!

It’s also a great place for impromptu pub crawls as it has some of the best pubs, bars and shops in all of Maryland. Expect live footage after hours, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Just a few steps or blocks away are Horseback (reportedly the site of Edgar Allen Poe’s last drink!), Max’s Taphouse (one of the best beer taps on the planet), Waterfront Hotel (WTF Hotel! ) and Siligo (famous for its creative craft cocktail menu). .

Restaurants Near Inner Harbor Baltimore

Yes, he’s a tourist, but he’s been going in and out of shops in the Inner Harbor for a while. Tour and tour the USS Constellation (which is actually a floating National Park) and other Historic Ships in Baltimore. Check out one of the famous Chessie Paddle Boats or Pirate Boats and paddle around the harbor. We highly recommend Baltimore’s National Aquarium – especially if you’re visiting with little ones. Rated the best aquarium in the US, you won’t be disappointed. And the shark! If you have kids with you, no trip to the Inner Harbor is complete with a visit to the Maryland Science Center. It’s highly interactive and offers plenty of activities for parents to kick back and entertain their kids.

Inner Harbor Paddle Boats (baltimore)

Need a quiet moment or a quick second to cool off? You’ll find a place on the top floor of Barnes & Noble – inside an old power plant with some of these industrial features still intact. You feel like you are in a library inside a museum. Plus, there’s coffee!

It doesn’t matter if you’re rooting for your team at home, just pretend to be a fan when you go to Baltimore and check out Camden Yards. Do it! Open since 1992, Oriole Park at Camden Yards is considered one of the best ballparks in the country. The design of this “classic retro ballpark” changed the game forever and became the inspiration for 10 new ballparks across the country. Take a tour of the official “Birdland” or – if the O’s are in town – go to a real game. Tickets are very affordable and the ground has a lot to offer fans and visitors. Be sure to have a pint of the Orioles’ official beer – Natty Boh. We promise – don’t be confused!

We’re hungry for a good horror story, and we can’t get enough of Edgar Allen Poe when we’re in Baltimore. Poe has entered the Inner Harbor and his presence can be felt almost everywhere (like the Baltimore Ravens). Poe essentially completed the short story and invented the genre of detective fiction as we know it today. He was also a major influence on science fiction, and his psychologically damaging horror fiction still keeps people up at night. Poe’s ghost is often seen around the Inner Harbor and Falling Point, so his literary spirit is alive and well in Baltimore. Spend a few hours visiting his home and museum to learn more about Poe and his time in Chara. But hours are running out, so be sure to look ahead. Who knows? Maybe Poe will pop out and say “Hello.”

Want to explore something about everything? Try Brews & Clues! We turn your phone into the best city guide. It’s a unique experience with a pub crawl, a trivia game, a piece of road history. Baltimore is best known for its famous harbor, and even those who live in the area frequent the harbor for the scenery, shops, restaurants and more. So if you happen to visit, you should be sure to walk around there.

Holiday Inn Inner Harbor Closes Permanently, Property Sells For $21.2m

You will definitely have to stop at a few pit stops for food while walking. You shouldn’t miss one of these fantastic restaurants on your big trip, as they are all popular spots in the inner harbor for delicious food.

In addition, each restaurant on this list is also supported by GiftYa, a virtual gift card company that allows you to tip a balance to someone to share a place through the app. They can set it up on a credit or debit card so they don’t forget to bring something extra!

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Restaurants Near Inner Harbor Baltimore

Great food starts with great starters, and luckily this restaurant has just that! Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Baltimore Inner Harbor (u.s. National Park Service)

Spectacular views from three floors over the water and when you want to eat better than at Rusty Scupper. They serve lunch and dinner every day of the week, and on Saturdays they fast with a scene.

They have a 270-seat dining room, a 72-seat bar and a 142-seat outdoor deck. There are sure ways to dine here and choose a brownie, plenty of food from lunch;

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