Resep Gado-gado Super Enak

Resep Gado-gado Super Enak – WARTA LOMBOK – Gado-gado ulek is a simple recipe with many ways to make gado-gado, where you can watch the production process.

To make gado-gado seasoning, all the ingredients are crushed in a mortar, some use a “mixer”, but here we use the rice mill method so as not to lose the flavor.

Resep Gado-gado Super Enak

Resep Gado-gado Super Enak

There are several points to consider so that the taste of gado-gado ulek does not decrease, the first is the type of ingredients, the selection of fresh ingredients and the way they are handled.

Resep Gado Gado Betawi Enak Untuk Menu Sarapan & Makan Siang

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You don’t have to worry about making delicious ulek gado-gado at home, if you know the trick, this dish will be a special dish.

Warta Lombok Instargam @lili_indrayani_81 said here are the ingredients and how to handle the gado-gado ulek that will whet your appetite.

Gado Gado Ci Yenny Restaurant, Tangerang

The ingredients for making gado-gado ulek are very simple and easily found at home, the ingredients are as follows:

2. Add all the ingredients starting with peanuts, garlic, chili, salt, brown sugar, shrimp-corn, soy sauce and mix everything and rub until smooth.

3. When the spices are warm, mix them with water so that the marinade is finished, when the mixture is finished, add kangkung, tofu, crackers, beans, etc. according to your taste. .

Resep Gado-gado Super Enak

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Gado Gado Betawi Lengkap Spesial

It’s easy to make this archipelago simple gado-gado ulek, right, of course you can prepare it for your dear family sitting at home, good luck.***

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Resep Gado Gado Enak, Bumbu Kacangnya Bikin Nggak Berhenti Makan

Friends Sholiha, I have prepared all the ingredients for the above menu in the refrigerator. God willing, it’s easy.

Resep cake keju lembut dan enak

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