Mexican Restaurants Vancouver

Mexican Restaurants Vancouver

Mexican Restaurants Vancouver

Mexican Restaurants Vancouver – Today is Cinco de Mayo and what better way to celebrate than by filling your belly with endless amounts of Mexican food!

Tacos and burritos can be found anywhere in Vancity, but for the authentic experience, try any of these 13 Mexican joints:

Mexican Restaurants Vancouver

Mexican Restaurants Vancouver

Meaning “salt and lime” in Spanish, this small but buzzing place has exceptional dishes at reasonable prices. The owners also display Mexican art on the walls, adding to the vibrancy of the space.

Portland’s 25 Best Mexican Restaurants

La Taqueria takes the art of tacos back to basics. For an updated street food experience, try the beef tacos at any of Vancity’s four locations.

This lively Gastown joint offers amazing daily specials ranging from $8-10. Head to Taco Tuesday for delicious tacos for just $2.50 each!

Located in Kitsilano, the colorful and authentic atmosphere of the decor creates a Mexican vacation. Try a burrito of your choice for a healthy meal full of flavor.

The place is named after the Mexican spirit made from purified agave pulp: “mezcal”. The stylish space uses only organic, local and ocean-friendly ingredients to soothe your mind while you bite into enchiladas.

The 17 Best Mexican Restaurants In San Francisco

On Mondays, try 4 Tacos for $11 for authentic Mexican food that won’t break the bank.

Their happy hour from 11pm to intimate and cozy creates an intimate yet energetic atmosphere. For a unique and delicious appetizer, try their Plantain Chips with Salsa.

This new, trendy mix takes “do-it-yourself” to a whole new level, offering endless topping options for their bowls, burritos and salads. With options like edamame and hard-boiled eggs, the concept expands the horizons of Mexican fast food.

Mexican Restaurants Vancouver

This California-style Mexican joint is featured on You Gotta Eat Here. With original sauces that combine Mexican and Californian flavors, this place has a unique flavor. Vancouver isn’t necessarily known for tacos since we’re so far from Mexico and all, but trust me, we have them and they’re great. Who doesn’t love a good taco? Is there anything that pisses you off more than bad tacos? We didn’t think so, so here are the best, authentic Mexican tacos you’ll find in Vancouver (in no particular order, because they’re all pretty darn good!)

Best Mexican Restaurants In Vancouver

La Catrina is a quick and easy grocery store conveniently located in English Bay that makes taco picnics all too easy. With homemade, authentic Mexican flavors, you might even think you’re on a beach in Mexico (we said maybe).

They may have kitschy, luchador decor, but the food is no joke. The tacos are fresh and filled with all kinds of fillings, including vegetarian ones (it’s not just potatoes or grilled veggies). The best part is the $2.50 markup on Taco Tuesdays and $4.50 on Thirsty Thursdays.

Mi Casa, a newcomer to the list, was founded late last year by Burrard and V. Opened in the old Pepita’s location on 4th. A family-run business that started as a food truck, Mi Casa is as new as Mexico. They serve abuela’s famous recipes at home, the atmosphere and food are warm and welcoming.

Main Street’s favorite taco joint, Mayzal is easy and full of flavor. Casual take-out or dining in space with amazing tacos starting with fresh, handmade tortillas, slow-cooked meats, and every salsa imaginable. No liquor license, but they replace it with a horchata fountain (craving anyone else?).

Menu Of Don Taco Mexican Restaurant In Vancouver, Wa 98661

From the service to the ambiance to the home-cooked meals, Adelitas is a place where you feel like you’re at an abuela’s house in Mexico. This is a true hidden gem that serves tacos just like you would expect.

Sombreros is not only a small Mexican market where you can get all kinds of imported goods like candies, hot sauces, condiments and snacks, but they also make handmade street-style tacos right in front of you. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to make tacos at home, you can buy their fresh-baked tacos.

Chancho has been making waves lately with its award-winning dishes. The secret is in the corn. Their freshly made tortillas are made from non-GMO imported corn sourced from various local communities in Oaxaca. That way, every time you eat a taco, you’re helping small farms (more tacos please!)

