Places To Eat In Natchitoches

Places To Eat In Natchitoches

Places To Eat In Natchitoches

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Along with the famous Natchitoches meat pies, an absolute must-try, check out favorites like lobster etouffée, grits and grill, gumbo, red beans and rice.

Places To Eat In Natchitoches

Places To Eat In Natchitoches

Perhaps the most well-known of all Natchitoches restaurants, Lasyone’s is famous for its meat pies, savory, golden-brown pastries filled with seasoned meat filling.

Things To Do In Natchitoches, The Oldest City In Louisiana!

You can’t visit Natchitoches without trying the legendary Lasyone’s Meat Pie. And if you like lobster, I recommend trying the shrimp pie as well.

For many people, Lasyone’s meat pies are the gold standard. I can’t disagree; the golden and flaky pie crust is perfection.

A little history: Local butcher James Lasyon started his meat pie tradition by grinding meat for wealthy women who wanted to make meat pies at home. But being a visionary, he saw business potential.

With $50 in cash, a gas burner and one iron pot, he developed his own recipe for meat pies and opened a side window in his butcher shop to sell them.

Louisiana Restaurants Where The View Is The Star Of The Show

By the way, the meat pies are still handmade from scratch, with 400 to 1,000 being made per day. (You can order them at GoldBelly!)

If meat pies aren’t your thing (gasp!), I can sign up for breakfast too. Gravel is dangerous, you.

A favorite here is the Cajun Potatoes, potatoes stuffed with a flavorful lobster etouffee and fried shrimp. The large size is ideal for sharing.

Places To Eat In Natchitoches

If you love salad, customers can’t get enough of the Church Street Salad, Merci Beaucoup’s most ordered salad. Fresh greens topped with our famous homemade orange sauce, toasted pecans, fresh fruit and your choice of grilled or fried chicken strips.

Natchitoches Christmas Home

We started with mini meat pies because that’s what you do in Natchitoches. It was also the weekend of the annual Meat Pie Festival – the more meat pies, the merrier.

You’d think I would have ordered steak or fish—my friend ordered the red snapper and loved it—but I can’t get enough of the Louisiana red beans and rice with sausage. So that’s what I ordered and it was fabulous! Also nicely coated.

If you like muffletas, this is the best restaurant for them in Natchitoches. And they’re HUGE, so they’re perfect for sharing.

Creole meets Italian at this beautiful riverfront restaurant in Natchitoches. Enjoy an evening of live music on the terrace or sit inside for a more intimate experience.

Best Western Natchitoches Inn, Natchitoches (la)

I can’t resist anything with pesto, so I ordered the Pesto Mozzarella Burger with a mix of Italian cheese, prosciutto crumbles and my beloved pesto.

It’s usually served with fries, but I made a healthier swap for some green beans and the meal hit the spot.

Who orders a salad at a brewery? Someone who wants to feel better follows it up with ALL the brewery’s bites. Wink. (Their salads are also very fresh and delicious.)

Places To Eat In Natchitoches

But the star of the show is their New York style pizza. So to you some; you won’t be disappointed!

Merci Beaucoup Restaurant, 127 Church St In Natchitoches

Part of the Gas Station Eats Trail (download brochure here), French Market Express is a must-stop. Gas station outside, good food inside.

Specifically, Louisiana yam cake. It’s worth a stop, folks. While you can buy a full size cake, the minis come in twos, and after the first bite I understood why. You can’t stop at one. You need two. Or four. Or six.

If you want something spicy, they have meat pies, breakfast sandwiches, po’boys, boudin and more, but be sure to try this yam cake! It’s also a great place to stop for last-minute souvenirs; the gift shop is fantastic.

Do you like shirts and boudin? Quebedeaux’s currently has locations in Alexandria and Pineville, but has plans to open a restaurant in Natchitoches, so it’s worth mentioning and worth a stop.

Shrimp Po Boy, Crawfish Pie And Boudin Balls

At Quebedeaux’s, they want the aroma to entice you and specially crafted spices to tantalize your senses as you eat.

Another thing that sets Quebedeaux’s apart from other restaurants is that they try to make everything gluten-free, so their handmade meat pies are made with egg wrappers instead of pie dough.

We’ve made boudin, chicken and pork crackers, Pepper Jack boudin balls and meat pies and we love them all! If you visit, wear your stretchy pants!

