Men’s Haircuts Las Vegas

Men’s Haircuts Las Vegas – More than just a barber shop, The Gents Place is located in Las Vegas / Summerlin, Nevada near Canyon Gate Country Club and Regal Village Square. Our guests and members can enjoy private areas for business meetings while waiting for one of the most unique service menus in the grooming industry. Enjoy a great haircut and shave while enjoying the luxuries of a modern gentlemen’s spa.

Our services list haircuts and styles, straight shaves, shaves, hands (manicure), shoes (men’s pedicure) and shoe shine. We believe that a gentleman who looks and feels confident can change the world.

Men’s Haircuts Las Vegas

Men's Haircuts Las Vegas

Enjoy a place where distinguished gentlemen gather for conversation and drinks while receiving luxurious grooming services such as steamed towels, neck and shoulder massages and facials.

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All our residences have the exclusive yet welcoming atmosphere of a members-only club, ensuring men can maintain a regular grooming schedule. With our men’s grooming clubs, we strive to bring back the gentleman in everyone.

Life is not a task and we should not treat it as such. When a task prompts us to participate regularly, we can continue to surround ourselves with like-minded gentlemen, free drinks from the shelf, and mentors. This is how we look our best, feel our best and become our best.

Personal consultation, hair, make-up, shampoo and conditioner to energize. Invigorating skin massage. Facial refresher. Steamed towels. Cut the neck with hot foam.

Personal consultation, haircut and make-up. Hand dipping and rejuvenating paraffin massage. Energizing shampoo and conditioner. Invigorating skin massage. Facial refresher. Steamed towels. Neck, shoulder and hand massage. Cut the neck with hot foam.

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GENT® is an exclusive and effective hairdressing service that helps you look younger without people knowing you’re dying your hair. An efficient yet highly effective color matching service is right up your alley. GENT® = Unbearable gray everywhere.

Quick cleanup with your favorite facial hair trimmer. Your beard grows an average of half an inch per month. Having a beard care plan will keep you looking your best as your beard grows.

Named “One of America’s Most Luxurious Shavers” by Esquire Magazine, this is world-class service that every man should experience. The process, which takes about an hour, includes:

Men's Haircuts Las Vegas

With the sharpest and most precise razor on the market, our skilled barber shaves both with and against the grain to exfoliate the skin and ensure craftsmanship.

Line Up Haircut

Complete the service with an aftershave mask and cool, hot towels to soothe freshly shaved skin.

We agree that hair is totally overrated. Experience the world’s most comfortable and luxurious shave.

Sharp facial hair styling with a straight razor by a licensed and experienced professional.

These painless hair removal services are essential to help minimize the signs of aging. Men’s nose wax is an essential care service.

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Masculine perception of required service. We don’t call it a men’s manicure, we call it a hand fix. Let our skilled professionals clean your cuticles, file and file your nails so that your hands are as sharp as your hair. This upgraded service also includes a soothing hand and forearm massage to complete this relaxing experience that will leave your hands healthy and presentable.

A unique and masculine twist on the standard pedicure service. Enhanced with a soothing foot massage infused with hot stones and hot towels, this service is performed in a private room while seated on our custom-made foot repair chair with your complimentary beverage. Keep your legs looking great without being one of the neighborhood housewives. A pedicure for men is an essential service for the gentleman who wants to look and feel his best.

Shoe shine is included in your membership. If you need shoe shine accessories, you can use this a la carte service.

Men's Haircuts Las Vegas

A true gentleman is polished from head to toe. Let our professional shoe shine services help you improve your look and keep your shoes looking great.

Best Short Haircuts For Men In 2022

A true gentleman is polished from head to toe. Let our professional shoe shine services help you improve your look. Non-members can switch to Boot Shine.

Possibly the best hair salon I’ve ever been to. From the shave to the trim, I was more comfortable than expected.

Very nice barbershop. Much nicer than the ones I’ve seen in Vegas. Great atmosphere. The membership price is worth it. The seven course service is very pleasant and relaxing. I highly recommend this place. – Google Opinion

A wonderful place. Very professional. Excellent customer service. Krystle is the one who takes care of me. It’s awesome!! It’s like an hour of vacation. Everyone should try it. – Google Review Get the best Las Vegas haircut in your area. With two convenient locations, Hottie Hair Salon Las Vegas has a variety of talented hair stylists to help you achieve the look you want. We specialize in hairstyles for all ages: men’s, women’s and children’s, fun and trendy, corporate and clean. Open from Monday to Saturday 10:00-19:00.

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Hottie Hair Salon Las Vegas isn’t just for the ladies. We also specialize in men’s hairstyles including fades, perms and more. A men’s haircut is only $45 for a shave neck shampoo, relaxing scalp massage, blow dry and grooming. So men make your appointment today!

Hottie Hair Salon Las Vegas specializes in all types of hairstyles for women, from short to long. The modern corporation. From $45 for very short hair. From $65 for long hair. Starting at $95 for long hair or special hairstyles such as a lob, bob or pixie. Haircuts for women include shampoo, soothing scalp massages, blow dryers and styling. So ladies make your appointment today!

Hottie Hair Salon provides haircuts for all ages in Las Vegas. We have many stylists who specialize in children’s hairstyles. From $45 for very short hair. From $65 for long hair. Starting at $95 for long hair or special hairstyles. Baby haircuts include shampoo, soothing scalp massages, blow dryer and styling. So schedule your kids haircut today!

Men's Haircuts Las Vegas

* Note Haircut welcome. However, in order to better serve our guests looking for a haircut in Las Vegas, we recommend booking an appointment via text, phone or online booking.

How To: Fix An Unflattering Men’s Haircut

Hair starts growing at about half an inch per month, and a trim every six weeks will keep you looking sharp.

Basic hairstyle. For those who want to enhance their appearance, look professional or simply need a haircut in Las Vegas, you need the haircut you need. A basic haircut includes all the essentials such as shampoo, a clean neck shave, a relaxing scalp massage and your choice of blowout and finishing touches. Afterwards, we recommend trimming your hair every three weeks for best results.

Corporate haircut. some jobs require a corporate or clean haircut, which may include short hair with tapers on the sides and back. We recommend these clients get their hair cut 4 times a week.

Hairstyle for children. we recommend getting your kids’ haircuts every 3-4 weeks. Kids’ haircuts include shampoo, a relaxing scalp massage, and your choice of blowout and style. Already only $40 for short hair. From $55 for long hair. hairstyles Las Vegas If you are looking for a hairstyle that looks more modern and trendy, you should book with one of our stylists who specialize in the type you want.

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Women’s hairstyle You can get a haircut in Las Vegas if you’re looking for something fun and trendy that gives you confidence. We recommend that you do your hair with us every 4 weeks if you want the ends to last longer.

Men’s hairstyle. If you need a haircut for work in Las Vegas, we recommend our corporate hairstyles, which can match your company’s dress code while still looking professional and presentable.

Call, email or book online to schedule a hair appointment today. With two convenient Las Vegas locations minutes away.

Men's Haircuts Las Vegas

You can find the perfect salon for your hair type, whether it’s curly, straight, or something in between.

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At Hottie Hair Salon Las Vegas, we specialize in all types of haircuts for men, women and children, regardless of age. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our hair salons. You can trust us with your hair expertise, we are available 6 days a week.

Our salon offers a variety of talented stylists specializing in a variety of areas including short hairstyles, long hairstyles, layered hairstyles, fine and thick hair.

We also customize your haircut to suit your needs, whether it’s a new haircut or an old haircut.

At Hottie Hair Salon Las Vegas, we are proud not to

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