Iphone Dual Sim

Iphone Dual Sim – In mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau, some iPhone Dual SIM models come with two nano-SIM cards. This will give you two phone numbers for him to receive calls and text messages.

If you have an iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE (2nd and 3rd generation), or iPhone XS in Hong Kong or Macau, learn how to use dual SIM with eSIM.

Iphone Dual Sim

Iphone Dual Sim

With either phone number, you can make and receive voice and FaceTime calls, and send and receive messages using iMessage SMS and MMS.

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* It uses Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) technology, so you can make and receive calls on both SIMs.

Insert a paperclip or his SIM eject tool into the small hole in the SIM card tray and push towards the iPhone to remove the tray. Check the notch in one corner of his new SIM card. Place the new Sim card in the bottom of the tray – it will only move in one direction due to the notch. Then insert the second SIM card into the upper tray.

With the two nano-Sim cards in place, slide the SIM tray all the way back into the device, oriented the way it was removed. Also, the tray only fits in one direction.

If your SIM cards are PIN-protected, note the position (front or back) of each SIM card in the tray. If prompted, carefully insert the pins on the front of the SIM card and on the back of the SIM card.

The Iphone Now Supports Dual Sim But What About Dual Apps?

After your plan is activated, review your plan. For example, you can call one plan Business and another plan Personal.

These labels help you select phone numbers to use to make or receive calls and messages, designate numbers for cellular data, and assign contact numbers so you know which number you’re using. Use for

If you change your mind later, you can change the label by going to Settings > Cellular or Settings > Mobile data and tapping the number you want to change the label. Then tap Cellular Plan Label and select a new label or enter a custom label.

Iphone Dual Sim

Choose a number to use when calling or sending messages to people who aren’t in your Contacts app. Select the cellular plan you use for iMessage and FaceTime. For iOS 13 and above, you can choose either or both numbers.

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On this screen, you can select a number to be your default or select a number to use for cellular data only. Any other number will be the default. Depending on your coverage and availability, turn on Sino Cellular Data Switching if you want to use cellular data from both plans on your iPhone.

You don’t have to select the number to use every time you call one of your contacts. By default, iPhone uses the same number that you used the last time you called that contact. If you haven’t called that contact, iPhone uses your number from that number. Optionally, you can specify a number to use to call the contact. Do the following:

With iOS 13 and later, if your carrier calls another Wi-Fi phone number for her while you’re on a call, you can answer the call on the other number. You must turn on Allow Cellular Data Switching during calls that are not on your default data line. Or, if you ignore the call and have voicemail set up with your carrier, you’ll hear a notification and the requested call will be made. Check her Wi-Fi with your carrier – check call availability and see if there are any additional charges or data usage from your provider.

If you have voicemail set up with your carrier, incoming calls on another number will go to your voicemail while you’re on a call.

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However, you will not receive the desired incoming call notification from the second number. Call Waiting works for incoming calls to the same phone number. In order not to miss any important calls, you can transfer and forward all calls from one number to another. Please check availability with your carrier to see if additional charges apply.

1. Or if you are using iOS 12. To receive calls using a different number, update to iOS 13 or later. 2. If data roaming is enabled on a number with cellular data, both Visual Voicemail and MMS will be disabled on voice-only numbers.

You can switch phone lines before making a call. If you want to call someone on your Favorites list, follow these steps:

Iphone Dual Sim

You can send messages with phone numbers using iMessage or SMS/MMS. * Exchange phone numbers before sending an iMessage or SMS/MMS message. Method is as follows.

Apple Dual Sim Iphone To Be Released In China And Some Othe Markets

An icon in the status bar at the top of the screen shows a sign confirming two porters. Learn what a status icon is.

The status bar shows devices connected to Wi-Fi and using Carrier 2 Wi-Fi calling.

The status bar shows that carrier 1 is using LTE and carrier 2 is using carrier 1’s cellular data.

Turn on Allow cellular data switching to automatically switch between using voice and data during a voice call to a voice-only number*. This will allow you to use both voice and data during the call.

Using Dual Sim With Two Nano Sim Cards

If you turn off Allow cellular data exchange and you support voice numbers that aren’t designated as cellular data numbers, cellular data won’t work during calls.

* The data line switches automatically during a call. This cellular data exchange will not work if you are currently using data roaming. Check if your carrier is available and see if additional charges apply.

5G is an edon line using cellular data while using two active lines in dual SIM mode. In Hong Kong and Macau, to use 5G with dual SIM on iPhone 12 models, make sure you’re using iOS 14.5 or later.Apple has switched to eSIM to support connectivity and connectivity on the new iPhone XS and XS Max. Adds dual SIM support The new iPhone comes with a special edition for the Chinese market that includes a SIM tray that can hold two physical cards.

Iphone Dual Sim

The term “esIM” simply means embedded SIM card. No physical SIM card required, no physical replacement required. An ESIM is basically a small chip inside the phone that is worn in a similar manner to the NFC chip inside the phone.

How To Set Up And Use An Esim Second Line On An Iphone

Information about esIM is rewritable. That means you can change operators with a simple phone call. Easily add an eSIM to your mobile account in minutes. For example, if you travel to another country regularly, you can leave his US SIM in your phone and insert his local SIM card at your destination. It also means you can use your personal phone number and your work phone number on the same device.

A dual SIM cell phone can also tell you who called the number, so you can ignore weekend traffic calls. Also note the physical SIM slot for XS and XS Max. The eSIM in the middle of these handsets is used for 2nd SIM support.

Dual SIM Cards: US and rest of the editions that support eSIM technology include 1 physical SIM and 1 eSIM. They can both be on your iPhone at the same time, answer different phone numbers, and be set up with two completely different plans.

EsIM means you don’t have to replace your physical SIM card when you switch carriers or plans. Using an eSIM makes it easier to use dual SIM functionality, making it easier to switch to another number if you change jobs or change carriers.

Comment: I’d Love To See Apple Offer Dual Sim Iphones Worldwide, But Am Not Optimistic

But for China, which still doesn’t have his SIM built-in, Apple is releasing another version of his XS with his two simple card slots on the body. How big the Chinese market is for the company, in this instance he could not fly his eSIM anywhere else in the world.

There are several reasons to use the dual SIM feature. You can use one number for business and another number for personal calls or use his SIM for roaming in another country.

You can also reserve one line for business and another line for personal use on the same phone, or use prepaid cards to completely separate voice and data plans. It’s also handy when traveling to load his SIM from a local carrier.

Iphone Dual Sim

Apple iPhone uses new eSIM technology. It must also be supported by your network or carrier. For the new iPhone XS or XS Max, a compatible eSIM network must be selected to support a second SIM.

Apple Ios 16 To Bring Message Filter For Dual Sim Iphones; Reportedly Fixing Edit Message Feature

However, only 10 countries in the world are providing assistance. Austria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, India, Spain, UK and US.

There is no bearer given by everyone. Apple’s list of carriers includes big names like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile that will eventually support dual SIM, while XS will support it later.

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