Ok Google Lumos Maxima

Ok Google Lumos Maxima

Ok Google Lumos Maxima

Ok Google Lumos Maxima – Expecto Patronum, Avada Kedavra or Lumos Maxima are spells from the world of Harry Potter that every fan of this series should know. But not everyone knows that saying “Ok Google, Lumos Maxima” is enough to feel like a true Hogwarts student.

This spell, like other spells in the Harry Potter universe, comes from the Latin language. By changing the ending of the word Lumen, which simply means “light,” J.K. Rowling coined an expression meaning “to have the light.” As you can imagine, the spell caused the specified area to become illuminated.

Ok Google Lumos Maxima

Ok Google Lumos Maxima

It was used for the first time in the third part of the film adaptation of the books. Right at the beginning of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Thanks to him, the main character illuminates the book he is reading under its cover. The magic of Lumos Maxima entered the Potter canon only because of its screen adaptation.

Only the first part of this spell appears in Rowling’s literary works. The supplement “Maxima” allowed to increase its influence.

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If an owl doesn’t show up on your doorstep with a letter from Hogwarts on your eleventh birthday – nothing is lost! Now you can feel like a real magician thanks to your Android phone. How is magic done? Harry Potter used a wand for this, but all you need is your smartphone and your voice. All you have to do is say “Ok Google, Lumos Maxima” and the phone will automatically turn on the flashlight. The command is not just an interesting trick – first of all, it is very useful. Google Assistant will work much faster than manually searching for the light button.

What Does Ok Google Lumos Mean?

However, it does not end here. Google has added two more commands to its software related to sorcery and spells from the wizarding world. The first connects directly to the Lumos Maxima. We are, of course, talking about the “Knox” spell. Harry Potter used it when he needed to turn off the surrounding light sources. You can use it too! When the flashlight is on, just say “Ok Google, Nox” to turn it off. every fan

He’ll agree that using the Google Assistant is a much more interesting way than saying certain commands like “OK Google, turn off the flashlight”.

The third spell you can use on your phone is “Silencio”. In the wizarding world it was used to silence the environment and prevent unwanted ears from eavesdropping on conversations. But the magic works a little differently on smartphones. After saying “Ok Google, Silencio”, the smartphone will mute all sounds.

Ok Google Lumos Maxima

So far, there are only three spells available in Google Assistant. However, when we look at the recent activities of one of the largest companies in the world, it is possible to see new fascinating commands added. Maybe soon, when you speak into Avada Kedavra’s microphone, the phone will turn itself off…

How Do I Turn On My Flashlight With

Arkadiusz Kukier Writes by profession, education and passion for the written word. A man of extremes – a fan of worthy music and ambitious TV series, as well as unnecessary reality shows or kitsch hits from the late 90s and early 2000s. Lübelak, who travels to unknown lands in computer games with comfortable shoes and onions in his spare time, can now enjoy the magic by turning your phone into a staff or by visiting the Magical Place, with the help of Google. United States Congress in Street View.

At least in the US it’s coming out this month, we’ll have one more chance to get back to J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. And with a little help from Google, you can experience this magical world by turning your phone into a wand or visiting the US Magic Congress on Google Maps.

Simply say “OK Google” on your Android phone to summon Google Search and do your magic. For example, Lumos or Lumos Maxima turns on your flashlight and you can turn it off with Nox. Or – yes, you guessed it – you can say “Silencio” to silence the phone (I tried Wingardium Leviosa but if you find another spell that works, let me know!).

But that’s not all. Besides turning your phone into a magic wand, the search giant will also take you back in time, to New York City in 1926, to be exact. Then the movie happens and I have to say Google did a great job with it. You can visit the main locations from the movie and explore the city in Street View:

Harry Potter

Fans can visit MACUSA (US Magic Congress); Steen National Bank, where Newt first met Jacob Kowalski; underground speaker Blind Pig; and the magical apartment of Tina and Queenie Goldstein, two of the movie’s key characters.

When Google’s Daydream View VR headset launches this month, you’ll also be able to explore Newt’s vault filled with magical spells and puzzles that will allow you to bring back all the escaped creatures. If messaging is more your thing, don’t worry because Ok Google Lumos Maxima, How to Use Harry Potter Lumos Maxima Spell on Google knows here and many who are fans of J.K.’s famous works. Rowling, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, Ok Google To learn more about Lumos Maxima Spell, search the internet for Lumos Maxima Spell, then read this article given below.

People can now explore this magical world by turning their phone into a wand or visiting the US Magic Congress on Google Maps, with a little help from Google. Simply say “OK Google” on your Android phone to summon Google Search and do your magic. For example, Lumos or Lumos Maxima turns your flashlight on and Nox turns it off. This is trending with thousands of people searching for Ok Google Lumos online. Read on to learn more about how to use Lumos Maxima Google and other Harry Potter spells like Lumos Maxima on Google.

Ok Google Lumos Maxima

We don’t need Professor Flitwick to teach us how to levitate, we can do it ourselves. Swing and turn and invest in levitating phone chargers, lamps, Bluetooth speakers, lawn plants, cameras, beer bottles and lamps and you’ll be mesmerizingly realistic in no time. Watch out for these researchers who use sound to levitate objects, and in the meantime, try one of these hoverboards to get your levitation fix.

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Simply say “OK Google” on your Android phone to summon Google Search and do your magic. For example, Lumos or Lumos Maxima turns your flashlight on and Nox turns it off. This clever little magic turns a wand into a torch that we can all do with our smartphones. However, if you want to add a little muggle-friendly charm, program your smart home assistants and smart lights to respond to the word “Lumos.” There are several options, depending on whether you’re using Google Home, Amazon Echo, or Apple HomePod. For idiots and technophobes, the best option is to use IFTTT, which includes a set of formulas that automate the procedure, including this one. Plug in some Philips Hue smart lights, give the app the nickname “Lumos” and you’re set. Use the nickname “Lumos Maxima” to unlock the entire device and use the nickname “Nox” to turn it off.

Unlocking the voice-activated door isn’t just about entering the forbidden corridor on the third floor or rescuing the godfathers from the towers on the Hippogriff’s back. Smart locks are the perfect way to bring “alhomora” into your life. While most smart doorbells and locks, such as Nest Hello and Amazon’s Ring, use non-verbal magic, some locks let you enchant them. August, a smart lock business, brings together the three most common smart home assistants, Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit. To unlock Alexa, give your door or lock the name “Alohomora” so you can say “Alexa, lock Alohomora” and unlock Skills with your voice.

Whether you’re using Seamless, Grubhub, UberEats, Deliveroo, Foodora, Postmates, Doordash, Yelp Eat 24, Foodler or any other meal delivery service, we live in an era where the Accio burger is a legitimate and workable magic trick. Looking for something more specific? Like a big serving of the best fried chicken in town, a newspaper, and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice? Accio, Airtasker, is the place where you can just ask for anything and hope some pesky jerk will gladly accept your galleons.

Lifeprint is a printer that uses the magic of virtual reality to print 3 by 4.5 images that come to life. Select an image, video or GIF to print on your phone. Then, when you use the app, you can see the photos come to life by bringing your phone over them. So, unlike a wizard or witch, you can’t enchant images for continuous animation, but it’s still pretty cool. Please note that these photos are representative of the subject only and not of dear Lily and James.

Lumos Maxima Vintage

While you won’t be able to trace anyone close to their room due to privacy rules, there are a few ways to bring some Marauder magic into your life. Track your villain group with the Find My Friends app on your phone, tablet or smartwatch, or enjoy a fun Easter egg in your smart home

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