Places To Eat In Natchitoches

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Hotel Quality Inn Near Parc Natchitoches, La 2* (united States)

Join us on our travels across the United States as we share the best destinations, hidden gems, adventure experiences, unique hotels, must-see foods, festivals and more! Peggy’s Pizza is perfect for Natchitoches. The pizza, wings and egg plant parm are delightful. I recommend calling to order if you are…

I ordered a 10 pound blue crab. They arrived on time, all the crabs were big, all the crabs were alive. Great service + product, and one of the only…

The lady who took my order was so sweet!! I haven’t been in a long time so I got confused a few times when I placed my order. She was patient and when I…

All menu options are delicious! Friendly staff. You don’t have to wait long for your food order. This is a popular lunch restaurant, but it seems…

The Breadhouse Nakatosh Restaurant

Natchitoches is a small town in Louisiana. Are all old to cook the best meat on hamburgers. These are homemade hamburgers in Natchitoches. She called…

I ordered the Softshell Crab Sandwich when I went to Mayeaux’s and loved it. I also had onion rings. The service was attentive and well done….

The best addition to Natchitoches.Roma is amazing! The atmosphere here is great and the staff always say hello and sometimes even chat with…

Places To Eat In Natchitoches

Everyone at the table had some type of steak and they were all cooked to perfection. We love this place and were amazed as always! The best place to spend…

Natchitoches Meat Pies Recipe

My wife and I drove up from Texas today to spend the evening in Natchitoches. We both had the shrimp and grits and it was one of the best meals I have ever had…

This is the place to get the best lobsters and crab cakes.. I was visiting from Atlanta.. so I told my boyfriend when in Louisiana we want to eat seafood….

The customer was great! The food was delicious, tasty and hot and fresh! I really enjoyed the fried mushrooms with my Philly cheesesteak! Can’t wait to…

When I first went to Raisin Cane’s, the offerings were delicious. Now they are tasteless and not so good. Sorry, a lot of people said they weren’t…

Mini Louisiana Natchitoches Meat Pies

Great lobsters cooked to perfection. Could do a little better on the crackers, they were overcooked and last tasted burnt and very dry. They can…

We have never, ever had such a great meal here. Different meat options like roast beef, hamburger steak, roast chicken, roast pork, heavy lasagna etc…

Perfect for large group orders. They prepared the food fresh and everything was ready to eat upon arrival. The owner even came and helped to get out. Will be…

Places To Eat In Natchitoches

It is a pub in an old bank building. Great location, friendly staff. Great catfish fingers. A diverse variety of people at different ages and stages…

Maglieaux’s Riverfront Restaurant

We visited Magee’s twice while visiting from Alabama. On our first visit, we stopped for an afternoon treat. It was very hot and we stopped and it got hot….

Always enjoy the food and atmosphere at Johnny’s. Update: I’m sure it’s still a great place, but they don’t have a buffet anymore, so I…

I would have given five stars, but the gentleman at the window called me breadsticks, they were hard because there was something wrong with the dough, but at least he…

Today I went to camp in Louisiana. We stayed at a crappy hotel last night and then ate at a good breakfast place this morning. Between…

Natchitoches Meat Pie

We were at El Patio during one of their busiest times. They were packed. It was after the Christmas festival and fire show on Front St. The food was…

Always great food with the best wait staff you could ask for, super friendly! Not the same as the old El Nopal we had, but it…

I recently ate here after a volleyball game before we went home! They had two men working the whole place themselves and were very surprised to get our…

Places To Eat In Natchitoches

They are very kind and are very fast. The place is always clean. Also once our order was paid by the manager (can’t remember the name). $45…

Natchitoches Will Host The 96th Annual Christmas Festival

The grilled chicken sandwich I ordered today was really tasty and moist for fast food chicken. Thanks for making sure the healthiest options are delicious,…

Cleaner than most, the team were at the top of their game and the order (which was all made to order) was spot on, the lady running the register was great…

You’ve been to a billion subways, and they’re usually the same. However, this one stood out enough to warrant a special review. Customer service was…

I haven’t had a bad experience here yet. i eat here often. The bread is ALWAYS baked right when I come in. I can’t think of a time that would ever be…

Natchitoches Pecans (cloutierville)

Everyone was friendly, the food

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