Minecraft Data Pack 1.16

Minecraft Data Pack 1.16

Minecraft Data Pack 1.16

Minecraft Data Pack 1.16 – Islands have different shapes and heights – they can be very large, or small and collapsing, as we see here.

End City appeared in the Amethyst forest. You can see that they are bigger now and much stronger

Minecraft Data Pack 1.16

Minecraft Data Pack 1.16

The End Barrens are what I decided to leave in Vanilla End – empty spaces full of End Stone, End Stone and End Stone.

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The Prismarine Forest on the left collides with the Amethyst Forest. It doesn’t take long to realize that one thing is different from another

Glowshroom Valley is home to these giant cabins. One could make an entire foundation out of one of these!

The tundra on the right meets the Frosted Hills. Tundra doesn’t refer to Terraria’s Crimson at all, go ahead

Giant fungi from the Snowy Warped Serenity decided to grow in this suspicious place. How did they do that? It’s a 90 degree angle!

Guns Core Data Pack 1.18.1, 1.17.1

Warped Marsh is one of my favorites, tied with The Hallow. You can see the original End Biome in the distance

FokaStudio’s Ender Expansion is a data pack that updates Ender Dimension in an amazing and unique way.

FSEE started as a direct port of Far End. Hex said they didn’t have enough time to update the pack + some features weren’t possible at the time, like the island tribe.

Minecraft Data Pack 1.16

And then I appear out of nowhere as a brand new POKEMON, and it was impossible! And here we are today! The pack is not like the old Ultimate, not a single file has been untouched!

Bubblegraves Data Pack (1.18.2, 1.17.1)

The basics of this pack are made by a wizard. I updated it and made my own package on top of his.

Support the original creator here. Hex would appreciate your help, and I would really appreciate it if you did, because without the original long shot, this package wouldn’t exist. ❤

Amethyst Forest – The name is self-explanatory. Produces many geodes and inactive amethysts. It looks like a dream

Warped Marsh – consider it a combination of Warped Forest, Swamp and Lush Caves – can provide you with food, and most of the time – safety.

Default 3d 16×16 Resource Pack Minecraft 1.19.3, 1.18.2

Tundra meat – this biome is really amazing, if you start thinking that this is meat. A cold desert, full of ribs and pillars made of nothing but bones….

Nest – has big deep hills (can be steep at times!), produces a lot of metal, but also very dangerous!

End Wilds – although it looks attractive and comfortable, this biome is even more deadly than the others.

Minecraft Data Pack 1.16

Ashfall deltas – mix between basalt deltas and swamps. The deadliest biome of all, as it spawns the most skeletons of Wither and Guardians.

Wip] Data Packs

The Void – devoid of life, this biome is found only in the deepest parts of this dimension

Blazing Dunes* – ever wondered what a combination of the Nether and The End would look like? Yes, me too… The good part is that many piglins appear here so they will give you tools and equipment in exchange for gold.

Chorus Jungle * – thick vegetation blocks visibility, although it is safer than it looks.

Glowshroom Valley * – Kingdom of glowing lights and giant fungi. This is your only safe place in the end, as no mobs can spawn there. But it also chooses to follow the diet…

Fokastudio’s Ender Expansion

Frosted Hills * – a frozen desert, filled to the brim with phantoms that seem to love the cold. You can also consider this a version of the End Barrens

Snowy Warped Forest *** – what disaster has struck this biome?! It looked really good below…

Prismarine Forest *** – Unlike the Amethyst Forest, but as the name suggests, it is made of prismarine… Watch out for the creepers, they seem to really like wet areas.

Minecraft Data Pack 1.16

The Hallow * – An allegory of purity taken to an extreme. It is said that the vengeful gods of the fae live here, whose sole purpose is to cleanse the world of all that is impure.

Napp Shaders Pack For Minecraft 1.19.2, 1.18.2, 1.17.1

Sculk growth* – a cancer-like growth in the deep parts of the bottom. It is not clear how it was made here from the Overworld. Maybe someone took it on purpose and spread it…?

End Mountains ** – Dragon Gardens, or at least it seems. Many Hoglins have arrived there, so you can start collecting food without Chorus Flowers.

