Resep Brownies Shiny Crust

Resep Brownies Shiny Crust

Resep Brownies Shiny Crust

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Hello, Hello.. As always, the recipe video is first on my YouTube channel. This time it’s a recipe for a million people, yes, a recipe for making baked brownies, or a brownie with a shiny crust. Why do I say a million people? yes, because the brownie recipe is everywhere except in recipe books, the internet, blogs, YouTube, cooking Facebook groups, Instagram recipe sharing accounts, Pinterest, you name it.

Resep Brownies Shiny Crust

Resep Brownies Shiny Crust

Different types of brownie recipes are now available online, all you have to do is look and you will see different types of brownie recipes that you can try. From brownie recipes with fudge, cake flavor, or more baked brownie recipes like Amanda’s brownies. Actually the recipe is not a cake but a chocolate sponge cake which I think is very easy and very brown hehe. CMIW, right? Because the brownie should have the texture of a thick cake that doesn’t float like a sponge cake. Even the cake brownies, although they are similar to a sponge cake, the texture is still dense, like a dense but not dense sponge. Yes, that’s a simple explanation. 😀

Fudgy Brownies Shiny Crust Oven Mixer Tangkring Tanpa της Fatiha

Now if someone tries my brownie recipe for example, they will always object “mba/sister/ma’am/younger brother/when why brownies are slow, fail, recipe is wrong, wizard , misleading blah blah” ‘m sorry * duh soiyeh.. maybe the protesters don’t know the difference between a Bantet sponge cake and a brownie. I hope no one will protest.

Yes, the brownie recipe I am sharing this time is fluffy, dense and very brown brownies. If it is still warm, the texture will stick due to too much chocolate. Now don’t miss the beautiful glossy layer on top of the brownie or what is commonly known as the glossy surface on baked brownies. The shiny coating on the cups tempts you to want to sip it right??? If you are wondering how to get the amount of glitter, then keep reading until the end, don’t get frustrated even if it takes a lot of time 😛 don’t forget to watch the recipe video after ‘a this for the good and more.

Out of the many brownie recipes out there, this recipe is one of the easiest brownie recipes with a shiny crust, and in my opinion, the quickest to make. Baking is like science, if we change the ratio or add and remove ingredients, the result will be different. And the recipe I’m sharing is the result of my experiments with different brownie recipes that are already out there. I finally got the brownies I want, the texture is great, not too sweet and I actually save the eggs because I only use 2 eggs in this recipe, jealous!

Oops, let’s go straight to the tips to make a shiny layer on the cakes, that is, the main thing is when you stir the sugar and bake. So try to beat the sugar until it dissolves completely, and if you can, use only granulated sugar, because the sugar in the brownie batter really creates a glossy layer. And for the baking process, I use an electric stove where you can change the temperature.

Resep Shiny Fudgy Brownies Paling Enak Dan Anti Gagal

Therefore, in the baking process, I baked the brownies in two layers at different temperatures. In the first baking time I use a high temperature of about 200°C for 10-15 minutes, then in the second baking time I lower the temperature to around 170°C for 20 minutes or until done , the temperature depends on each oven. . because different ovens often give different results, so we need to know about the oven we have, how often we use it, hehe..

Also, I often like to ask questions like how do you do it to those who use the stove / tangkrin stove. At first glance, I know that it only says to adjust the temperature of the oven, for example, during the first time of frying, the temperature of the oven increases and then decreases again. Also change the position of the pan in the oven, for example, place it above or below the oven rack. Since I’ve never tried baking brownies in the oven, I’m not sure, just give it a try, hopefully you’ll get a shiny surface. 🙂

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Resep Brownies Shiny Crust

Check YouTube to see if the ID UCounb1V_vTQjwFt2QkmApIQ belongs to the channel ID. Check out the plugin’s FAQ or submit a bug report to support it. Hi, because I came across this Ina Garten quote above. “Anyone who makes brownies without butter should be put in jail,” Doi said.

