Mechanic School West Palm Beach

Mechanic School West Palm Beach

Mechanic School West Palm Beach

Mechanic School West Palm Beach – Welcome to the Florida Career College-West Palm Beach School of Business campus. We’re excited for you to take the next step in your journey, and our professional programs are here to help you gain the skills you need to succeed. Going back to school can be scary, but it’s your chance to learn new skills, meet new people, and take steps toward a demanding career. Studying at Florida Career College-West Palm Beach is unique because we give you the tools you need to succeed in a small class setting. The West Palm Beach School of Business campus has a small student-to-faculty ratio, which means you can get the support and help you need.

As a student at the West Palm Beach campus, you’ll enjoy a personalized approach to your education as teachers and professors greet you by name each day. You are never alone on this journey and our team is here to walk alongside you and guide you.

Mechanic School West Palm Beach

Mechanic School West Palm Beach

We take a unique approach to learning that incorporates many strategies to ensure you are happy and successful. Our faculty provides you with opportunities to apply your skills in real-life situations. Your time at Florida Career College-West Palm Beach will be special and you will receive guidance from our team while you are here. Your academic team consists of:

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I didn’t have a high school diploma and I felt that FCC was the school that would give me the opportunity to get my high school diploma, M.A., rewarding skills as a medical assistant. I learned how to start as a (Medical Assistant). Also open many other doors/career opportunities in the medical field. Every teacher I’ve had has added something wonderful to my life. Mrs. Swab was my first instructor, she was my M.A. It helped me understand every lesson in the books and made the training fun and engaging for those who thought they would turn a simple game like “Simon Says” into learning. About veins!

Classrooms are small, allowing the teacher more one-on-one time. I am 45 and sick and tired of getting nowhere in life. And with the help of all the people at FCC who wanted to help me become a better person with a career I could be proud of, I chose FCC for my [degree]. Mr. Dave is a great instructor who truly cares about his students and helps them succeed. He takes the time to teach us so that we understand not only the work but also the rules so that we don’t forget what we have learned. But most of all I admire that he never let you down. He will fight alongside you until things become unbearable again!

I returned to Florida not knowing what to do or where to go. I decided to go back to school to improve my education and build a career. Florida Career College gave me that opportunity. Yes, it’s a struggle, but at least when I do it, I know it’s worth it. I am strong and alive. I will accomplish anything and be the best at it. Thank you to everyone at Florida Career College for believing in me and giving me a second chance at life and career. Gainesville, Gainesville, Ga. Lanier Technical College offers a new program, Marine Engine Technology, to prepare students for entry-level marine service technicians. It will start this fall and enroll 20 students.

“Our mission is workforce development and helping our students in Georgia succeed,” Christian Tetzlaff, dean of applied technology at Lanier Tech, told Trade Only Today yesterday.

Th Rd N, West Palm Beach, Fl 33412

Gainesville is located in Hall County near Atlanta. The school is named after Lake Lanier, the largest local body of water. Boating and water tourism are a major source of economic activity for the region.

Formerly of Clarksville, Ga. A similar course was offered at NG Technical College, but the school was located north of Gainesville and lacked the local industry to support it.

“We’re taking that ball and our serve is right for the program,” Tetzlaff said. The diploma program takes about 18 months to complete, and the school is in the process of hiring teachers. The curriculum will be modeled after material from other courses offered at technical colleges in the Georgia system, but will be updated with current information.

Mechanic School West Palm Beach

Local dealers already support the program and the US. Headquartered near Kennesaw, Ga. “We are partnering with them and looking to find other partners. The industry has been very supportive,” said Tetzlaff at Yamaha Marine. “Dealers in our area don’t have enough technicians to service their boats.”

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“There is a huge need,” said Brent Danneman, vice president of sales for Park Marine Boating Centers’ Gainesville location, in an article on the Gainesville Times website. “There is a shortage of marine equipment.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, technicians who work on electric boats and other outdoor electrical equipment earn an average of $38,000 a year in Georgia. The article states that in May 2017, there were 730 boat mechanics and technicians in the state, most of them concentrated in the Lake Lanier, Lake Burton and Lake Allatoona areas.

In-state tuition for in-state students with a 2.0 GPA from high school ranges from about $4,000 to $6,000, Tetzlaff said. Out-of-state tuition is doubled.

He said that the first objective is to create awareness about the course among people and students get a positive response when they hear about this opportunity. “The energy, the desire, and the students coming from the industry are passionate about the ability to work in the industry,” Tetzlaff said. “They want to work on boats and be leaders in the industry.”

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Industry veteran Terry McNew has a long tenure at Mastercraft, where he led the company through its initial public offering.

The parcel, located across from the company’s Stuart yard, has berths for nine boats and will increase service capacity. The Automotive Technician Training Program at Florida Career College (FCC) provides students with knowledge, experience, and hands-on training. Entry level auto technician should start career.

The program teaches students to maintain and repair vehicles by combining the theoretical aspects of automotive diagnostics with training in a shop environment.

Mechanic School West Palm Beach

FCC’s auto mechanic training program introduces students to basic and advanced automotive techniques through a curriculum that includes engine theory, fuel systems, fuel injection theory, electrical diagnostics, ignition systems, carburetor repair, tune-ups, automatic transmissions and front-end instruction. Alignment

Grande Blvd, West Palm Beach, Fl 33412

So, if you love working on cars and are interested in becoming an auto mechanic, consider enrolling in FCC’s Automotive Technician Training Program. Under the guidance of instructors with real-world mechanical experience, you can graduate in less than 10 months with the knowledge and skills to earn your diploma and start a new career.

FCC’s auto mechanic training course prepares students to successfully enter the workforce by covering various aspects of automotive technology. The curriculum is designed to teach students to test, diagnose, repair and maintain the following automotive systems:

Overall, the course is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge, skills and hands-on shop training necessary to begin an entry-level automotive technician career. Students are introduced to the major components of a vehicle and are taught to test, diagnose, and repair various components of such systems.

For example, the FCC’s training program for automotive technicians gives students a solid understanding of basic engine design, teaching them how to diagnose, repair, disassemble, and clean them. The program also covers the basic principles of automotive electrical systems.

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As students continue through the program, instructors teach students about fuel delivery systems, air intake systems, and exhaust systems. Students also learn about tire suspension systems, power steering systems, brake systems, manual transmissions, automatic transmissions and preventive maintenance.

Students who complete FCC’s auto mechanic training program enter a talent pool equipped with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on shop training that employers seek when looking to hire entry-level auto mechanics, automotive technicians, or automotive service technicians.

It is possible to complete the program and graduate within one year from registration to completion of the program. During your time as an FCC student, you will learn to professionally diagnose, repair and maintain domestic and foreign vehicles.

Mechanic School West Palm Beach

FCC’s auto mechanic course offers classroom instruction and training in an auto shop with the same tools

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