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Local Ppc Management – Select Renovations is a commercial and industrial company based out of Fraser, Michigan with over 20 years of roofing experience. Over the years, Duro-Last Commercial Roofing has become the company’s specialty.

Prior to the partnership, Selected Updates received approximately one new lead from their website per month. A year later, online leads have increased by an average of eight online and offline leads per month from PPC traffic, which has a significant impact on small business growth.

Local Ppc Management

Local Ppc Management

The Renewal Choice team had not done any type of online marketing before, but wanted to increase the number of leads they received from their website each month and recognized that switching from traditional marketing to a digitally themed marketing strategy was one way to do it.

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Budget, strategy and engagement were discussed prior to installation to ensure all goals and strategies were aligned. then set out to create an approach to set up Selective Updates for success and improve your web presence.

A year after starting the PPC program, online leads have increased by an average of one per month compared to PPC traffic by an average of eight online and offline per month. Overall traffic increased by 127.88% over the course of a year, generating an 800% increase in total leads earned per month with PPC traffic driving 75% of that increase.

Google Analytics, Call Tracking and LOOP Analytics, a proprietary form analytics platform, were installed to continuously monitor and refine the Upgrade Choice program upon launch. monitor and adjust the new program based on incoming data. The team also reported to the Selection Update team members that leads, quality searches, etc.

Program changes were implemented based on customer feedback the team received to target customers with the Choice Updates they wanted.

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After the first initial meeting, the PPC Account Manager created a keyword strategy that targets the target audience of Redesign Choice using the B-SMART Method®.

For specific paid search, this approach allows us to target users at each point in their buying cycle and tailor ads to their specific situation. For example, if a user searches for “commercial roof repair,” an ad about repair options will be displayed. If a user searches for “storage roofing contractor”, an ad about warehouse roofing will be displayed.

By creating a paid search program that speaks directly to Select Update’s target audience, the team will drive high-quality users to their website.

Local Ppc Management

Because Select Renovations’ service area was specific to Fraser, Michigan and surrounding areas, local PPC strategies were used to ensure that their budget was spent in the right geographic areas. Geographically targeted local campaigns were created along with location targeted campaigns targeting towns and cities and different types of rooftop applications. Campaigns were set to appear only within a specific geographic range agreed upon by the team and Update Selection.

Understanding The Benefits Of Ppc Management

The Placement Ad Extension has been enabled to allow Featured Updates’ local map listing to appear with their ad or within the map listings themselves, above the organic results.

A year after the launch of Google Ads Campaign Update (officially Adwords), 75% of the company’s leads come from paid search. Also, by partnering with and using multiple Google products, Renewal’s leads have increased from one per month to an average of seven leads per month from PPC traffic alone. Overall traffic increased 231% from July 2017 to July 2018, resulting in an average 800% increase in traffic earned per month.

“I recently hired a few new employees, when it was a one-man show in the beginning, and I can now offer benefits packages because of the revenue and business generated after starting the PPC program with . Todd MartinOwnPPC management companies oversee the paid advertising efforts of For those unfamiliar with the term, PPC stands for pay-per-click and includes various forms of digital advertising, from the search ads you see at the top of Google to the video ads you see on YouTube. will not see

A PPC company’s job is to manage online advertising campaigns for various clients, ensuring that the right ads are shown to the right people at the right time, within a given budget.

Ppc (pay Per Click) Management Service

Additionally, PPC management companies can determine marketing ROI by implementing conversion tracking to allocate mobile and web leads to your PPC campaigns, and analyze data relevant to your goals.

Every PPC company will approach account management differently. For example, some agencies may specialize in one platform such as Google Ads or Facebook, while others manage ads on multiple platforms. Some companies may be more hands-on with account management, while others rely more on the platform’s machine learning to drive change and optimization.

Ultimately, a company’s approach depends on their skills and resources, and the needs of the companies they serve. However, although the approaches may be different, all PPC companies provide the same general service for managing online advertising campaigns.

Local Ppc Management

Below is a closer look at the responsibilities of a PPC management company, which fall into three general categories:

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The first responsibility of any PPC management company is to set up the campaign and lay the foundation for success. This includes several steps, such as creating a campaign structure, creating ads and implementing transaction tracking. However, it starts with strategy.

Developing a strong strategy is essential to running an effective advertising campaign, and it is one of the first things a PPC management agency should do.

To build an effective strategy, a PPC agency will need to gain an understanding of their clients’ business and marketing goals. What is the purpose of a paid advertising campaign? Does the customer want to make more calls? Get more newsletter signups? Increase online purchases? Increase brand awareness?

Additionally, this process includes learning about the target audience and any customer personas the customer has defined. Additionally, agencies will need to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that can help measure success, such as impression shares, click-through rate (CTR), conversions, lead quality or revenue.

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All this information helps in creating a comprehensive strategy. Once the strategy is in place, it will inform the rest of the campaign setup, from campaign type and location targeting to transaction tracking.

Campaign setup involves many factors, many of which vary by platform and campaign type. Tasks may include:

Once a PPC campaign has been set up and launched, the next step is to create appropriate reporting to monitor performance and guide optimization.

Local Ppc Management

Along with setting up campaigns, one of the most important things a PPC management company does is reporting. Reports should be generated based on the client’s KPIs and delivered regularly, such as bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

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Different PPC agencies use different platforms for reporting. For example, some may use Excel, others may use Google Data Studio. Some companies may provide static reports, while others offer dynamic reporting tables that update data in real time.

Regardless of the platform they use, PPC companies must ensure that the report contains information relevant to their clients’ goals. Most reports will include graphs and charts to communicate complex data in a visual and easy-to-understand manner. Many will also include metrics and comparisons to help put the data in context.

The level of sophistication in reporting can vary depending on an agency’s resources and expertise, as well as the client’s needs. Some clients may only want to see ad-level metrics such as clicks and impressions. Others may want a deeper analysis into website engagement, lead quality and ROI.

Some PPC management companies will pull data from multiple sources to give their clients a more comprehensive picture. For example, a client may be running a campaign on Instagram, but reporting data from Google Analytics can help the client better understand the other channels through which users come to their site, and how they behave if they are there. .

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Finally, reports not only inform clients of campaign performance, but also allow the PPC agency to analyze data and gain insights. This leads to data-driven decisions and tactics that can help optimize the campaign.

The third major area of ​​responsibility for PPC management companies is optimization. This is a continuous process of managing and adjusting the campaign to improve efficiency and performance.

The optimization decisions that a PPC company makes must be driven by data and serve the goals of its clients. For example, a client focused on lead quality will require very different tactics than a client whose goal is to grow brand awareness.

Local Ppc Management

In addition to the above, PPC companies must keep up with platform changes such as new ad products and policy updates. This is an important part of optimizing a campaign and avoiding costly mistakes.

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For example, Google Ads recently removed age, zip code and other targeting options for advertisers in several verticals. If a PPC agency is unaware of this change or fails to address it, an affected client’s ads may stop serving due to policy non-compliance.

For these and many other reasons, businesses looking to hire PPC management services should be sure to check out the agency

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