Lg Dual Screen Phone

Lg Dual Screen Phone

Lg Dual Screen Phone

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Lg Dual Screen Phone

Lg Dual Screen Phone

, its G-series smartphone and the highly advanced LG Dual Screen at IFA 2019 in Berlin. Both LG G8X

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And LG Dual Screen are designed to create a new way of multitasking, enjoying content and interacting with a mobile phone.

The first LG Dual screen, presented at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, ​​set a new standard and a new level of superior multitasking. In the new version, LG sought feedback from customers and implemented a number of improvements including an additional 2.1-inch cover screen. This useful additional screen allows users to check the time, date, battery level, notifications and other useful information without opening the dual screen. What’s more, while the first two screens offered viewing from two different angles, the new two screens feature a new 360 Freestop hinge that allows viewing from any angle, just like a laptop.

The new LG G smartphone shares the same 6.4-inch display with LG Dual Screen to double your productivity and entertainment. A visible internal fingerprint sensor locks and unlocks the LG G8X

Easier than ever, even with both screens folded. Although automatically adjusting the brightness of the smartphone screen using a sensor is nothing new, in the G8X

Lg Dual Screen™ For Lg V60 Thinq™ 5g (lmv605nausatb)

, the ambient light sensor also adjusts contrast to increase image detail and reduce eye strain. And the phone’s front camera is located on an unobtrusive Waterdrop glass that cuts the 6.4-inch FullVision screen to the maximum.

It’s a shutterbug’s dream come true, with a 32MP front-facing shooter and 1.6μm sensor to match the impressive rear cameras for stellar photos no matter which way the phone is facing. Also, for the perfect picture, Reflector Mode ensures clear, sharp images even in dark places, allowing users to adjust the color of the light according to their mood or preference. AI Action Shot for the new LG G8X

Detects and compensates for movement at a shutter speed of 1/480 second to keep subjects in full focus; perfect for capturing memorable photos of children or pets at play. 4K Time-lapse allows users to create time-lapse videos in stunning 4K resolution, while LG Steady Cam provides video stability for videos that look smoother and more professional. Available for the first time, switching between the front and rear cameras while recording video is possible on the LG G8X.

Lg Dual Screen Phone

. Two 1.2W speakers deliver bold, balanced sound while Meridian Audio’s 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC continues to make LG the benchmark for exceptional modern sound. Game over, LG G8X

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They share much of the DNA of previous LG phones while forging its identity. Dual screen phone connectivity is now done via USB instead of Pogo Pins for a sleeker phone look when used without a bezel. LG G8X

It has an improved user interface with a cleaner design, updated features and tabs like Dialing, Call Logs and Contacts that move to the bottom of the screen so users can do more with just one hand.

“The LG Dual Screen is now a proven model, highly regarded for its performance and the world of possibilities it opens up,” said Brian Kwon, president of LG’s mobile communications and home entertainment. “We will continue to expand LG’s Dual Screen ecosystem through strategic partnerships and advance our innovation in meaningful ways to provide customers with a differentiated user experience.”

And the updated LG Dual Screen will be available in key markets in the fourth quarter. From September 6 to 11, visitors to the IFA 2019 fair can be the first to experience the new LG G8X.

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You have the right to withhold consent for the provision of your personal data to third parties. In case of refusal, due to the lack of mandatory data, the postal service is not provided. The G8X is both the most boring phone LG has ever released and one of the most experimental at the same time. The reason is its compact, pocket-sized dual-layer body that adds a high-quality OLED display to what is otherwise a capable but pedestrian device.

Lg Dual Screen Phone

The resulting combination isn’t a foldable phone, like Samsung’s $1,980 Galaxy Fold, but it could be very interesting. And at a surprisingly low price of $699 for the bundle, it’s LG’s most exciting US connectivity offering in recent memory. There are certainly better phones out there for the price, but the G8X is different enough to reach a mainstream audience.

The Lg G8x Thinq Dual Screen Is Something Special

Let’s start with the phone itself. LG’s phones have started to converge over the past few years – the G7, V40 and G8 are all very similar devices that share the same features and benefits and the same visuals. In all fairness, the G8X ThinQ — yes, LG is putting “ThinQ” in the name, and no, we’re not going to drop it now — is neither more nor less than one of those models.

But while you might expect the G8X to share a lot specifically with this year’s G8, that’s actually not the case. The main feature of the G8, its sensors that let you control the phone with gestures or unlock it by scanning your hand, are gone. The G8X still looks like an LG phone and shares the G8’s Snapdragon 855 processor, but the specs are otherwise largely new.

The OLED screen increased its size to 6.4 inches with a reduced resolution of 1080p, which I didn’t mind at all. The loss of the G8’s sensor allowed LG to use a smaller camera, although the selfie camera has been upgraded to a 32-megapixel sensor. The phone remains 8.4 mm thick without the rear camera, but LG has increased the battery capacity to 4000 mAh. There’s a 12-megapixel rear camera and a 13-megapixel ultra-wide camera, a must-have feature in 2019 that LG deserves credit for pioneering in 2016.

As a standalone device, the G8X is completely invisible. Nothing about its industrial design stands out, and it doesn’t come in any colors other than the glossy black collection. The most unusual thing about this phone is that it has a headphone jack – even Samsung has reduced the feature in recent models – and LG continues to offer the best smartphone sound quality thanks to its ability to activate the Quad DAC when using headphones.

Lg Just Upped Its Dual Screen Smartphone Offering With Swiveling Lg Wing

However, another LG model is under wraps. Since the V30, the company has set itself apart from other Android manufacturers with its best-in-class feedback system, which has made its phones more comfortable and responsive to use. Disappointingly, the G8X lags behind in this regard. It’s not as bad as the cans of rocks you get from some other companies, but I miss the proper vibe. Holding a key on the back isn’t what it used to be.

There’s really nothing wrong with the G8X and not much that’s great. The camera is passable, the battery is good, and the software is a bit smoother than before. It’s a solid phone that, if sold on its own at LG’s usual $800+ price point, would serve anyone who buys it well, but it’s hard to recommend something like the OnePlus 7T unless you really care. wireless charging, a headphone jack, and an official water/dust resistance rating. (The G8X is IP68.)

But the G8X is not $800+ and not for sale. It sells for $700 with a completely superior device called Dual Screen that includes not one, but two screens on the device. That’s really the only reason to even consider this phone.

Lg Dual Screen Phone

The G8X easily slips in and out of dual displays and connects to a second display via the USB-C connector. This blocks the phone’s USB-C port, meaning you have to plug the pogo pin adapter into a slightly awkward power cable if you want to use wired charging. Wireless charging, however, thankfully still works well with both screens connected, and that’s how I used the phone.

The Lg G8x Thinq™ Dual Screen Smartphone Reviews

When you lift the phone with both screens closed, you’ll see a small, low-profile, monochrome OLED panel that shows you the time, date, battery level, and a few notification icons. The combo feels small, especially since I don’t usually use phones with cases, but I don’t think it’s significantly bigger than a regular wallet case, and I

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