Shiny Chewy Brownies

I laughed because the quote is so true that a real girl loves butter. If you don’t like butter, it means you’re on Lucinta Luna’s team. As well as? *just kidding😅

This is because butter is a fat made from pure cow’s milk, so butter can be very expensive. Meanwhile, margarine is made from frozen vegetable fat and an emulsifying agent (aka fake butter) is added. And we know that LL… *don’t say it, okay? case closed lol

Oh yeah, and speaking of brownies (they’re the second favorite in the house after the banana cake), I’m often turned off by friends who can’t seem to get the shiny crust, which is a thin layer of light. on the surface of the water. it’s a brownie. By the way, I use a tangkring oven without a thermometer because it is broken. Ha ha ha… So for those of you who use gas ovens, you already have an extra advantage over those of us who use tankkring ovens 🙂

However, a hot or high oven temperature can result in a shiny brownie crust. isn’t it? *and asked again lol 😅

Resep Brownies Coklat Mengkilat Anti Gagal

I will give advice based on my experience. If your friends come up with other tips later, try them. Who knows, maybe it will work.

So, according to Bake Wise author Shirley Corrier, the shiny, flaky crust often found on brownies occurs when…

Well, we’ve already answered that creating a thin, shiny layer on a brownie depends on more than just the temperature of the oven. But also some of the following:

Resep Brownies Shiny Crust

Beat the eggs and sugar for a long time. The longer you beat, the more the sugar will dissolve, and you’ll get a wonderfully shiny crust. However, don’t panic.

Brownies Shiny Crust

Preheat the oven 10-15 minutes before baking the brownies. If you use a toaster like I do, use a medium heat, usually low but steady. If your family has a hole in the top, close it to keep the heat in the oven.

Bake the brownies for a very long time because they will harden on their own outside of the oven when removed from the oven.

So, last week I tried the new TURBO blend. Just hearing that name makes my heart melt, lol. The point is to test the potential of this new combination. How fast do you knead the dough until it is thick and white?

I should have tried to whip up a marble cake or a zebra cake batter, but since I was answering brownie questions, I ended up trying to make brownies. I wonder how long TURBO takes to beat the eggs and sugar until the mixture is thick with streaks.

Begini Tips Membuat Brownies Shiny Crust Yang Cocok Dalam Suasana Valentine

This TURBO mixer has a power of 300 W, thanks to which the cake dough rises quickly and saves electricity. I’m getting more and more interested 😋. But the motor is very powerful, so it does not burn out quickly because it is made of 100% copper. As for the speedometer itself, there are 5 speed buttons and 1 gain button. And to make it complete, I will compare it with my old combination. To learn more, watch the following video.

Well, after experimenting earlier, it turns out that the dough really rises quickly. My brownie batter is thick and rises quickly, so it’s easy to get a glossy surface. For those who use old mixers, the sugar is still stable, and in the end my brownies don’t come out of their shiny shell (as shown in the picture below). I really like it that way. Therefore, you will not have to spend too much time in the kitchen. I really want to try Pak Sahak’s all-in-one cake recipe next time.

Yes, this TURBO mixer has a seat, a bowl of 3.5 liters and tools for kneading the dough (spiral, butter nozzle and spatula).

Resep Brownies Shiny Crust

And don’t worry about the material because it is certified food safe, ie plastic and non-sterile materials. The color selection is also cool, with purple, green and red. If you want a hand combination, I saw in the store that only the red color was selected. Burning red, girls, give me more enthusiasm in the kitchen. Hehehe.

Shiny Crust Brownies, Makanan & Minuman, Kue Kue Di Carousell

That’s it, brownie tips for a shiny crust. And for those interested in the TURBO mix, please check out their Instagram account at Shiny Fudgy Brownies. After all this time, I finally became interested in making cakes that meet your expectations. The texture of the fudge is perfect, and the glossy surface makes the brownies even more enticing.

The brownie recipe I tried was from Erlina Lim, who I found on Instagram. This recipe is actually shared a lot on Instagram and Facebook, but only this time

Here are 2 versions of the recipe that I tried, actually the recipe is almost the same. One recipe uses a mixture of butter and vegetable oil, and another recipe contains vegetable oil.

For brownie recipes that use butter, the texture of the brownie is moist and dense, and the aroma of the butter is noticeable.

Lemon8 Story #brownies Fudgy

For brownie recipes that use all oil, the brownie texture is lighter. Actually, both are equally delicious, so just adjust your taste.

For more health-conscious brownies, you can substitute olive oil for olive oil, which is healthier in nature. I have also tried making brownies with olive oil and the results are there

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