Restaurants In Amsterdam Netherlands

Restaurants In Amsterdam Netherlands

Restaurants In Amsterdam Netherlands

Restaurants In Amsterdam Netherlands – After a long love of all things foreign, Amsterdam chefs are rediscovering the simple joys of the national cuisine of the Netherlands. Some serve main dishes such as stamppot and draajeswille in all their Ye Old Dutch glory, while others offer new traditional dishes, and various restaurants have redefined the meaning of Dutch food, using regional produce and completely old ingredients. new way – new. .

This central restaurant near the Waterlooplein flea market is designed to look like a traditional Dutch restaurant. The pride of place is a portrait of the owner’s mother, Gretje, and Delft blue motifs, crystal chandeliers, fresh flowers, candles and dark wood add to the atmosphere. Restaurant Greetje (Peperstraat 23-25) manages to entice diners with a taste of the good days, but manages to keep things fresh by giving dishes a modern twist or a refreshing presentation.

Restaurants In Amsterdam Netherlands

Restaurants In Amsterdam Netherlands

Dine where your food is grown at De Kas restaurant (Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3), a light and airy changing room surrounded by the historic Frankendael park in Amsterdam’s Watergraafsmeer district. Here you will be served a three-course set menu of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables from the restaurant’s vegetable garden and greenhouse. It may be Dutch cuisine with a distinct Mediterranean flair, but organic ingredients are grown at the restaurant’s doorstep. What could be more local?

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In far Ost, in the up-and-coming Indish Buurt district, Wild Zveinen (Javaplein 23) takes a trip to the wild side with its hearty yet delicious food in a place that combines raw industrial elements and reinvention with a modern touch. . Strange details include a wall of building materials from renovations, old stable doors, and concrete floors. They usually have at least pork on their menu, which is not surprising because the name of the restaurant is translated as “pigs” and is perfect for meat lovers. Recent dishes include Beemster wild duck breast stuffed with chanterelles and served with duck leg, celery and two types of cabbage stew, roasted pike perch and sauerkraut slaw served with grainy mustard sauce, and angopa dessert – apple. syrup and Jonagold caramelized apples.

Hidden in Taksteeg, a small street between Rokin and the bustling shopping street of Kalverstraat in Amsterdam, is the temple of slow food. The owners of Gartine (Taksteeg 7) grow their own fruit and vegetables in the area, use the excellent bread of Vlaamsch Broodhuys and a number of local delicacies that make up the Slow Food Ark of Taste, the official list of protected Dutch heritage foods. This is the perfect place in Amsterdam’s bustling shopping district to enjoy a casual breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea served with love and care in vintage dishes. Standard menu items include partridge pâté served with walnut fig bread and poached pears with star anise (€8.75) or a four-year-old multi-grain roll.

, soft white bun with croquette and mustard, Van Dobben. Stick to the classics like veal croquettes or shrimp croquettes before trying other flavors like chicken satay or goulash. Van Dobben proves that you don’t need to rob a bank during a typical Dutch lunch. Another great brand to look out for is Holtkamp, ​​especially the shrimp croquettes of the patisserie. Holtkamp croquettes can be ordered from these restaurants and cafes.

For more budget-friendly fast food options, try the famous Flemish fries at Vleminckx Sausmeesters (Voetboogstraat 31), located on a side street of Amsterdam’s main shopping street. And on the healthy end of the fast food spectrum, try the city’s answer to sushi, its favorite salted fish. The best are the herring shops De Boer on Osdorpplein (Wednesday to Saturday), Kromhout on the corner of Singel and Raadhuisstraat and Kees Tol at the top of Overtoom.

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(meaning “mothers” in Dutch) is a tribute to mother’s homemade food. It’s a neat little place decorated with hundreds of pictures of patrons’ mothers, different dishes and dark brown wood. Regular meals include inexpensive daily meals

With boiled potatoes and red cabbage. The cheap and cheerful Moeders (Rozengracht 251) is the perfect place to bring your mom or hang out if you’re homesick. Another cheap option for local and regional food is La Falote (Roelof Hartstraat 26 IV), which serves dishes such as

Lastage (Geldersekade 29) housed in a historic building near Amsterdam’s famous red light district, uses classic French cooking techniques to recreate beloved Dutch dishes in a stylish setting that doesn’t feel too strict and informal. Chef Rogier van Dam (former of the Michelin-starred restaurant De Posthoorn in Monnickendam) describes his cooking style as simple and traditional, but not afraid of something new. His philosophy shines through in dishes such as gin-marinated sea bass with romesco sauce, mozzarella and watercress, and a delicious blueberry stroopwafel parfait,

Restaurants In Amsterdam Netherlands

, and lemon cream. A good recommendation is the house wine Cuvee Lastage, a fresh and elegant Verdicchio with aromas of almonds and green fruits. Lastage was awarded a Michelin star in early 2012.

The 15 Best Restaurants In Amsterdam In 2023

Housed in a former monastery, the design of the restaurant and the charming garden, with chickens roaming freely outside, suggest that this is a temple of seasonal food. It is enough to try the chef’s seemingly simple creation once to fully believe in his ability. This cuisine is clearly run by someone who understands the art of letting their ingredients speak for themselves. Chef Sander Overinder has worked at prestigious restaurants such as Vermeer (Amsterdam), De Karmeliet (Bruges) and Chez Panisse (California). He later became the founder of Summum and Club 11 in Amsterdam. His cooking style is characterized by the use of local seasonal ingredients such as organic meat from Baambrugge and Martensdijk, and forgotten vegetables such as turnip parsley, Jerusalem artichoke and black goat skins grown in nearby Osdorp. The interior is as clean as the food, with long tables for monks to eat together. The saucer-shaped restaurant in the south of Amsterdam (Prinses Irenestraat 19) is worth a visit. In fact, cut through the park and it’s a great bike ride too.

The significant influence of Indo-Dutch cuisine is reflected in the Indonesian Blue Pepper Restaurant (Nassaukade 366); where you can try something that is not easy to find outside the Netherlands,

– a collection of many dishes, combined with Indonesian and Dutch influences, from the 350 years of Dutch colonial rule in Indonesia. The Rijstafel here includes up to 25 typical Indo-Dutch dishes

And, since you’re sharing the prize with your dinner companions, it’s a fun way to eat. But what makes Blue Pepper different from all other Indonesian restaurants is the quiet, minimalist decor, professional service, and high quality of delicious food. And with its central location near Jordaan and Leidseplein, there’s no reason not to visit. Bring your appetite because rijstafel doesn’t get any better or more luxurious than this. Blauw (Amstelveenseweg 158/160) is a great way to serve authentic and delicious Indonesian food in a stylish setting.

Best Restaurants To Eat At In Amsterdam

Yes, it’s crowded with tourists, but Restaurant ‘d Vijf Vlieghen (Spuistraat 294-302) manages to capture the glamor of the Dutch Golden Age with its over-the-top decor, which includes four Rembrandt prints, rare handmade 17th-century glass vases, and weapons from the War For Eighty Years. . The name of the restaurant can be translated as “five flies”, but it has nothing to do with food or hygiene. The kitchen specializes in updating old dishes for a modern flavor using local, seasonal ingredients and organic vegetables, a style often referred to as New Dutch cuisine. A typical dish is fried veal flatbreads with stewed venison cheeks with watercress, kohlrabi and muslin with smoked butter. There is also a Dutch cheese crust with apple syrup and currant rye bread and Frisian French bread. sugar bun with

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