Italian Restaurants In South Kensington

Italian Restaurants In South Kensington

Italian Restaurants In South Kensington

Italian Restaurants In South Kensington – Kensington is a beautiful part of London that is home to many cultural events. If you’re in the mood for some of the best Italian food in the area. The good news is that Kensington has plenty of food waiting for you.

Whether you like small pubs serving Italian food or prefer something more contemporary and modern We have compiled a list of the best Italian restaurants in the area, take a look!

Italian Restaurants In South Kensington

Italian Restaurants In South Kensington

There are plenty of places to choose from, whether looking for Italian restaurants near High Street Kensington or hidden gems close by where you can find Italian food in Kensington and get home quickly.

The Best Italian Restaurants In London

Pizzicotto is as much a part of the Kensington area as a royal palace or a beautiful local museum. This is a family restaurant and it’s categorized as “Traditional Italian Restaurant”

Dining here is always a wonderful relaxing experience. And you’ll love the traditional Italian menu and cozy décor as a backdrop. The servers are friendly and love talking to customers. Not sure what to order? ask your server Because they understand the restaurant’s menu very well.

The food is unique but incredibly delicious. And this is the best place to spend a few hours with a group of friends for a slow meal.

Located on High Street Kensington, Il Portico focuses on Emilia Romagna Italian cuisine, popular with locals. We recommend trying a small Italian restaurant. This lovely place after spending a couple of hours at the Design Museum as it’s only a two minute walk away.

Amazing Must Try Restaurants In Kensington

With homemade pasta and a good selection of wines. You will enjoy lunch or dinner to the fullest! Their food intake is usually in larger quantities. So you can have leftovers for the next day, which is great!

Enoteca Rosso is another unique Italian restaurant located on Kensington High Street, making it easy to go out for a casual dinner or lunch.

The restaurant prides itself on using fresh, seasonal ingredients in their dishes. and served in a classy and smart dining environment. Make your dining experience a special experience.

Italian Restaurants In South Kensington

As you can see from above, Cacciari has two locations in Kensington: one on Pembroke Road and the other on Old Brompton Road.

London’s Top 20 Restaurants For An Authentic Italian Experience

The fact that they have 2 locations in the same area says a lot about the brand: they are famous for their authentic Italian cuisine. which is favored by many local people.

When you eat at Cacciari, don’t expect anything complicated or different. Instead, eat good old Italian food using artisan ingredients. Absolutely can’t be beat!

Address: 82 Pembroke Rd, Kensington, London W8 6NX | 82 Old Brompton Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 3LQ | 349 Portobello Road, London W10 5SA

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Best Restaurants In Kensington — London X London

Looking for something extra luxurious and exclusive? Why not try Cibo? Cibo is slightly more expensive. But it’s rewarding and perfect for a serious challenge. They are famous for their Italian seafood as well as their delicious Sunday lunch menu.

La Fortuna is a family run Italian restaurant located on Church Road Kensington. Although it may look ordinary from the outside But when you step into the restaurant and sit at one of the private tables. You will be very impressed.

The menu features traditional Italian dishes and is renowned for its delicious bolognese dishes. Of course, everything on La Fortuna’s menu is so good that you can’t go wrong!

Italian Restaurants In South Kensington

Are you looking for an Italian restaurant that you can try again and again but won’t disappoint you? Bardotti’s case in West Kensington has been highly recommended by locals and tourists alike.

Restaurant Review: Como Garden Italian Restaurant, Kensington

Their wine and food menu is extensive, and you’ll have plenty of options, although there are plenty of delicious dishes to choose from! However, when it’s time to eat dessert You should definitely try limoncello or dolce. Because they are out of this world!

It’s a great place for groups of friends, but it’s also great for families. So feel free to include small children!

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Housed in the Baglioni Hotel in Kensington, Brunello Restaurant is as famous and acclaimed as the hotel itself, and focuses on modern Italian cuisine served in a unique way.

Book A Table At Cacciari’s Restaurant

They are very famous for their window into delicious Italian food. And guests love their fine wines and Mediterranean dishes. Their pizzas are gourmet masterpieces, and you’ll love their home-made pizza options.

If you like Italian food but want to experience something different. This is a must-try restaurant!

Sometimes it feels like cooking at home. But the delicious taste is not what you can make at home and cooking at home! If you’re in the mood for these We recommend Italian restaurant Riccados, located in the heart of Kensington and a local favorite.

Italian Restaurants In South Kensington

View this post on Instagram Our Spaghetti and Polpett comes in three sizes: Tapas, Regular or Large. Easy to share with friends and family! A post shared by Riccardo’s Italian Restaurant (@riccardoslondon) on Jul 5, 2019 at 8:35am PDT.

Restaurant Ours In South Kensington Is A Night Full Of Fun

Ottoemezzo serves as both an Italian restaurant and a café. This means you can enjoy Italian coffee and specialty pastries during the day. You can also enjoy delicious Italian food for lunch or dinner.

Restaurants and cafes are always busy and noisy. This shows that Ottoemezzo is the first choice for many locals in the area.

This restaurant is perfect for those who want a romantic setting for a date as the dining area is well lit and decorated beautifully.

They specialize in Tuscan style Italian food. And every dish is prepared using the best and freshest ingredients. In addition to the main menu, there are interesting vegetarian and wheat-free menus as well. This is a great option if you have a vegetarian or gluten intolerant group in your group.

South Kensington (london)

My name is Bianca and welcome to my local guide at the Royal Borough of Kensington Chelsea in London. Everything you need to know about traveling in London. Including cool hangouts and Instagramable places. He has an evil smile. Organize a fun party with hosts, directors and fellow artists. and escaped with her third husband by car from Spain

The escape hit the road a bit when her husband began killing pet parrots. And she flew back to London to open a restaurant with her friends, known by nature as ‘Daphne’.

When Sam came to live with him The parrot was intact. and they fled to Spain again. And food, which is a nightly recommendation from celebrities, actors and kings, is sold out. But like all theater legends, She lives on – now owned by Richard Caring (the man behind the luvvie duo J. Sheekey and The Ivy).

Italian Restaurants In South Kensington

Daphne’s holds court on the sidewalk of South Kensington in Chichi, lined with independent boutiques and cashmere shops. The interior is lavishly elegant with clean white tablecloths and a polished marble bar. High banquets and precious wood. Waiters pull curtains through tables. As wine glasses and silver erupted from the flammable storeroom in the back for private parties.

Italian Restaurants On Portobello & Golborne Road — Portobello Road

Daphne’s is not a place to serve small plates. luxury material or beautiful background music for you It’s somewhere that applies the rules of good old school dining. The food – Italian cuisine and generous portions – is unpretentious and crowd-pleasing. There was a starter of garlic scallops and cheese parmigiana parmigiana; Beef linguine, fish and lobster for the main course. and classic desserts served in restaurants. From Sabalione to Mascapone Millefogli

Punishing your attempts to say the last two words correctly is an extensive list of excellent Italian wines and alcoholic cocktails. From traditional martinis to golden aperitifs.

Daphne’s is open daily from

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