Mortgage Broker Vancouver

Mortgage Broker Vancouver

Mortgage Broker Vancouver

Mortgage Broker Vancouver – An unregistered “shadow” loan broker who paid millions of dollars said he fulfilled his needs loaded news

A so-called “shady” mortgage broker responsible for obtaining more than half a billion dollars in home financing with altered tax and bank documents, he says people with his skills are always in demand.

Mortgage Broker Vancouver

Mortgage Broker Vancouver

Jay Chaudhary is facing a public inquiry into money laundering in British Columbia. He admitted to altering documents to help hundreds of customers get loans they wouldn’t normally qualify for. (Cullen Commission)

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An unregistered “shadow” broker responsible for obtaining more than half a billion dollars in home financing with altered tax and bank documents, he says there will always be a demand for his services.

Jay Kant Chaudhary, who was ordered by authorities to cease and desist from his unregistered activities in 2019, testified Wednesday at a public inquiry into money laundering in British Columbia.

He was estimated to have earned $6 million in 900 deals with registered mortgage brokers in the decade before regulators raided his office in 2018.

Speaking before coroner Austin Cullen, Chaudhary described his role as “moral” in helping people with mortgages – if not the documentation – avoid the dangerous world of private lenders.

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He said none of his clients defaulted, none of the banks that gave him money were injured, and the growing B.C. It means the real estate market has always been busy.

“I don’t think it’s really preventable. Because there’s always individuals like us and what we’ve done and the demand itself. The demand comes from the borrowers themselves. The demand comes from people who want houses and don’t want. fit the traditional guidelines.”

During the hearing, Chaudhary’s lawyer, who was called by the commission, confirmed that his client was being investigated by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Mortgage Broker Vancouver

BC’s acting registrar of mortgage brokers has issued a cease-and-desist order against Jay Kant Chaudhary, pictured, acting as a ‘shadow broker’ in more than half a billion dollars worth of questionable filings. (Bellux Photography)

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Chaudhary worked as an accountant and was licensed as a real estate agent in January 2007 before registering as a mortgage broker.

His registration was suspended in October 2008 after a colleague reported that he was arranging financing with altered documents. Chaudhary never applied for reinstatement.

Word of mouth grew when he was a broker, he told commission counsel Eileen Patel, and he was regularly able to offer mortgages to people who weren’t qualified.

He said he received referrals from real estate agents and developers, and real estate agents paid a quarter of what the banks paid in commissions of about one percent.

Mortgage Broker In Vancouver

“It’s not difficult: if someone has basic knowledge about the software, they can modify it,” he said.

In the year After his mortgage broker’s license expired in 2008 after he was suspended, Chaudhary said he returned to accounting for about six months but found himself struggling.

“Then the calls started coming in to see if I could help people get loans,” he said.

Mortgage Broker Vancouver

“So I decided to get back into this business, but this time I used the help of other mortgage brokers to send my applications.”

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Commissioner Eileen Patel asked Jay Kant Chaudhary about the money laundering public inquiry of Commissioner Austin Cullen. (Cullen Commission)

Over the next 10 years, Chaudhary said he used the services of four registered mortgage brokers to deliver deals he secured from a network of about 20 real estate agents who referred clients to him.

“The first mortgage broker I approached, I laid out my plan, I had many clients and I wanted them to lend to my clients and I laid out a plan that I wanted to do that and when he was there, he was interested,” , said Chaudhary.

“He said he wanted to do it with me, I told him the risk of injury and he is still willing to continue.”

Statement Of Commitment

Chaudhary is a good deal for brokers as it handles all the documents and they only need to submit the completed application.

He said the brokers took 25 percent of the commission they received from the bank and paid it in cash. He also charged his customers a percentage of the deposit.

Jai Kant Chaudhary admitted to altering documents to help his clients get loans from banks. He said the software is not difficult for anyone who knows how to use it. ()

Mortgage Broker Vancouver

He said he believed the people he worked with knew what he was doing. And arranged personal loans for some properties.

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The mortgage brokers he worked with have all been banned, but Chaudhary says many of the real estate agents who introduced clients are still in business.

Using the example of a self-employed plumber, Chaudhary says many people earn more than their tax records show.

Patel read the document in the previous file, citing a criminal investigation into a real estate agent used by a “straw buyer” to buy a house and a reference to the employment of what appeared to be a fake record company.

Chaudhary’s wife, a former real estate agent who now runs a catering company, was barred from becoming a mortgage broker or mortgage broker last October for her role in facilitating her husband’s activities.

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Chaudhary does not seem surprised that he has been able to operate as long as he has.

“The way I set it up, it looks like the system works pretty well for the most part. Everybody wins and I get paid a little bit,” he said.

“I guess that’s why there were no complaints. If everyone won and no one got hurt, there was no reason to complain about me.”

Mortgage Broker Vancouver

Jason Proctor is a reporter for the British Columbia News in B.C. The courts and the justice system more broadly. Mortgage brokers are free, trained professionals licensed to represent you and provide the best advice for your mortgage needs!

The Bc Mortgage Broker By Savour Magazine

A mortgage broker’s primary expertise is in obtaining financing for mortgage financing. You know where to find the best prices. In addition, they have the knowledge to present financial proposals to lenders to successfully obtain mortgage financing.

Brokers are not limited in the products they can offer you. Whether with a chartered bank, trust or insurance company or private funds, brokers look for the best loan package to suit your particular situation.

There are a wide range of options and features available to home buyers today. Local shopping takes a lot of time and effort. The mortgage process in today’s highly competitive marketplace scares many Canadian home buyers. It pays to work with a mortgage professional who can represent you and make sure the loan you get is the best fit for your needs.

Choosing the wrong loan can cost you thousands of extra dollars. Mortgage brokers are trained professionals who can help you save dollars on your loan.

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In addition to the price, since loan-based financing is the broker’s primary job, he or she knows what type of mortgage financing each lender offers.(mortgage) financing (mortgage) financing (mortgage) financing (mortgage) Finance has evolved. This type of knowledge not only provides the most favorable rates for any project, but often ensures that a project is financed as a whole.

Interest rates are a concern for borrowers. Because of their daily contact with lenders, brokers know which project or house will attract the best interest from one institution, but at a higher rate from the other. Some institutions, in fact, only accept mortgage submissions from mortgage lenders.

These rates and mortgage type choices can change daily based on economic conditions or the size of the institution’s portfolio in a particular mortgage type. A mortgage broker keeps up-to-date and knows which lenders have arrived first. As a result, the mortgage rates obtained from brokers are among the best available at the time of assignment.

Mortgage Broker Vancouver

The professional presentation of the lender on the first application will get a good response and save you valuable time and money. Secondary applications can be more expensive than previous credit bureau inquiries.

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Often the success of a loan approval depends on how the proposal is presented and to whom it is sent. A mortgage broker is trained to show you where and how to get the fastest and most positive results for your mortgage proposal.

They don’t call an insurance company – they use an insurance broker because of their knowledge, product knowledge and pricing. So remember, call your mortgage broker first!

Lenders working with mortgage brokers include traditional sources such as chartered banks, trust companies, as well as corporate and private pension funds.

In addition to these sources,

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