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Apple’s new iPhone software is better than ever: Here are the 12 most useful features in iOS 12

Apple Ios 12: The 12 Best New Features For Your Iphone

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1. One of the best features of iOS 12 is completely silent. The software is more efficient than previous versions and works wonders on older devices.

For example, on the iPhone 6S, apps launch up to 40% faster and you can take photos up to 70% faster. The system is usually smarter about when to apply force.

Just point your phone’s camera at what you want to measure, then tap and drag the line with your finger to create a measurement. Measure can automatically detect the size of photos and other rectangular images.

Will Ios 12 Support Iphone 6 And 5s?

The new “For You” tab lets you see photos you’ve taken on the same day in recent years, and shows you a preview of how Apple-made special effects can be applied to your photos.

There are also new search suggestions for people, places and even photo categories. iOS 12 can even detect which friends are in your photos and suggest sending them those photos.

You can create a phrase like “I lost my keys,” for example, which can trigger your Tile app to sound an alarm so you can find your keys.


Siri Shortcuts is also enabled: If Siri detects that you usually buy coffee in the morning, she can display this ability directly on your lock screen.

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5. Apple’s stock app has been completely redesigned. Now thanks to integration with Apple News, you can see news headlines about the stocks you follow.

6. If you have a car with Apple CarPlay, iOS 12 supports third-party navigation apps for the first time, including Google Maps and Waze.

You can now group notifications by app, topic, or theme, and change each app’s notification settings right from the lock screen.

8. iOS 12 introduces a new feature called Screen Time, which provides data-driven insights into how you spend time in your apps.

Ios12.5.1 Jailbreak Apple Device & Install Cydia With Checkra1n0.12.2.

You can see how often you pick up your phone, which apps engage you, and which apps send you the most notifications.

9. iOS 12 also introduces a feature called “App Limits” designed to help you manage your time within certain apps.

If you only want to spend an hour a day on Instagram, you can do it in iOS 12. Parents can also set limits for their children by category or individual apps.


10. Apple introduced Animoji last year with the iPhone X, but iOS 12 takes Animoji to a new level. Now you can create a custom Animoji called “Memoji”.

Install Ios12 On Android Phones Iphone Os On Android

You can choose skin tones, freckles, hairstyles, head shapes, eye colors, eyebrows and more to create the Animoji of your dreams (or nightmares).

Animoji and Memoji now work in the Messages app, and your camera can now add filters, text, and stickers to your photos and videos, just like you do in Snapchat.

12. FaceTime now has “Group FaceTime” with support for up to 32 simultaneous participants, as well as stickers, filters and Animoji.

Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest tech news and news delivered to your inbox every day. On the one hand, after a year of minor changes to the iPad and a later-than-expected hardware update, Apple has once again focused heavily on reimagining the tablet’s role in the modern computing world. While the iOS 11 iPad updates have had their fair share of critics, they haven’t been too disappointing. On the other hand, the iPhone – generally still Apple’s crown jewel – had to play second fiddle to a platform that was more in need of a strong and consistent message. So despite the iPhone having the same features as its larger multi-touch cousin (at least most of them), Apple seemed happy to shift the focus of the smartphone to the iPad. There was a healthy amount of new functionality for both, but iOS 11’s “monumental leap for iPad” tag pretty much told the whole story.

Ios 12 Is Officially And Here The Updates That You Need To Know!

Available today for the same devices that support iOS 11, iOS 12 feels like a response to the changes around Apple and consumer technology over the past year.

While iOS 11 may go down in Apple software history as the touchstone of iPad maturity, it will also be remembered as one of the company’s most engaging releases for users. You don’t have to look too far back to the iOS 11 era for issues that may have contributed — headlines complaining about poor stability on older hardware, numerous design inconsistencies (which are mentioned repeatedly), and a general feeling of sluggishness. to iOS 10’s slower adoption rate than in 2016.

Apple’s PR and marketing approach was also flawed: performance issues with battery management and power consumption were poorly addressed at a key time of the year, a year-long discount battery replacement program, and a somewhat rushed battery-related addition to iOS. ‘ parameters. Then, of course, there was the much-derided iPhone X ad that clearly showed one of the many iOS bugs reported on TV, which should have been fixed with an updated commercial before the actual firmware. No matter how you slice it, it’s been a rough few months for Apple in terms of public acceptance of its software.


At the same time, towards the beginning of 2018, tech watchers witnessed the rise of Time Well Spent, an organization and perhaps more broadly a social movement demanding that tech companies prioritize creating healthier relationships with mobile devices. From fighting smartphone addiction and message overload to incorporating sophisticated parental controls into the mobile operating system, time-honored principles can emerge as a natural consequence of dizzying technological progress; As some have argued, they may also be a by-product of global socio-economic and political events. Time Well Spent ideas have found fertile ground in Silicon Valley: earlier this year, Facebook made major changes to its News Feed to improve the way users spend their time on the social network; Apple has made a rare commitment to better parental functions in a future version of iOS; Google has gone all out and made digital well-being a system feature set for Android.

Ios 12 Release Gives Users More Power, Marketers More Options

It’s important to understand the context in which iOS 12 is being released today, as the events of the past year can directly shape Apple’s vision for this update.

With iOS 12, Apple wants to address iOS performance issues and prove to its customers that iOS updates should never lead to digital regret. Perhaps more notably, iOS 12 doesn’t have a single consumer feature that includes this release — like Messages for iOS 10 or iPad for iOS 11. Instead, iOS 12 is a collection of improvements that revolve around a core theme. time. Whatever the next big step for Apple iOS in 2018 is, it takes more time; They want iOS users to understand how much time they spend on their devices; And they want to help users spend less time managing certain system features. And while it’s funny, saving time is key (and actually

IOS 12 isn’t Apple’s Snow Leopard release: changes to the system and its updated apps won’t provide a “no new features” slide. However, for the first time in years, the company feels happy to be taking its foot off the gas and listening more to its users.

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