Pricing For Digital Marketing Services

Pricing For Digital Marketing Services – Companies have two main options for getting social media marketing help: digital marketing agencies and social media managers (hired or freelance).

If you ended up here, you probably fall into one of these two categories, and don’t worry, we’ve got ideas for you!

Pricing For Digital Marketing Services

Pricing For Digital Marketing Services

Social media fees vary widely between freelancers, marketing agencies, and contract social media managers, so let’s look at them separately.

Digital Marketing Services Packages & Pricing

According to UpWork, freelancers or individuals charge between $15 and $250hr for social media management, depending on experience level:

The price of your package can put off potential customers, or you risk under-delivery if the price is too high. Many companies see companies that price their packages as cheap or inexperienced and therefore don’t ask about their services.

There is an ideal compromise between very low and very high prices that allows you to launch a wide net of potential businesses and still leave room for profit.

There are a few key points to keep in mind when deciding on your target audience with your packages and pricing.

Pricing For Digital Marketing Services

How big are the companies you are targeting? Are you selling to small businesses or targeting land contracts with large corporations? It’s important to figure this out in advance so you can customize your service packages for that size of business and its specific needs.

Are you targeting a specific industry? Deciding whether you want to pursue a niche as a social media agency or manager is important because it will determine your clients’ specific social media needs, as well as their willingness to pay for social media services for your specific industry.

What is your customer acquisition cost? How much time and money are you spending to attract new business? How many new customers are you signing up per month? By dividing your total cost of acquiring new customers (that is, all your marketing and sales costs) by the number of new customers you have, you can determine how much it costs on average to acquire a customer.

Pricing For Digital Marketing Services

What social media marketing services do you offer? If you offer a full social media management service, your price will be much different than if you strictly offer social media content creation. Decide in advance what services will be offered to you as part of your packages so that you can get an appropriate price.

Digital Marketing Company

As a marketing agency, you may be in a better position to offer a complete social media marketing package because you can use outsourced or white label services alongside your in-house team.

As a freelancer or individual, it’s important to determine which services you can complete yourself and which services to outsource (if that’s what you’re considering).

The great part of offering social media packages to your customers is that they are repeatable and can quickly grow a steady business each month.

While the “ideal” social media package varies greatly from company to company, we can offer some suggestions based on our experience.

How To Create A Social Media Package

This is the starting point for creating a business presence on social media. This alone may not help them get an immediate return on investment, but it can help them build their brand, tell their story, and present a professional impression to customers by being active on social media.

Creating a social media strategy is an important step that allows you and your customer to find alignment in your target audience, brand voice, content types, frequency, and most importantly, goals and objectives for your social media channels.

Content creation and scheduling are two of the easiest services to provide because you can easily outsource and label them.

Pricing For Digital Marketing Services

White label social media content creation service. We partner with marketing agencies or social media managers to create, schedule and publish original social media content for their clients. We have an expert team of writers and creators and a white label social media scheduling and approval platform

Digital Advertising Vs. Digital Marketing

As a social media agency or manager, you can take responsibility for guiding your clients through the initial strategy development and then entrust us with content creation, programming and publishing.

Generally speaking, more established businesses need full-service social media support. This is where a comprehensive package comes in handy.

This package includes all services in the starter package, plus engagement/community management and social media advertising.

As an agency, if you already have a social media team that can help with engagement and advertising professionals who can meet your client’s paid social needs, this package should be easy to put together.

E Marketing Mix Or Digital Marketing Mix Definition

As a freelancer or personal social media manager, it can be difficult to offer this package without additional support as it can be challenging to scale to service all these services on your own. Consider focusing on one core element, organic content or paid advertising, and outsourcing or delegating the rest, so you can offer your customers the complete package and a single point of contact without overwork or underdelivery.

Over the years, we’ve seen more and more agencies and freelancers focus on managing paid campaigns, which makes sense as it’s often the most profitable service offered. This has a direct impact on your client’s business and you can easily price based on your client’s results or advertising costs.

This creates an opportunity for you to outsource organic content creation so you can focus your team’s efforts on managing paid campaigns.

Pricing For Digital Marketing Services

Well, the first step in creating a social media pricing spreadsheet is determining the scope of your work.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services, Outsourcing Digital Marketing Pricing Packages

Once you’ve determined the scope of work, you can break down the time required for each deliverable and the cost associated with each. This will give you a better idea of ​​the costs to use when calculating your packages.

You should calculate customer acquisition cost, not just time spent on deliveries and software/tools used.

How are you getting new business? Are you spending money on marketing to attract new customers? What is your average cost per customer based on your ad spend?

It’s critical to calculate exactly how much it costs to acquire each new customer so you can factor that into your pricing.

Digital Marketing Package Pricing

If so, what is the value to your customer of a new customer acquired on social media? How much are they spending on social media campaigns? How much revenue do they expect to earn from their social media campaigns?

All these questions will help you define what is value for your customer and come up with a price that not only covers your costs and allows for a good margin, but also takes into account the actual value of the results you create.

Here, we work with marketing agencies and social media managers to help them deliver social media packages to their clients.

Pricing For Digital Marketing Services

The price you see above is our price to you and the price per customer, per month.

Key Tips For Pricing Your Marketing Services

2-4x the recommended resale price, but agencies and individuals who work with us can resell our plans for whatever they want.

Let’s say you have a client who needs 12 posts a month, so you sell our business plan for $299 a month.

You must add the cost of your time to manage the customer relationship: four (4) hours per month x $50/hr = $200

You want to make a healthy profit, so you plan on branding the package for three times the price, which means you would charge $1,497 with a profit of $998.

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: Which Produces Greater Roi?

You now have a client who needs 20 posts a month, so you sell our growth plan which costs $449 a month.

You’ll need to add the cost of managing clients of $200 per month, totaling the new total of $649 per month.

You want to earn a good amount, but you want to charge less for your services because you are more focused on keeping the customer for the long term. If that’s the case, you can tag the package at double the cost and charge $1,298 for a profit of $649.

Pricing For Digital Marketing Services

We scoured the internet to find some specific examples of what other marketing agencies offer their clients. Here are some examples of how packages vary and how they are priced in today’s market.

A Fantastic Business Proposal & 1 Hour Free Digital Marketing Consultation

The agency offers a full-service social media management service, including content creation and publishing, page tracking and engagement, and boosted advertising for Facebook and Instagram. They range in price from $700 – $1,100 per month depending on the plan you choose.

Sculpt started out as a social media management agency and today has grown into a full-fledged marketing agency. They offer everything social media marketing from paid social media advertising campaigns to social media content creation.

Its cost varies depending on your needs and budget, but ranges from $3,500/month to $5,000/month just for social media management.

This digital agency has three sets of packages they offer

Digital Marketing Pricing Packages

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