Iphone 7plus

Iphone 7plus

Iphone 7plus

Iphone 7plus – Apple introduced two new iPhone models yesterday. Hard to believe, but the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are the tenth generation of Apple’s smart devices! The difference in the latest versions of the phone is due to this important fact that has been overlooked. To celebrate, we’re going to tell you about 10 new features we’re seeing in this year’s Apple smartphones.

What do iPhones and Porsche sports cars have in common? The fact is that the designers improve them, introducing new and important changes in each generation, but maintaining the reference image. If we look at the new iPhone generation, we immediately recognize Apple’s famous product – in appearance it is very similar to the previous phone model. However, the design of the device has changed significantly. For example, the antenna strips on the back of the case have disappeared, giving the device a stylish and sleek look.

Iphone 7plus

Iphone 7plus

Two variants have been added to the old colors. Now we can choose one of two black models – matte or glossy.

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Let’s just take it iPhone fans – it didn’t go anywhere. However, the old mechanical button has been replaced with a tablet and fingerprint scanner. A machine with no moving parts is more efficient and reliable. And above all, the change is invisible. Because Apple’s engineers built a feedback mechanism into the phone that simulates a button press! The same trick works on the touchpads of the MacBook 12 and MacBook Pro computers.

Apple has created a hermetic structure of the phone that does not let in dust or drops of water. Therefore, we can take the new iPhone 7 to the beach. Water resistance is IP67 certified. This means that nothing will happen to the phone if submerged to a depth of 15-100 cm.

Apple’s cell phone camera is a very complex device. Each frame is supported by a separate microprocessor and computer that performs up to 100 billion operations in 25 milliseconds! They understand the photographed objects, analyze the colors, monitor the brightness of the picture and other parameters. The new generation iPhone models have a 12-megapixel sensor that allows shooting in 4K resolution, optical image stabilization systems, six-focus lenses with f/1.8 aperture and four LED flashes.

IPhone lets you take professional-quality RAW photos that can be processed on a computer. A 7-megapixel video camera is integrated on the front of the case for selfies and online chats. But the creativity never stops!

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The iPhone 7 Plus model is “armed” with two 12-megapixel cameras and lenses of focal length. They work together to create unique images. The software combines the two boards into one. This type of shooting allows you to improve the quality of the zoomed image and, most importantly, you have the opportunity to better control the brightness. The photos taken with the iPhone 7 Plus look as if they were taken with professional SLR cameras: the bright main objects and the darkened background with the “bokeh” effect create the illusion of a three-dimensional image!

Two big things await us here – a perfect color palette and an increase in the brightness of the quarter. This makes the phone more suitable for use on a sunny day, which photographers and film lovers will appreciate.

The phone has two speakers, one at the bottom of the case and one at the top. According to the manufacturer, the new speakers play twice the sound of the previous model. We can enjoy high quality sound not only when listening to music, but also when watching movies and games.

Iphone 7plus

Apple designers have decided that the 2.5mm headphone jack, which has been around for over 100 years, has no place in a new phone. It’s replaced by a multifunctional Lightning connector, which allows the headphones to be connected to the new connector (we’ll get it by phone).

Iphone 7 Versus Iphone 7 Plus: What’s The Difference?

Owners of older phone models should not be disappointed. These devices can be connected to the phone using a small adapter that we also have with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Alongside the iPhone, Apple introduced the AirPods wireless headphones. There are two small in-ears that have no cables. The small W1 processor built into the headphones ensures a reliable wireless connection to the phone and sound quality. The headphones start playing when inserted into the headphones – power is turned on. The small batteries in the ears last for 5 hours. It is charged by placing it in a box containing a larger mobile battery.

Connecting the headphones to the phone is a joke. Simply place the box and headphones next to the device and open the lid. The phone recognizes the headphones immediately and pairs them with the push of a button. The new standard is not only supported by AirPods, but also by the latest models of Beats wireless headphones.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus feature quad-core A10 Fusion processors, which are twice as fast as the iPhone 6 chips while using less power. With intensive work, the battery lasts up to 4 hours at no extra charge!

Apple Iphone 7plus 128gb

Apple has decided to abandon models with 16GB of internal storage. The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus come with storage options of 32GB, 128GB, or 256GB.

Can’t wait to hear about the new iPhones in TECHNORAMA stores? Enjoy – The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available on September 23rd. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus has a bright and clear (1920 x 1080 resolution) 5.5-inch display and measures 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm. It weighs only 188g. Key specs include Apple CPU – A10 Fusion, 32GB storage and 3GB RAM.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus release date is September 2020. The rear camera with a 12-megapixel sensor takes great pictures, and the 7-megapixel front camera is designed for selfies. The price of the smartphone is very low, and this price is currently the best price, so this is a good buy for someone who is used to using iOS OS.

Iphone 7plus

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus cannot be expanded because there is no microSD slot for inserting a memory card.

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If you want to use the 3.5 mm port sockets, you have to use an adapter because it only has a USB Type-C output.

The device is waterproof. This means that it can be used in rain and snow as well as in the shower and bath.

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Iphone 7plus

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