How To Create Monkey Survey

How To Create Monkey Survey

How To Create Monkey Survey

How To Create Monkey Survey – We conducted a series of survey system tests and today we present to you, dear readers, the SurveyMonkey review. Our goal was to create a simple survey and test how SurveyMonkey works, what features it offers (both free and paid versions), and how easy the platform is for the average user.

SurveyMonkey offers a lot of features, so it took me a few minutes to familiarize myself with the survey builder and learn how the system works as a whole. I found some elements on the designer page quite confusing – they are prominent but not important to the design process (buttons, progress bars, titles).

How To Create Monkey Survey

How To Create Monkey Survey

There are two ways to add a new question: either by clicking the green New Question button, or by selecting the desired question type from the left column. Some types of questions are understandable. While others need explanations or examples to accurately establish their purpose.

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The introduction page is a plain text page that doesn’t need to be filled out. I couldn’t find this feature in my first attempt because the text page is not available from the green button menu. Later I noticed that it is available in the left menu (intro page). You can use several basic HTML tags in the visual editor (bold, underline, italics, text justification, URL link, text color). If you need to attach an image, you can link to it from another site – it is not possible to upload a file in the visual editor.

Unless you’re a market researcher or advanced user, you’ll probably only need a few basic types – single select, checkbox, NPS, text field, contact. Everything is included in the free plan.

Single (radio button): I couldn’t find the simplest type – single category (radio button, selecting an item from a list). The name “Multiple Choice” is confusing – why isn’t it “Single Choice”?

You can enter all the answers manually or paste them all together using Bulk Answers, each answer on a separate line. Answers can be edited with a visual editor, you can change the format of some words to bold, italic, underline, or show an image or video instead of a text answer.

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The system tries to guess the question type from the question text. This is a very nice and useful feature, and in most cases it works really well!

You can customize your question in several ways – desired answer, order (columns, horizontal), random order of answer, and sorting in question options (also in free version).

Other types of questions work the same way. I tried checkboxes, comment boxes, NPS (Net Promoter Score) and drag and drop ranking. Everything went smoothly.

How To Create Monkey Survey

Page Logic is only available in paid plans – Skip Logic, Question Random, Page Random. However, primary surveys do not often use these features.

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Custom URL – All surveys are located in the domain by default. The paid option allows you to use the domain instead of Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to use a custom subdomain, like

You can choose the main layout from the following options: single page layout (all questions at once), multi-page layout, or chat-style layout.

Typography: Customization is not available in the free version. In the paid version, you can change the typography (font weight, size, weight, underline) for titles, questions and answers.

Colors: There are no custom colors in the free version. You can choose colors for titles, questions, answers, tone and background in paid plans.

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Branding: No branding possible on the free plan, your survey will have the SurveyMonkey logo and link below.

Typography: Customization is not available in the free version. In the paid version, you can change the typography (font weight, size, weight, underline) for titles, questions and answers.

Colors: The free version has 10 basic graphic themes, while the paid version has several others. There are no custom colors in the free version. You can choose colors for titles, questions, answers, tone and background in paid plans.

How To Create Monkey Survey

Branding: No branding (not even your header logo) is possible with the free plan. Your survey will have the SurveyMonkey logo and a link at the bottom. If you want to display your logo, you can insert it in the invitation text.

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The progress bar can be visible, hidden and you can choose to place it at the top or bottom of the page.

If you’re using the free version, respondents will be shown a large SurveyMonkey ad at the end of the registration form. At the very least, it will force me to buy a paid plan because it’s annoying and too intrusive for my survey clients.

Respondents can be collected through different channels (collectors). You can combine three in the free version:

SurveyMonkey offers all the standard features and a few useful features. The interface is pretty straightforward after a few minutes of work, but a few UX tweaks would make it even better.

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Some types of questions may be better named so that people can understand them without doubt. On the other hand, I liked how SurveyMonkey guessed question types based on question text.

Free version limit (Basic plan): 100 respondents and 10 questions per survey, no setup and no drop logic. If you need more, consider purchasing one of the paid plans – Standard, Advantage, Personal Premier or Business plans.

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How To Create Monkey Survey

SurveyMonkey is a cloud-based survey tool that allows business owners to interact with and better understand their audience through online surveys.

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With SurveyMonkey, you can quickly and easily create polls, quizzes, and polls for your audience. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for even the most inexperienced users to get started.

The platform offers more than 230 survey templates categorized into useful categories. You can create a custom survey in minutes by tailoring the questions and answers in the templates to your needs.

SurveyMonkey lets you choose from 13 different question types for your survey. Choose from multiple choices, checkboxes, star ratings, text fields, ratings, interactive sliders, drop-down menus, date and/or time, etc.

The AI ​​feature will automatically decide what type of question you want to use based on the content you add. This feature may seem simple, but it can really save time when you’re designing a long survey or multiple surveys at once.

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Once you’ve taken a survey, collecting feedback or data is as easy as sharing a link, sending an email, or adding it to a chat or social media post.

Turn survey results into strategic actions with platform analysis tools. Summarize your results with automated charts and summaries so you can quickly extract valuable insights.

You can also filter results by different variables and compare questions and answers with a cross-tab report. The sentiment analysis feature allows you to analyze open responses to determine if they are positive, negative, or neutral.

How To Create Monkey Survey

One of the platform’s unique features is SurveyMonkey Genius, an AI-powered tool that provides step-by-step guidance on how to create a survey, identifying potential mistakes you might make and how to fix them. Provides recommendations about It can also measure survey performance and help you save time by automating certain tasks. Product automation platform in 5,000+ apps Code-free automation How it works Learn the basics Security Trusted by over 2 million companies Features Create flexible workflows App integration Explore 5,000+ apps Connect to apps Quick access New Be the first to try the products Transfer Beta Transfer Bulk Data on Demand Beta Tables Codeless Databases Built for Zaps Alpha Interface Custom Pages to Support Zaps Search Contact Sales Application Integration Solutions by Role Marketing Business Owners Sales IT Operations Workflow with Customers by Lead Management Communication Internal Process Data Management Company Size Startup SMB Corporate Resources and Roles Marketing Support from Business Owners IT Sales Operations Learn More Blog University Webinars Customer Stories Help Center Community Hire Expert Help Desk Support and Companies Contact for pricing.

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Creating a survey takes time, so there’s no reason to start from scratch every time, especially if you plan to ask essentially the same questions. Fortunately, SurveyMonkey makes it easy to copy surveys.

There are two ways to do this. You can make a copy of the survey in your SurveyMonkey account, allowing you to use it as a starting point for a new survey. You can also copy any survey to another SurveyMonkey account.

You will see a preview of the copied survey. Click Copy Pool if it is correct.

Want to send a copy of your survey to another Survey Monkey user? Or should ownership of the survey be transferred entirely? You can do this from the My Surveys page if the person you want to send the survey to has a payment plan.

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Click the three dots in the “More” column next to the survey you want to copy.

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