Nice Places To Eat In Seattle

Nice Places To Eat In Seattle

Nice Places To Eat In Seattle

Nice Places To Eat In Seattle – Dine in the Emerald City with food recommendations you can trust. Because life is too short to eat bad food.

If there’s one thing Seattle doesn’t lack, it’s water. So it makes sense that there would be plenty of Seattle waterfront restaurants. In a perfect world, Seattle’s waterfront would be home to all the best restaurants the city has to offer. But really, there are not that many *good* foods found on the water. Most, as you can imagine, are full of tourists and forgotten food. But we are here to tell you that it is impossible to have amazing views

Nice Places To Eat In Seattle

Nice Places To Eat In Seattle

Incredible food in Seattle. We hope you enjoy our roundup of Seattle’s best beach restaurants this summer. Happy eating!

Great Tasting Menus To Check Out In Seattle And On The Eastside

Stuffy, but not too much) fish. The season was a special event and the venue was AQUA by the El Gaucho water deck overlooking Elliott Bay. Relax and marvel at the cruise ships, yachts, and even cruise ships passing by while you sink your teeth into delicious fresh fish or local pasta at one of our favorite Seattle beach restaurants. Most of the items on the AQUA menu are quite expensive, as is typical for restaurants in this area, so we recommend ordering a starter, entree, and side to share between two people. Your waiter will happily plate your meals as two small portions for an easy sharing experience. Although the vibe here is surprisingly piano-and-grass and most people are dressed up, Seattle is a very casual city so you’re bound to be someone in khaki shorts and crocs. Do you.

Located at Pier 56 of Seattle’s waterfront, Elliott’s Oyster House is likely to be filled with hungry boaters and selfie-takers because going to Elliott’s Oyster House is quite the adventure. While locals tend to avoid this part of town unless they’re taking a boat, they also know that deep down, Elliott’s is one of the best places in Seattle to pull a lot of beautiful oysters. it is beautiful while they are wearing it in the sun. The rest of the menu is good, but the oysters are exceptional. Plus, it’s really hard to go bad with the spectacular views of Elliott Bay. We give this Seattle waterfront restaurant two thumbs up covering the mignonette.

Is there anything better after a long paddle boarding sesh than a heaping plate of chips, salsa, and guac? We don’t think so. Agua Verde Cafe, a casual Mexican restaurant and paddle board rental shop located in Portage Bay, is the perfect spot for a post-SUP meal. Once you return your paddle board, head upstairs to find out why Agua Verde deserves to be on our list of the best restaurants in Seattle beach. As if the cozy deck and beautiful pool weren’t enough, Agua Verde serves amazing tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and more. Our favorite? Their Bacalao Tacos: handmade corn tortillas filled with beer-flavored cod, pickled cabbage, pico de gallo, and a drizzle of avocado. We are hungry just thinking about them!

We live by one rule and one rule only at the beach: snacks are mandatory. Luckily, one of our favorite Seattle beaches also hosts one of our favorite Seattle beach restaurants. Picture it: it’s a bright, beautiful day at the Golden Gardens beach. Feel the sea breeze and the sand between your toes. Sea lions bark in the background and the smell of freshly baked Poffertjes fills the air… wait, Poffer-what? That was also our first reaction. But once you taste these heaven-sent Dutch pancakes, it will all make sense. While they are traditionally buttered and sprinkled with powdered sugar, Miri’s offers other delicious toppings including farm berries, whipped cream, and Nutella. Miri is family owned (yes, there is a real “Miri”!) and specializes in using seasonal Northwest ingredients, which we really appreciate. Aside from their famous Dutch mini pancakes, Miri’s serves a variety of sweet and savory snacks made from scratch to ensure you don’t go hungry on the beach. We guarantee this beach sandwich shack will blow every stand you’ve ever visited out of the water.

