Restaurants In Singapore Zoo

Restaurants In Singapore Zoo

Restaurants In Singapore Zoo

Restaurants In Singapore Zoo – Did you read my first post about Singapore Zoo and River Safari? We went back to Singapore Zoo (thanks again to my sister’s free tickets) to explore the parts we didn’t get to!

Unfortunately, this time when we returned we couldn’t eat at Ah Meng’s restaurant like before as I was still waiting for my vaccine to take effect. Therefore we had to buy take away from Ah Meng restaurant. I ordered the same food: lotus root and peanut soup + greens + brown rice for $7.90. It was tasty, healthy and affordable. I actually felt the portion was even bigger when I bought take out. However, the container was an extra $0.30 and if you need a plastic bag it was an extra $0.10. So consider bringing your own containers and plastic bag if you want to save money.

Restaurants In Singapore Zoo

Restaurants In Singapore Zoo

I couldn’t get a clear idea of ​​the menu last time, so here it is! Looking at the menu, I truly feel this brown rice + lotus root is the best value.

Penang Food For Thought: Ah Meng Restaurant

Remember Ah Meng has a bistro and not just a restaurant? I managed to snap a picture of the menu there too! However, the food seems much more expensive than Ah Meng restaurant.

After we bought the food, we could eat anywhere in the zoo that had benches. There are a few of these places everywhere. We continued to KidzWorld to find a somewhat sheltered bench to sit and eat. We weren’t the only ones – a few other families were eating there as well. But beware of macaques. Some of the staff dropped by while we were eating and warned us about some macaques they had seen in the wooded area behind KidzWorld. We were attentive throughout our meal but luckily we weren’t attacked by anyone.

We were waiting to book the Animal Friends show… and again, it was all booked up in a minute! Seriously, how fast can the others be? Disappointed, we were still happy that our son was awake this time while visiting KidzWorld – he was sleeping in the carrier last time we were there. It was his first time exploring KidzWorld and he stared wide-eyed at the animals. The funniest was when he cuckooed with the roosters!

Similar to booking for shows, you can actually purchase limited pet food passes via QR code while at the zoo. They have goat feeding sessions at KidzWorld. They used to put a bunch of leaves right next to it for all the visitors to pick and feed the goats but that has stopped. Not sure if it’s because of Covid, or because the zoo is putting the goats on diets, or maybe they’re hoping to make more money from feeding sessions. The streams aren’t expensive anyway, at $5 a session, but they’re hugely popular and always sell out.

Kinki Restaurant + Bar (singapore)

This time we also went to the other side of the zoo and were able to see giraffe, zebra and hyenas. Not sure if it was due to the heat, but the animals didn’t seem very active and just lazed around. We also visited the cheetah and she was the most interactive of them all.

We also went on the River Safari again and visited the giant panda Kai Kai who gets all the attention while his partner is on maternity leave. I’m sure River Safari will be busy when Jia Jia and baby get back to their enclosure. For this trip, it was noticeably less quiet and crowded than the last time we went, before Jia Jia gave birth.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip that complemented the first one, as we deliberately visited areas we didn’t get to go the first time around. With Covid cases on the rise, the zoo is probably one of the few safe places to visit as it is almost fully ventilated. We hope to get Baby L back there soon and hopefully we can finally see the Animal Friends show! Go out!! is a bi-weekly video series where our hosts get out and discover new things around Singapore.

Restaurants In Singapore Zoo

This week, Le En and Kexin have “Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife” where they can enjoy a breakfast buffet and meet some orangutans at the same time.

In A Food Court At Singapore Zoo

If it’s been a while,  here is another  reason to spend a day there with the family: Jungle Breakfast with Wild Animals.

The event began in 1982 as Breakfast with an Orangutan, hosted by Singapore Zoo celebrity Ah Meng.

Following his passing in 2008, the breakfast was adopted by Tour East on January 1, 2019, renaming it Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife. This time breakfast is served by Ah Meng’s nephew, also named Ah Meng, at Ah Meng restaurant, together with other groups of orangutans.

The restaurant was designed in a ‘free’ environment, with rock walls, streams and other natural elements to separate the animals from the diners, so you can be close to the animals while enjoying your meal.

River Wonders Singapore /river Safari: Baby Panda & Animal Shows

The highlight of breakfast is definitely getting up close and personal with the orangutans and having a photo opportunity with them. There will also be appearances from other animals at the zoo, including macaws and snakes.

Watch the video to find out what Le En and Kexin think about breakfast in the jungle with wild animals! Ah Meng Restaurant is a bistro style restaurant located within the Singapore Zoo. Ah Meng was the name of a very iconic Sumatran orangutan and an icon of tourism in Singapore who passed away in 2008. The restaurant is the main restaurant of the zoo and is located near the entrance, entrance ticket is required to eat as it’s inside the Zoo. I like that there are different local delicacies for visitors to try because it’s a good opportunity for tourists to try our food and for me it’s like comfort food, definitely something I don’t mind trying at the zoo. The price of the restaurant is definitely high but not so much in terms of attraction price. You get an air conditioned place to rest and the drinks also come in a large cup. Not a rip off but be prepared to spend $. #MoreInSG

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Restaurants In Singapore Zoo

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