Iphone Xs Gold

Iphone Xs Gold

Iphone Xs Gold

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This parameter indicates the number of SIM cards that can be inserted into the phone. For example, phones that support dual SIM cards are easier to use if the owner uses two numbers from different operators. In addition, it is very convenient if the phone owner wants to use two phone numbers for different purposes, for example, one for work and the other for personal matters.

Iphone Xs Gold

Iphone Xs Gold

The bigger the RAM, the more applications can be used at the same time without having to worry about the phone running slow.

Iphone Xs Review

The larger the internal memory, the more information (for example, pictures, videos, recordings, etc.) can be stored on the phone.

This parameter indicates the maximum resolution of the video camera that it can record. The higher the resolution, the better the video quality.

This technology allows you to connect to the Internet not only at home but also in public places (cafes, hotels, libraries, airports).

Wi-Fi Direct (formerly known as Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer) is a standard that allows computers and other mobile devices to maintain a direct Wi-Fi connection without the need for a wireless router or hotspot. Login. Wi-Fi Direct provides a wireless connection at the touch of a button without complicated configuration. Thanks to this feature you will be able to transfer data (photos, music recordings, etc.) to other connected devices.

Gold Apple Iphone Xs Max Unboxing

Bluetooth is a wireless data connection between a mobile device and its accessories (phones, wireless headsets, etc.) and allows the transfer of data from a mobile device to a computer and vice versa.

GPS Navigator is a universal satellite system that allows you to determine your location (coordinates) and display it on your phone screen or on a map you specify.

Fast battery charging allows you to charge your phone faster than usual. Unfortunately, not all phones and chargers support this feature. For fast charging technology, most manufacturers increase the amperage or change the voltage to increase the amount of potential energy transferred to the device.

Iphone Xs Gold

Wireless charging allows you to charge your phone without having to connect any cables to your smartphone – to charge, place your mobile device on a special charging pad.

Iphone Xs 256gb Gold (panaudotas, Būklė C)

This parameter indicates how long the phone can run on a fully charged battery if there is no talk on the phone at that time.

Fingerprint recognition technology unlocks the phone by scanning the user’s fingerprint. This feature can also be used to enable payment and unlock some applications.

A quick and easy way to unlock your phone with face recognition. When using this feature, hold the phone as if you were taking a selfie.

Digital standards for mobile communication are 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz frequencies. GSM is the most popular and widely distributed standard in telephone communication. In many countries of the world, the 900 MHz band has been adopted as the GSM standard or the 1800 MHz band has already been achieved – the European standard DCS 1800 and the 1900 MHz band – the PCS 1900 US standard. WCDMA Wideband CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) is a radio interface technology used primarily by mobile operators in Japan (January 1998) and by ETSI to support the next generation of broadband radio communications. Third. This technology is offered to optimize high-speed multimedia services (Internet video and video conferencing).

Iphone Xs Max Is Apple’s Most Expensive Iphone Model To Date At $1,449 For 512gb

IP68 – Dust and water resistant (up to 2 in 30 minutes). TE-A (4CA) Cat16 1024/150 Mbit. Apple Pay certification (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX). Chip: Apple A12 Bionic. Lightning connector. iCloud. Siri. Fast charging (50% in 30 minutes). IBeacon Integrated Mini Positioner

Super Retina in two sizes – with the largest screen ever on the iPhone. Even Face ID is faster. The smartest and most powerful chip in smartphones. And a successful dual camera system. The iPhone XS is what you love about the iPhone. Was taken seriously.

The custom OLED screen on the iPhone XS offers the industry’s most accurate colors, HDR and true black. And the iPhone XS Max has the largest screen we’ve ever seen on an iPhone.

Iphone Xs Gold

All screen designs give you a large and beautiful canvas for everything you love. And the iPhone XS Max makes it big with a 6.5-inch screen, our largest screen ever on the iPhone.

Iphone Xs Gold Color

The OLED panel in the iPhone XS allows for HDR screens with the highest accuracy of true black color and remarkable brightness and contrast. They are the clearest screens with the highest pixel density on any Apple device.

Movie Night arrives on iPhone.2 with support for Dolby Vision and HDR10 titles from iTunes, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Wide stereo playback makes it even better. And your HDR photos – even the ones you took before – will have a dynamic range of over 60 percent.