Mexican Restaurants Vancouver

La Taqueria has been a local favorite for years, and for good reason. Inspired by traditional street tacos, their homemade tacos use organic, local and sustainable ingredients whenever possible and deliver as authentic a flavor as possible. They also have great options for vegetarians and vegans, which many places don’t have.

Chancho Serves Up Authentic Mexican Food In Downtown Vancouver

Taco, but make it boogie. Ophelia is Vancouver’s newest high-end Mexican restaurant, and it’s getting rave reviews not only for its beautiful space filled with art, music, and great drinks, but also for its food. Born in Mexico, Chef Francisco trained in culinary schools in Mexico, worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe, and now combines his culinary expertise with traditional Mexican cuisine.

Cuchillo’s innovative and creative tortillas filled with steak, blueberry gabanero jam and polenta, or lamb meatballs and parm popcorn may not be the most “original” or “traditional” tacos, but they’re good enough to be worth mentioning. Plus, this place is quirky and romantic and always a good time, look out for the neon skull.

Authenticity is what you call La Mezcaleria. Known for cozy and comfortable spaces and some of the best (and rarest) tequilas out there. They are also on another level. Blending West Coast ingredients with traditional Mexican flavors is what sets these tacos apart.

Previous article Five must-sees at Vancouver’s fall home show Next article Taste of Yaletown returns for a month and gives back to the community Vancouver’s diversity and ethnic versatility contribute not only to its landscape and culture, but also to its thriving food scene. scene. Mexican restaurants shine among the pearls of thriving ethnic restaurants. It’s always fun to visit these happy places for the cozy comforts, the spices, the delicious ingredients and the unforgettable experiences they offer.

Mexican Restaurants In Victoria

We have prepared a selection of the 10 best Mexican restaurants around the city where you can visit, enjoy and enjoy the authentic range of Mexican cuisine.

With fresh local ingredients and beautiful ocean views, it’s the perfect place to relax or have a romantic date.

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Mexican Restaurants Vancouver

They’ve made our list of the best taco joints in Vancouver and are known for making all of their food from scratch. Maizal RMF (Real Mexican Flavor) is a casual Mount Pleasant restaurant that will give you a dining experience you won’t soon forget.

The Best Mexican Food In Vancouver?

They make tortillas right in front of you, serve wicked handmade Horchata and surprise you with their authenticity and amazingly delicious food.

Order the Mole Chicken Taco or their signature Fish Taco and it will blow your mind! The Pork Quesadilla is simply divine, but you can dig the steamed rice bowl filled with beans, pico, your choice of meat/veggies, and corn tortillas.

One of the best places to experience authentic Mexican cuisine, Brunch is a foodie and crowd pleaser. They offer special breakfast, lunch and many cocktails. It’s a fun and relaxing place to spend a weekend with friends or a Sunday afternoon.

Try their amazing Monte Cristo sandwich (a combination of turkey and swiss between French toast) or go for the super popular chili with red salsa. Treat yourself to a mojito or margarita, and for something sweet, opt for sweet bacon and super thick and fluffy pancakes!

Los Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant

Grab a seat and some hot sauce and get ready to have some fun! Sal y Limon is one of the best places to grab a quick lunch with a few colleagues or friends. This popular restaurant in the mall draws crowds, and once you’ve eaten there, you’ll understand why.

Start with a delicious burrito or their amazing cakes. The deep fried fish and shrimp are also great, and of course if you love quesadillas, this place serves the best! Wash it all down with a Mexican beer or delicious homemade Horchata.

It may seem like a simple place, but it is not. Chancho Tortilleria is about as authentic as you can get for classic Mexican food. They believe that tacos are made of tortillas, and they follow that rule. Their tortillas are made fresh daily from corn sourced from independent Mexican farms, and they bring all the deliciousness to your table.

Mexican Restaurants Vancouver

Choose from one of the fresh corn tortillas filled with juicy matzah (pork shoulder, ) or the super fresh kampechan (pork mixture) or a flavorful and flavorful mixed vegetable option. Pair your meal with a natural wine or chilled Mexican beer.

Mexican Food Vancouver

Tip: Take a few scones with you when you go out or grab one of their specials

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