Idownloadblog – Simplicity speaks volumes! These thin iPhone wallpapers use a subtle gradient with abstract curves to create a beautiful iPhone background. From light purple, to blue, to purple and pink these images have a soothing color. So, these small ringtones are perfect for your home or lock screen.

The following ribbon wallpaper for iPhone pack is written by graphic artist @Ongliong11. The journal regularly posts original articles and you should follow them if you like what you see here today! There is also an option to access a large archive of original wallpapers from the past four years in a pinned tweet.



Of the three colors below, my favorite is the purple version. Somewhere between gray and light purple, I like purple. The color is really brown. Although the bright volume is the easiest change of color appearance, I really like the aggressive color change in these wallpapers. Generally, I use a light, minimal background color because it makes the home screen icons stand out and doesn’t clutter the experience.

M1 Macbook Pro Inspired Iphone Wallpapers

These favorites have been featured in our latest additions to the wallpaper gallery, along with multiple downloads. You can find similar style wallpapers in our minimalistic, gradient, and abstract categories. The collection grows every week and you can help by donating.

If you like bright quality wallpapers keep your eyes set on the iDB Wallpaper of the Week gallery. Every Sunday, you can find new images to make your Apple devices the envy of your colleagues. Share your schedule with me using @jim_gresham, where I’ve selected a collection. Post any wallpaper ideas or downloads. Follow the week’s downloads, sneak peaks of upcoming wallpapers, and regular Apple app spreads. See you there! The collection of weekly wallpapers provides our quality downloads every Sunday. With a variety of themes, geometric shapes and colors are some of the most popular in the ever-growing gallery. The abstract wallpaper in today’s post makes the Great House or Lock Screen images, because they are colorful yet simple.

The following collection made by digital artist @wallsbyjfl. You update your personal space with free and premium wallpaper packs, all of the same high quality. Give him a follow on Twitter to get alerts when a new wallpaper download is available on mobile or desktop.

Below, abstract wallpaper is a great addition to any wallpaper collection. Designs with light pastel colors and very busy designs. As a result, images can be used for the Home or Lock screen without being confused by icons, widgets, or the time and date.

Iphone 14 And Iphone 14 Pro Advertising Wallpapers

My favorite picture is the last one. The chevron color really pops against the dark, gray background. Most importantly, the chevron design is located at the bottom of the screen, leaving enough space for the screen lock time, date, and notifications, without interruption.

If you’d like more wallpaper downloads, some sneak peaks for future posts, or to contribute to the collection, please contact me via @jim_gresham, where I feature the Wallpaper of the Week Gallery. Usually, posts are pictures submitted by readers and followers of the site. I’m calling Today, we have a small, high-contrast color block style behind. From deep blacks to vibrant colors that are visually rich, the images really shine. The package includes five different parts with similar properties.

The following collection of images was created by @ongling11. The news often posts quality, good iPhone wallpapers. Although the account has a paid album, a number of quality downloads of photos posted through Google Drive folders are publicly available. That’s where I got these five colorful wall art.


My favorite of the five color block wallpapers is featured in the hero photo above. I especially love the bright blocks of coral, purple, and light blue. Each different wallpaper is a set of the same blocks; however, the colors and tones are slightly changed in each one, providing an option for all your tastes!

Top 10 Iphone Wallpapers Of 2019

The earth toned option doesn’t match the other four images, but it still fits the overall theme of the pack.

If you like background photos and want mid-week downloads and highlights of upcoming iDB stories, then follow @jim_gresham, where I curate the collection.

If you have any tips or know of places to find a cache of iPhone wallpapers, send them my way!

Also, if you’re looking for a specific type of wallpaper, send questions my way and I’ll do my best to provide you with inspired theme downloads! Just hit me up on Twitter with your ideas.

Ios 14 Wallpapers For Iphone & Ipad

For a great contrast to these bright blocks of color, check out last week’s iDB Wallpaper collection, which offers a vibrant graffiti-style collection. A chaotic canvas, compared to this week’s selection, the weekly collection’s wallpaper is full of new quality photo downloads every Sunday. We have been in this business for seven years! Last week, we compiled a collection of the most downloaded wallpapers posted in 2020. This week, we have a set of the top five wallpapers that were downloaded in 2020, but were not published in the beginning this year. Check out this all-time list of the top five wallpaper records, retroactively!

As we compile the most downloaded wallpaper collections of all time in 2020, a common theme emerges. Unlike the top wallpapers posted this year, all of the following wallpaper collections contain a version of Apple’s original artwork.

Most notably, the most visited wallpaper post in the last twelve months was surprisingly posted in 2017. Top of the list, a great wallpaper pack of original Apple iPhone wallpapers, by @AR72014. The background pack includes all pre-iOS 8 stock images and is designed for iPhone devices that support Face ID. If you’re looking for some picture quality, full Apple wallpaper, check out this top post of all time.


Finally, the following wallpaper sets also go back a few years. Not surprisingly, the top images are also promotional images and images from previous iPhone devices and iOS releases. Apple certainly has an eye for great wallpapers, but it doesn’t always release images through software.

Oled Optimized Fold Wallpapers For Iphone

Although the above packages are from Apple, one of the reasons they are popular is that they were launched before they were available to the public. All this work is due to our local community. There is an amazing group of digital artists who help contribute to the iDB wallpaper collection and each of them have individual names in titles with image downloads.

I choose a collection each week by @jim_gresham, where I interact with the site’s fans and post a picture. You can also find highlights of upcoming posts and find weekly releases. From me to you: thank you to everyone who contributed to the wallpaper collection this year, all the years past, and all the years to come! Happy New Year! Explore a collection of thousands of wallpapers for your mobile, desktop, or tablet. From geometric wallpapers to nature wallpapers, we cover many different categories. Refine your search for the perfect background by selecting a category below, or simply browse our archive of thousands of images for free.

The iOS 16 lock screen offers a Deep Effects option, which allows interaction with wallpaper images. It’s a playful way to combine back-end themes with the iOS user interface. If you use the right image, the lock screen clock can be hidden by focusing the image. These Super Depth Effect wallpapers use the latest update.

Apple surprised us with an event that is not in October 2022. Historically, Apple hosts an event in October that usually covers the iPad line and at the same time the new Mac equipment. However, this year, rumors have confirmed that it will not be an October event. Instead of news releases from Apple’s Newsroom and a single, comforting tweet from Tim Cook encourages fans to #TakeNote. This bottom bracket is designed around the iPad’s “Beware” announcement.

Frozen Landscape Wallpapers For A Snowy Iphone

Along with the new 10th generation iPad and M2 iPad Pro comes some amazing new promotional wallpapers. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t release the amazing background images they use to advertise their hardware in the Apple Store and online shopping sites. We’re here to fix that. Although the iPad lineup is confusing, the amazing wallpapers are not.

Given the popularity of the collection of weekly wallpapers, given it, we need to address the basic iOS 16 lock screen effect. The incredibly versatile lock screen feature that Apple works creatively with the image theme by keeping the clock in closely behind the focal point in the center of the image. However, not all images seem to work. Don’t panic! Download dynamic backgrounds in this iOS 16 Depth Effect wallpaper pack.

With watchOS 9, the Nike face is on all Apple Watch models, not just the Nike version. This change creates a treat for all Apple Watch owners who may only want for a stable face. In celebration of the new arrival, make your own pair


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