End Midlands ** – the second safest biome. How about a short walk to Fields of Hopes and Dreams?

Small End Islands ** – gravity has never meant anything in Minecraft, The End doesn’t hold it well…

How To Make A Minecraft Data Pack (with Pictures)

End Barrens ** – a true description of the End – Plain Desert, full of nothing, nothing, nothing…

The End ** – Mashup of all the original End biomes – this place is one big mess and chaos

* New biome completely created by me ** Vanilla biome, re-saved and added again *** Biome taken from old versions of Far End, re-designed by me

Minecraft Data Pack 1.16

Dragonblade – a powerful sword found in the Dragon’s Lair. The only one produced worldwide. When you attack, you leave a cloud of debuffs on your victim + extra damage for your next attack

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Shulker Armor – Upgrade from Netherite Armor. Throw a piece of Netherite armor near the 15 (LEARNING NOTE: 16 in the next update) Shulker Shells at the Altar of the Cursed in the dungeon in the Dragon’s Den. It increases defense more than Netherite Armor provides, but reduces attack speed and ability. The full set also provides a defensive shield and summons up to 3 Shulker Bullets that will seek out your enemies when you are hit.

Ancient Armor – found in End Cities and Ender Crates. Defense stats are comparable to Diamond Armor, but each layer increases your damage and attack speed. Fully loaded grants increased damage by 50% for a total of 80%.

Hallowed Armor – found in End Cities, Hallowed Crates and as Void Fishing Drop in Hallow. Defense stats are slightly lower than Diamond Armor’s, but each piece increases your movement speed and maximum health. The full set grants you Holy protection every 20 seconds, allowing you to completely ignore the damage of the next few hits, as well as giving you a burst of speed to help you run away from harm.

Ender Insignia – increases your health regen when held in one hand AND stationary. (of 6 HP / s) Fall of the Ender Dragon

Caves & Cliffs Prototype Data Pack

Living Flesh – rarely found in Ender Monster rooms, caught in Flesh Tundra or found in Hematic Crates. Lowers your damage for 30 seconds, but gives a large health boost (20 HP/s)

These can punch up to 20 enemies, resist gravity and explode when they touch or drop a block.

It fires as fast as you can click, but the arrows do little damage and destroy all special equipment.

Minecraft Data Pack 1.16

Castles can also be spawned with some new textures! They are also dropped by witches in these buildings. Potions have effects that cannot normally be found in potions. Do you want to go with ‘How did we get here?’

Minecraft Achievement Series 16 Mystery Box 36 Packs Mattel Toys

Void Fishing – throw your loved ones into the deep depths of The Void in The End and wait! You should be able to catch types that have not been recorded before, or valuable items, such as boxes. Crates can be found in all biomes, and some of them have their own unique crates! Each crate contains the most goods you can find in End Cities!

Altar of The Accursed – a new crafting station found in the Dragon’s Den. Now, his sole purpose is to create Shulker’s powerful armor

Crystals remaining Bossbar – the number of crystals you still have to destroy is displayed under the Dragon’s HP Bossbar. QOL changes: D

I also heard that something will happen after you kill the Ender Dragon a few times… But I’m not sure what…> 🙂

New Enchantments Data Pack 1.17.1/1.16.5 (pickaxe Enchantments)

The author deleted his PMC account for an unknown reason, this is one of the packages that saved his masterpiece.

They are now producing depth and are aimed at the rear of the Illagers. Now they have long corridors and many rooms to discover! The average size of them has also increased, as the largest one I found had over 200 ends from its center!

Illagers can spawn there naturally through modified loot tables. Many chests spawn and contain very valuable items.

Minecraft Data Pack 1.16

In exchange, the enemies inside the Strongholds were somehow strengthened. Castles are now considered a pre-game feature that you should really prepare for. Generation Stronghold works with all biome packs, including (but not limited to) ones like Terralith!

Vanillaxbr 64x Resource Pack For Minecraft 1.19.3, 1.18.2

Dragon’s Den – The central island of The End has also received a makeover! It now features a large central pillar where the exit portal is, and many smaller ones around it. Many crystals are enclosed, and under the large pillar is a huge hole, where

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