Restaurant Recommendations Nice

Restaurant Recommendations Nice – It is well located between the sea and the mountains. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings while sipping cocktails and nibbling on appetizers. We have compiled a list of the best restaurants in Nice. So spend more time enjoying than eating well.

Nesbo in Nice is one of the new trendy restaurants. They serve the most delicious French and Italian cuisine with high quality ingredients. Also, their dim lighting system makes it more attractive.

Restaurant Recommendations Nice

Restaurant Recommendations Nice

Le Plongeoir has always been an open-air restaurant. A kiosk was built on the first stone, then in 1876 a fishing boat was built on the second stone, as if eating in the air! An experience not to be missed while in Nice.

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The restaurant also has a lounge bar called Le Vivier. This hotspot is perfect for having a drink, some snacks and enjoying the amazing view!

Carmela is a restaurant based on Italian cuisine in the center of Alpe-Maritime. By offering their guests a variety of classic dishes that are the essence of Italian gastronomy, they have earned a reputation among the locals.

So sit on the sunny terrace and enjoy the world of Carmela Venezia. Let the peaceful atmosphere and good food lead you to a gastronomic experience you will never forget!

Mysterious atmosphere and mysterious waves. Code Lounge offers you amazing delicacies. Sit on their spacious sunny terrace or in the dining room. It is yours.

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Also, the kitchen offers Italian, Asian and Provençal dishes. This restaurant offers delicious pizzas, pasta, fish, wok and boba. Ten foods to try!

An Italian restaurant serving classic Italian dishes that everyone loves. Le Pantail is a typical Italian restaurant with dried spices hanging on the walls and the smell of cheese all around.

Also, their wood-fired pizza is a must. Because it is popular not only among local people, but also among tourists.

Restaurant Recommendations Nice

Boca is a French restaurant with a restaurant, tapas bar and rooftop, which also offers Mediterranean cuisine. It is also amazing how they used wood to make their furniture and decorations. Log tables, dozens of plants and wicker furniture. It’s like landing on an island with delicious food and friendly people. If you happen to visit Nice, we recommend going there. Good food and atmosphere.

Sesame Asian Bistro

Le Galet is located right on the beach and under a wonderful clear blue sky. With the water glistening like a diamond in the summer sun, this private beach restaurant offers Italian, French and Mediterranean cuisine to its guests.

Also, when you sit down to eat, take off your shoes and feel the pebbles under your feet. They won’t hurt your feet. Trust us. Instead, they soothe and relax your fingers. So de-stress and eat to your heart’s content.

Deli Po is an open-air restaurant and tea room whose kitchen serves delicious food to its guests throughout the day. According to them, their food is defined as “pure, affordable and delicious”. And they are, of course, only these.

When you step inside, you will see dozens of glass containers with wooden lids, containing delicious food. You can’t get away with buying one. How amazing are their delicacies!

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Babel Babel is home to fine wine, artisanal coffee and Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, the DJ will play beats that will get you interested in music. Don’t forget to try their interesting cocktails. The specialty of those restaurants.

So watch the sun set behind the palm trees and take a dip in the sparkling water. Sip your cocktail and relax.

Le Petite Maison specializes in French, Mediterranean and European cuisine. Also, they have stylish and elegant seating outside on the pavement. Their Nicoise meats, as well as seafood, are particularly wonderful.

Restaurant Recommendations Nice

The restaurant is very busy throughout the day, so be sure to make a reservation before you go. Or you can call. The staff is nice and helpful to every customer.

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This restaurant is located on the Promenade des Anglais. This is La Bayeta beach. The establishment itself is a beach restaurant serving light meals and salads. Their cocktails are amazing too.

Relax on their comfortable beach furniture and feel the crunch of the sand between your toes. Sip on your cocktail and let it all go.

Fine dining, delicious wine and 360 degree views of the entire coastline. Farago also caught our eye. Their Carte Midi Lunch is a good choice if you want to indulge.

Also, their repentance is very famous around the city. This restaurant has the most beautiful view of the beach. If you want a romantic date with your significant other, this is the place.

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Gina is a symbol of elegance and timeless beauty. Here you will enjoy the freshest Italian cuisine. Gina welcomes you all day.

So you can go not only for morning coffee, but also for lunch. That’s when you can try their handmade pizzas and mouth-watering pastas. Gina is a real gem in Nice!

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Restaurant Recommendations Nice

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Restaurant Recommendations Nice

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The Best Restaurants In Nice

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A picture-postcard city on the French Riviera, on the CĂ´te d’Azur, Nice is one of France’s most beautiful cities and a luxury holiday destination. Marked by beautiful beaches bordering the Mediterranean Sea, French and Italian-influenced medieval architecture, and a rich cultural and artistic heritage, Nice’s dining scene is impressive. Find out about the best restaurants in this amazing city.

For the best fine dining in Nice, head to Le Chanteclair at Hotel Negresco, located on the beautiful promenade. The two Michelin star restaurant specializing in traditional French cuisine is run by local chef Jean-Denis Rubland. The menu is full of delicious creations, including an innovative option that offers sample dishes and daily specials for diners who want to try everything. Each dish is perfectly matched with 15,000 bottles of vintage wine from the cellar. The beautiful interior gives off an 18th century feel with its bright pink walls, sparkling chandeliers and beautiful paintings. While not easy on the budget, going for a glamorous chandelier is nothing short of amazing.

A refreshing and stylish restaurant-lounge, le Vingt4 is a wonderful culinary journey. The lunch and dinner menu is concise and offers a well-thought-out selection of French and contemporary cuisine. Try the Roasted Cod Slices with Portuguese Style Tomato Salsa

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