Limited Recipe Tower Of Fantasy

Limited Recipe Tower Of Fantasy

Limited Recipe Tower Of Fantasy

Limited Recipe Tower Of Fantasy – Check out how to make all the limited dishes, where to find all the special ingredients, and more

Tower of Fantasy’s Aida Cafe event is here, giving players the chance to prepare a variety of special dishes as well as earn a variety of rewards by serving them to several of the game’s main characters. But how can you make special dishes, and more importantly, what are each character’s favorite dishes? Now, to allow you to get all the rewards in the Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe event, here’s how to get all the new ingredients and all the new cooking recipes as part of the event, as well as What are each character’s favorite dishes?

Limited Recipe Tower Of Fantasy

Limited Recipe Tower Of Fantasy

In total, you will be able to find 7 limited ingredients in the world during the Aida Cafe event. You can see them all and where to find them below:

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After obtaining special ingredients, you can use them to cook a total of 10 special/limited recipes. You can check out how to eat the very limited dishes featured in the Aida Cafe event below:

As we said above, several characters from the cast will visit the cafe and then reward you with points based on the course you served them. Simple isn’t it? Well, not that much, because each character will have their own preferences, and serving the wrong combination of dishes can end in disaster. But don’t worry, you can check out each character’s favorite dishes below:

It’s important to note that you only need to serve 4 of each character’s 5 favorite dishes to get maximum points from them.

Tower of Fantasy’s Aida Cafe event is scheduled to run until September 28, 2022. You can currently play the game on PC, Android, and iOS.

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Attack of the Fanboi / GAME GUIDES / Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe Event: All Food Preferences, Recipes and Ingredients If you’ve ever wanted to run a cafe, now’s your chance, because the Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe Limited Time Event gives you a rare opportunity to be her temporary manager. But be warned, the various towers of fantastical characters that patronize the cafe won’t think too much of you if you serve food that isn’t to their taste. We’ve compiled a list of each customer’s food preferences and space requirements for each ingredient to create limited menu recipes so your customers will always be satisfied.

The Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe event coincides with the Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island update, and will run daily until September 29, 2022. The cafe is only open to Wanderers level 17 or higher, so if you’re not there yet, check out our Tower of Fantasy leveling guide Fantasy, which is sure to make you turn the tables in no time. You can access Ida Cafe at any time during the event from the rewards menu located in the upper right corner of the screen.

The Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe event happens every day, when three random customers arrive at the cafe for lunch. You can serve up to five dishes to each customer: main course, side dish, soup, dessert and drink. Although you only need to make one course to mark an order as perfect, your customers are guaranteed to be unhappy.

Limited Recipe Tower Of Fantasy

As you might expect, different customers have different preferences, and the only way to satisfy them is by serving their favorite foods. How can you tell how satisfied your customers are? Like all picky shoppers, they will tell you! Each dish has the ability to score between five and ten customer satisfaction points, for a total of 25 to 50 points. Your final score determines the rewards you will receive from the event: the higher the score, the more rewards you will unlock.

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Here are the meal preferences for each guest at Ida Cafe’s Tower of Fantasy event, along with their total five-course meal:

As with every recipe you create in Hota Studio’s anime game, you must first collect the necessary ingredients before you can serve customers their favorite dishes at Aida Cafe. These resources can be found as you explore the world by hunting, killing animals and clearing enemy camps. You can find out what ingredients are required for certain foods by accessing the limited menu from the Aida Cafe event itself.

Once you’ve collected the ingredients needed for the appropriate recipe, create limited meals by interacting with the cooking vessel and selecting them from a limited menu.

If you don’t want to spend your time collecting Aida for ingredients, it’s worth remembering that there is a chance to get limited food after defeating the world bosses on the Tower of Fantasy map. Sobek, for example, will release an abundance of salmon – but whether it’s worth taking on global bass is a different fish.

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There are a number of valuable rewards you can expect to receive by participating in the Aida Cafe event, including the SSR Relic Box and Champion Shopkeeper Avatar Frame. However, the main reason you should wear an apron is the chance to win red nachos or a special voucher. These extremely rare currencies can be spent on Tower of Imagination banners to unlock limited characters, including Tower of Imagination Claudia Simulacra. Usually, Red Nuclei and special vouchers are only available for purchase through the store, so the Aida Cafe event is a golden opportunity to purchase these special orders.

That’s all we have for the Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe limited time event. While you’re preparing for the components, we recommend keeping an eye on the Tower of Fantasy wire telescopes as well as the electronic locks – just check out our list of Tower of Fantasy passwords if you’re struggling to open them. Alternatively, if you’ve yet to expand your list of Tower of Fantasy vehicles, check out our guide to collecting all the Tower of Fantasy Voyager vehicle parts scattered across Aida so you can travel the man-made island in style.

If Nat isn’t starting a new game of Elden Ring, then he’s probably missing out on a modern roguelike, a horror game, or a banner wish in Genshin Impact. Like many MMORPGs, Tower of Fantasy has a robust cooking system. Players can get different cooking ingredients from vendors and the open world and put the ingredients in the stove to make the best dishes.

Limited Recipe Tower Of Fantasy

In addition to restoring HP and satiety in Tower of Fantasy, some food recipes can also have beneficial effects. They have enhancements like increased attack, increased elemental damage, increased resistance and many more.

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The better quality a fantasy player’s food tower is, the more profitable it is in recovery and additional bonuses. Food quality is determined by the Nadar and Star scales. However, with so many recipes it can be difficult to remember which ingredients belong in which dish.

There are four types of rarities for recipes in Tower of Fantasy, ranging from common (white) to super rare (purple). Each dish has a different star rating, from one to three. These ranked and rare items help the dash effectively restore HP and provide special bonuses.

Since there are so many recipes to choose from in Tower of Fantasy, this list will allow players to choose which ones they want to make. If players add a total of 15 ingredients to the cooker, they will have an even higher chance of getting recipes.

The stove in Tower of Fantasy also has a success rate, which can be increased by adding additional ingredients. For the most part, adding the usual quality ingredients is enough to achieve a 100% completion rate.

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If players are concerned that the preparation will fail, throwing in a few extra ingredients on hand can be helpful. Fantasy players must ensure that they contain the right ingredients and the right amount. Otherwise, instead of the desired dish, he will get a terrible stew. It puts you in charge of running your cafe where serving customers’ favorite food can provide rare rewards.

The Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe is a limited time event that gives you a rare opportunity to become the temporary manager of the cafe. One important thing to keep in mind is that it does no good if you don’t serve your guests their favorite food. Here is a list in the Ida Cafe’s Tower of Fantasy event food preferences blog post for ordering their favorite foods. This guarantees that your customers are always satisfied.

The Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe event supports the Artificial Islands 1.5 update and will run until September 29, 2022. Access to the Aida Cafe Rewards menu will be available at any time during this event, in the upper right corner of the screen. As we mentioned before, this event will just exist

Limited Recipe Tower Of Fantasy

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