Mexican Restaurants Rochester Ny

Mexican Restaurants Rochester Ny

Mexican Restaurants Rochester Ny

Mexican Restaurants Rochester Ny – In a world of Taco Bell, Chipotle, and Moe’s, authentic Mexican cuisine can be a breath of fresh air, and Upstate New York has plenty of great alternatives to chain restaurants.

We ranked the 24 best Mexican restaurants in Upstate NY based on data, but each establishment below has something unique to offer, from classic, packed burritos to unusual pairing offerings.

Mexican Restaurants Rochester Ny

Mexican Restaurants Rochester Ny

This is a list of the best Mexican restaurants in Upstate New York, according to All businesses on this list are in the “Mexican” category on Yelp. “Best” is measured using an algorithm that looks at the number of reviews, a business’s star rating, the length of time a business has been open, among other things. The number of negative reviews (1, 2 and 3 stars) is also an important factor, and can give a restaurant with low overall reviews a higher ranking than a restaurant with the same star and a higher number of reviews.

Los Gallos Mexican Grill Menu In Rochester, New York, Usa

A customer says, “This place lives up to its name. The food is ‘super’ delicious. This is a mom and pop shop serving the most authentic Mexican food in Goshen.”

A customer says, “Really nice people and really solid authentic Mexican food. Lived in LA and spent a ton of time in Mexico and this place is legit.”

One customer says: “The food here is simply delicious! It’s one of the few places around that I really enjoy eating at. I haven’t had a meal here that wasn’t absolutely amazing. Try it and you’ll know how much I mean.” it’s true. im!”

A customer says: “Lloyds is not only delicious, but they really offer quality ingredients, organic meats and beans, locally farmed produce – no one does and they should!

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One customer says, “Honestly, this is the best, most authentic Mexican food you will find in the Central New York area.

Chimichangas are easily the best thing on the menu. They are lightly fried and fragrant. I always get half chicken, half steak.”

A customer says, “Have you ever heard the saying ‘whatever you can do, we can do better?’… Well, Rancho does it better than other Mexican restaurants in its class. The place is small, but the food is on fire.” …

Mexican Restaurants Rochester Ny

A customer says, “Want a quality taco with fresh ingredients made to order? Then go to Diego’s. I’m not gluten free but decided to try a salto wrap taco and it was really good. Owner and staff They were very kind and let us in. As we are getting close to closing we are ordering ahead. If you find yourself in Kingston, be sure not to miss Diego’s.”

Wylie Chayote’s Fine Mexican Food And Cantina, Spencerport, Rochester

Says one customer: “This little restaurant fills it up and attracts everyone from teenagers to families to local celebrities. The salsa is just perfect with the right kick. Usually get a mixed plate but they have enough items on the menu to know that everything is ok. .”

A customer says, “Great, Great, Great. Authentic Mexican food in the middle of a small town. Definitely worth a stop if you’re near Springville on your trip to NY.”

A customer says, “The portions were huge!!!!! I used yelp to find this place during my visit and the reviews were dead on. Our wait person was Elisha and she was very friendly and attentive. I would Highly recommend this place to anyone who loves traditional Mexican food.”

A customer says, “The story told by my friend is that they started as a food truck and became so popular that they opened a location. The tacos are the size of walnuts, so you can order more if you’re hungry. Stay tuned. They’ve shipped potatoes that are just OMG!”

Maria’s Mexican Restaurant, Webster, Rochester

One customer says, “Probably the best and freshest veggie burrito I’ve ever had. All the variety, and just the right amount of spice (I asked him to put a little on the heat, and it was perfect. ) .”

One diner says: “The food, where do I start? Simply amazing!! Everything I tried was fresh, tasty and served in healthy portions. The Carne Asada, El Burrito Ranchero, Fajitas, Quesadillas and tacos were all delicious. Friday!”

Says one customer: “We found some real highlights, including the best beef in the capital, and the hottest sosa verde that is slathered liberally on the enchiladas as well as the decadent chilaquiles. These parts.”

Mexican Restaurants Rochester Ny

Says one customer, “Don’t let the rustic location or unassuming building fool you. This is one of the greatest Mexican restaurants in all of Rochester — maybe the best. We had guacamole and chips and salsa, then enchiladas and chili rellenos. Amazingly good. Real. , authentic, delicious.”

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A customer says: “Wow, what a hidden gem. Hands down; my best Puerto Rican/Mexican dining experience. Very fresh, good quality, large portions and friendly servers. Can’t wait to go back again.”

A customer says: “Lots of options, Asian and Mexican. There are vegan options for those interested. The staff is very nice and they don’t judge you for going back to your car after eating to order more, which is perfect for me.” because that’s what I do.”

A customer says: “Small place but big flavor! Very similar to chipotle but with fresher and more authentic ingredients. The churros are a must! They are the tastiest in town and for $4 you can’t go wrong.”

One customer says, “The quality of the ingredients and the flavors make this more than just a regular taco stand. I’ve tried the chorizo ​​and barbacoa tacos and the chorizo ​​was out of this world. The topping bar allows you to personalize your meal. It’s also great.” . don’t miss the chance to come here.”

Margaritas Mexican Cantina

“This is my favorite Mexican place in the area,” says a customer. . and efficient. and the owner is very nice and helpful. I highly recommend this place.”

A customer says: “I highly recommend this hole in the wall. Friendly and delicious food. My son and I had the chimichanga and a pork torte. Both were delicious, very fresh, well-sized and seasoned. We did take out though. , they invited us to sit down and eat chips and salsa, which were delicious.”

One customer says, “If you want the tacos of your dreams, go here. They’re the real deal. I’ve only had food from the Mexican menu (they also have a variety of American burgers and wings), but everything was amazing.”

Mexican Restaurants Rochester Ny

A customer says, “This place is so much more than your average Mexican. And don’t bother with the chain places either. The chili rellenos are great. The fajitas are outstanding. I had three tacos yesterday. Al pastor, carne asana, and molida . The self-serve tacos are fantastic, the fresh dressing, the lemon, the strawberries, the sauce. I could eat ten of them.”

Best Neighborhoods In Rochester, Ny

A customer says: “La Divina is amazing. It’s a small store with a kitchen on the side and a few tables in a bar atmosphere with cheap but delicious food. Their menu is small (which I love) with tacos and tortas and almost that’s right. Tacos are $2, tortas are $5. The kitchen closes at 8:30pm most days. I ordered a belly taco and tried it. A+.” This list reflects 40+ years of dining experience in the Rochester area, as well as restaurants that come highly recommended by friends, colleagues and you!

I originally planned to stop at 52 (a new place to try on the weekend), but the enthusiastic suggestions kept coming. We now have offers for every day of the year, offering a variety of options for dining in or going out.

Rochestarians frequent these establishments because the food and atmosphere are consistently amazing. These are places that locals visit several times a year, if not more, and recommend to friends and guests. Also great places for date night!

This list is always growing, and sometimes, unfortunately, it decreases. I review it regularly and take suggestions from you! If you have any suggestions or knowledge of closing, please let me know.

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Mexican Restaurants Rochester Ny

The name itself – dining room – is a portmanteau of “dining car” because they deliberately look like a dining car on a train.

Tacos, Burritos & Más

These historic inns around Rochester offer unique dining experiences. Unlike bed and breakfasts, their dining rooms are open to the public. A restaurant location at 384 East Ave. on Alexander Street, vacant since November 2019 when City Grill closed, has a new tenant.

“It’s 100% traditional Mexican,” says co-owner Mauricio Hernandez, who named the place after him.

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