Nba News Warriors

Nba News Warriors

Nba News Warriors

Nba News Warriors – There is still work to be done in the NBA, as every game in the East and Middle East and the NBA Finals are shown live on the Sky Sports channel.

Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are enjoying a run with the Golden State Warriors this season after sitting out two years without finishing a season.

Nba News Warriors

Nba News Warriors

The Warriors, who secured their spot in the Western Conference with a 4-2 series win over the Memphis Grizzlies, advanced to five NBA Finals between 2015 and 2019, winning three of them, but will miss all of 2020 and 2021 due to multiple games. injuries.

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“It’s not surprising knowing what we’ve been through the last two years, six of the last eight we’ve had a chance to make the playoffs,” Curry said during Golden State’s 110-96 series win Friday in Memphis. night.

Highlights of the Memphis Grizzlies against the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of the Western Conference.

“I think me, Draymond, Klay, Loon [Kevon Looney] have been in this position before. We understand the emotion, the adrenaline, how much you want it, how hard it is.

“Don’t take it for granted and understand that this is what it’s all about and then to get another chance to win four more times and hit the trophy is special.”

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It makes a lot of sense for Thompson, in particular, after he only returned from injury in January after spending more than two and a half years recovering from surgery on his left knee and right Achilles tendon.

Thompson scored 30 points on Friday night, including eight 3-pointers, to add the second game to his sixth performance.

“I like the moment. I like the pressure,” Thompson said. “I want to play basketball at the highest level.”

Nba News Warriors

The Warriors will face the No. 1 seed Phoenix Suns or Dallas Mavericks in a best-of-seven Western Conference battle. The deciding Game 7 of the series is Sunday in Phoenix.

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Green, who was joined on the court after the game by a DJ, said he watched the show in Cabo San Lucas last year around this time. “It feels good to be back,” he said.

– I used it for nothing, I just thought that this is how it should be, we should get to the Western Conference finals.

“The truth is, I still think that, but I have a deep respect for him. It’s really hard. It seems like every time it gets worse.

“And I haven’t played the games in the last two years, I remember sitting in Cabo last year watching the games and don’t get me wrong, I love Cabo, but it’s brutal to watch.”

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, a survey of NBA fans. Every week we send questions to the most hindered

Nba News Warriors

With the 2020-21 season almost halfway through, with James Wiseman struggling and the Golden State Warriors looking for a quality pick from the Minnesota Timberwolves, the question is starting to gain traction. Should the Dubs trade their young assets to improve their current window and build a better team around Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, even if that leaves no room for a future rebuild?

Champions Again: Golden State Warriors Fans Bask In Nba Finals Glory

That question heated up as the 2021 NBA Draft approached, and while it subsided after Golden State drafted Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody with their lottery picks, it never went away.

The Warriors didn’t choose to trade their young assets for former All-Stars, though it’s hard to say whether that was planned or not. Only four All-Stars have ever been mentioned as potential trade targets: Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal, who were never available; Ben Simmons, beloved by the Philadelphia 76ers; and Pascal Siakam, who is not as good as the other three.

Now, it seems as unlikely as ever that the Warriors will make this big move, but it’s still the talk of the NBA. And according to a new poll from SB Nation Reacts, NBA fans are split on who is the best, with nearly half of fans polled believing Golden State should go all-in, even if it means trading away some young talent.

Warriors fans see things a little differently, though they remain conflicted. The majority of Golden State fans polled wanted the Dubs to keep Wiseman, Kuminga and Moody, although it was close.

Steph Curry Carries Warriors To 107 97 Victory, Evens Nba Finals At 2 2

It’s always interesting to see how a team reacts to the fan base compared to an NBA fan. For example, 54% of NBA fans polled believe the Los Angeles Lakers would regret trading depth for Russell Westbrook, while 21% of Lakers fans feel the same way.

Similarly, 71% of NBA fans are with the 76ers in their feud with Simmons, but 100% of Sixers fans polled supported the team.

In contrast, the difference between Warriors fans and NBA fans in terms of the team’s young assets was barely noticeable. , and drama is everywhere.

Nba News Warriors

The Atlanta Hawks started the offseason in many ways with a bang after sending a first-round pick to San Antonio in exchange for Dejounte Murray.

Was Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors Reunion Ever Really Close?

After a season in which Trae Young and the Hawks failed to repeat the highs of the 2020-21 campaign, it was clear that a change was needed.

And Murray represents change. It also represents a new rear partner for the youth; This could help mask the star’s defensive weaknesses while allowing one of the NBA’s best three-point shooters to play off the ball more often.

Atlanta has been criticized many times for its one-sided attack. A similar criticism was leveled at Masata, who until now had committed the crime mentioned above.

If Young can take on a youth role similar to Steph Curry’s in Golden State, there’s no reason why this Hawks team can’t win in the regular season.

Nba News: Warriors’ Stephen Curry In Immense Pressure After Kevin Durant And Klay Thompson Injury

Watch out for AJ Griffin, who was drafted with the 16th pick. The Duke product shot 45 percent from three in college and went 7-11 from deep in the preseason.

While they may not be the only contenders going through offseason turmoil, the Celtics are the only one without their coach.

We all know what happened to Ime Udoka. We don’t know what he’s going to do for a team that struggled last season before their head coach turned it around and led them to the NBA Finals.

Nba News Warriors

Based on the roster, one could argue that Boston is better this season.

Andrew Wiggins Leads Warriors In Game 5, Take 3 2 Lead In Nba Finals

The addition of Malcolm Brogdon will certainly help the Celtics’ defensive woes, while the core unit that got the team to the big playoffs is still there.

If you’re looking for cause for concern – outside of the whole Udoka situation – you have to look at Robert Williams, who won’t be on the court for a while, and what’s going to happen with Jaylen Brown.

Brown is reportedly in talks this offseason for Kevin Durant, who is expected to hit free agency in 2024. The 25-year-old has been Boston’s best player in the postseason, so all the player-team relationship spoilers can . to be worth seeing.

LaMelo Ball is the only reason Charlotte fans have to smile these days. And even he got hurt as the Hornets headed into the new season with low expectations.

Nba Playoffs Scores, Results, News 2022: Nuggets Def Warriors, Pelicans Def Suns, Heat Def Hawks, Bucks Def Bulls, Injuries

Miles Bridges was supposed to pick up his wallet this season and return to Charlotte, but instead he’s facing the possibility of prison after he was arrested and charged with three counts of domestic violence.

Bridges has denied wrongdoing but is unlikely to return to the field this season. Or forever.

With 7’4 Victor Wembanyama squeezed into the pot at the end of the tank’s rainbow, it’s a fact that this Charlotte season got off to a bad start, and he’s riding that rainbow road to the best lottery possible.

Nba News Warriors

In an Eastern Conference that may end up being stronger than the West, Chicago seems a bit stuck in the mud.

Golden State Warriors At All Star Weekend: Stephen Curry Doing Things!

When it comes to talent, the Bulls don’t have much. And that’s before you consider that Lonzo Ball went out and did something

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