The six-channel light sensor adjusts the white balance on the screen precisely to match the color temperature of the light around you. So the image on the screen looks as natural as the printed page and is easy on your eyes.

The longest lasting glass in the smartphone, sealed and precise, equipped with surgical-grade stainless steel straps help create a water-resistant attachment – up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. The iPhone XS even withstand spills from coffee, tea, soda and more. 3

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The longest lasting lens ever in a smartphone. A beautiful new gold finish is achieved with an atomic level process. Surgical grade stainless steel cut by precision machine. And new levels of water and dust resistance. 2

The gold and gray space finish uses an advanced body steam emission process on a stainless steel band for color and reflection that complements the glass beautifully.

Security is easy when your face is your password. You can unlock your iPhone into the app and pay for things by taking a look. It’s the most secure face authentication ever on a smartphone. And now it’s faster.

Iphone Xs Gold

Face ID recreates the way we unlock and pay. Some of our state-of-the-art technologies – TrueDepth camera system, Secure Enclave and Neural Engine – make face-to-face security extremely secure in smartphones. And even faster and easier to use.

Iphone Xs And Xs Max Review: Bigger, Faster, Gold Er, Better

Face ID uses advanced machine learning to identify changes in your appearance. Wear a hat. Wear glasses. It also works with many types of glasses.

Face ID goes beyond unlocking your iPhone. So you can forget about typing usernames and passwords. Now just watch.

Advanced Secure Enclave and new algorithms make Face ID faster. So you will love it more.

Face ID works with apps you already use – from banking and health apps to locked notes and private files.

Iphone Xs 64gb Gold

The infrared camera reads the dot pattern, captures the infrared image, then sends the data to the security section in the A12 bionic chip to confirm the match.

It is the smartest and most powerful chip in smartphones with our next-generation neural machine. For a great augmented reality experience. Incredible image with depth control. And speed and smoothness in everything you do.

A12 Bionic with our next-generation neural engine delivers incredible performance. It uses real-time machine learning to change the way you experience photos, games, augmented reality, and more.

Iphone Xs Gold

Two processing cores handle heavy computer tasks. And the four functional cores manage daily tasks. Our new performance controller actively divides the work between these cores, using all six when power boost is required.

Iphone Xs, Gold, 256gb

The new fourth core and memory compression do not lead to a significant increase in graphics processing for games, video editing and visual applications.

Our neural machines are designed for advanced and real-time machine learning. This means that the iPhone XS can recognize patterns, make predictions and learn from experiences like you do.

The nerve engine is incredibly fast, capable of operating at five trillion per second. It is incredibly effective, enabling it to do all kinds of new things in real time. And it’s incredibly smart, so you can do anything like get into a great AR experience. And quickly find pictures of dogs. Or the beach. Or baby.

We also launched Neural Engine on the Core ML platform, so developers can bring powerful real-time machine learning to their applications – where learning takes place on your iPhone.

Iphone Xs 64gb Gold Grade A

The world’s most popular camera is ushering in a new era of photography. Where innovative sensors work with ISPs and neural machines to help you create unprecedented photos.

The innovative dual camera system combines ISP, neural machines and advanced algorithms to unlock innovative possibilities and assist you in capturing incredible images.

Through the use of technologies such as faster sensors, improved ISPs, and advanced algorithms – Smart HDR brings more shadow highlighting and detail to your photos.

Iphone Xs Gold

The iPhone XS has more modern bokeh or blurred backgrounds for beautiful photos. And all new depth controls allow you to adjust the depth of field after shooting.

Rose Gold Crystal Brillliance Iphone Xs And Xs Max

The TrueDepth camera creates a specific depth map to keep you focused against blurred backgrounds, depth control allows you to adjust the depth of field after you shoot.

The camera sensor is deep, showing large pixels. Deeper to increase the fidelity of the image. And bigger to turn on the extra light on the sensor. The result? Even low light photos are better.

Smart HDR and Zero Shutter Lag sensors combine to allow you to freeze time with more highlighting and shadow detailing.

IPhone XS captures the highest quality video of any smartphone. With good low light performance. Extended dynamic range in video up to 30 fps. Stereo recording. And stereo playback with wide sound isolation.

Apple Iphone Xs 64gb Gold Pre Owned

The iPhone XS’s dual camera system utilizes Neural Engine’s unprecedented power and capabilities

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