Where To Eat In Seattle: The Top 6 Best Places To Eat In Seattle • By Nica Lina

If we had to describe Ray in one word it would be iconic. The seafood-focused restaurant has been a dockside legend since 1939 and is the sister restaurant to the upscale Ray’s Boathouse, located below. But on blue sky days, you don’t want to get cozy in the Boathouse. No, go straight to the Cafe’s air deck to order a Blackened Salmon Sandwich and some Crispy Calamari to share. Ray’s Cafe is great at any time of the day, but if you happen to catch one of the Shilshole Bay sunsets while dining on the deck, you’ll witness one of the best events in the entire city. On the way out, stop for a photo-op under the big red neon “RAYS” sign to prove to your friends that you know where Seattle’s best waterfront restaurants are.

The White Swan Public House proves that eating out is always the answer. At this family-friendly joint, bistro lights flicker above a patio filled with picnic tables. Those tables are filled with delicious food and great conversation. The White Swan Public House (with a walking stick outside, 100 Pound Clam) is always buzzing with good energy and is, without a doubt, one of Seattle’s best restaurants. Grab a plate of their unique and delicious Poutine O’ the Sea featuring seasoned French fries topped with chowder, baby clams, bacon, and scallions, and watch the sea planes fly by. go and enter the land on Lake Union.

Perched above Lake Union on Queen Anne Hill, Canlis is a fine dining experience in Seattle. No really, it’s such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which is why (sadly) we don’t have any pictures of their glorious food or sea views to share with you. We visited Canlis in the summer of 2018 for a celebratory dinner without phones or cameras to truly immerse ourselves in our food and although we wish we had pictures to prove it, we believe that such attention at night just in Canlis should. . From appetizers to dessert, Canlis doesn’t miss anything. Food: side by side. The service: perfect. Views: aside. This place is truly a show and our list of top Seattle waterfront restaurants wouldn’t be complete without it. Oh, and trust us on this: get the salad.

Nice Places To Eat In Seattle

If you’re not out on the West Coast sitting under a bright umbrella in an adirondack chair with a fried oyster sandwich and water running up to your ankles, is it summer yet? This place represents our favorite time in Seattle and if we were basing the order of this list on ambiance alone, West would be at the very top. With a laid-back resort feel and a Mediterranean infused menu, we can’t help but say it’s one of our all-time favorite Seattle waterfront restaurants. Join a group for a weekend brunch or early dinner that’s sure to turn into a dreamy twilit night gathered around the Westward fire pit.

Everything You Must Eat And Drink At Pike Place Market In Seattle

One bite of Un Bien’s Caribbean Roast Sandwich and you’re a fan for life. This little beauty features a pork shoulder that is slow marinated and roasted until it falls apart in one juicy bite. Those juicy morsels are piled on a lightly toasted baguette (#teamnosoggybread) topped with aioli, then topped with fresh cilantro, crisp romaine, dried jalapeños, and the thickest, sweetest caramelized onion you’ve ever had. already taken. It’s a big, juicy, delicious mess and we know you’ll love it as much as we do. Un Bien’s Shilshole location is one of our favorite Seattle waterfront restaurants and has a beach town vibe with a bright pink exterior, communal patio tables, and close proximity to the Puget Sound. Next door, you’ll find a kayak rental shop so you can grab lunch and then launch your kayak from the beach across the street. We really can not think of a good summer day.

When it comes to seafood restaurants in Seattle, Marination Ma Kai really can’t be beat. Located in West Seattle on beautiful Alki Beach, Marinaation Ma Kai’s outdoor patio serves mouth-watering Hawaiian-Korean cuisine and a sweeping backdrop of the Seattle skyline. It’s a place that locals go to again and again and visitors can’t miss – you’ll also find it on the Best Eats in Seattle and Best Fish and Chips in Seattle lists. Nosh on their Kalua Pork Sliders (our personal fave!), Mac Salad, Kimchi Fried Rice, and remember to grab some shaved ice for dessert. Every item on the menu is amazing, especially when paired with the best views in the city. You can get here by car, but we prefer to take the scenic route by taking the central water taxi that will take you to the front entrance of Marination Ma Kai.

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