How Do Bloggers Make Money

How Do Bloggers Make Money

How Do Bloggers Make Money

How Do Bloggers Make Money – Recently in our Facebook community, someone was considering starting a blog, but an overheard comment mentioned that blogging isn’t a real career because blogging is dead.

Maybe you’ve heard similar stories. Maybe you were the subject of the joke… “Bloggers don’t make money! Find a real job.”

How Do Bloggers Make Money

How Do Bloggers Make Money

Friends, I want to set the record straight by telling you exactly how much money bloggers make and whether you should consider blogging as a career.

How To Make Money With Ads On Your Blog In 2022 (step By Step Guide)

I never thought of becoming a professional blogger. I didn’t have a blogging degree in college, and as far as I know, still don’t.

For me, I knew I wanted to write and everyone said I’d be broke. (Everyone except this guy who thought it was a great idea, so I married him.) After turning down several book offers, I gave up writing and started selling directly… only to break myself.

Out of desperation, I started using coupons to buy groceries and sharing my offers on Facebook. A friend mentioned “blogging” and the rest of the story leads us to this post … and do you think I would be writing about making money as a blogger if I wasn’t making money?

In her glory days, moms kept an online journal of activities and photos to keep the family up to date while out on the town. These “mom bloggers” pioneered what is now considered content marketing

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Blogging as a profession isn’t about posting random pictures, “happy birthday” notes and the occasional craft. Professional blogging is more entrepreneurial… where you define your audience and create content to attract readers to sell a product.

I know you’ve seen those glowing blog income reports where bloggers make five to six figures a month. Enticing, isn’t it? And most of these money making machines aren’t bragging… they’re trying to educate others.

My average monthly income (after expenses) in 2016 was $3,000. Where I live in the southeastern US, that’s more than what qualified professionals like teachers and police officers make each month.

How Do Bloggers Make Money

Through blogging, I have successfully doubled (and maintained) our family budget. We eat healthy and balanced food. My children go to private school. My husband doesn’t need a second job. Our budget has room to include donations from our church and community. What more could I want?!

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To keep you from feeling deterred by the fact that blogging for profit is hard, I want you to consider a small fraction of bloggers who make $100,000 a month.

Immediately repel those who use blog hosting to promote fake news, celebrity trends, or make money. Focus on real people making real things like Erin Chase, Kim Sorgias, and Kelly Snyder.

WHO? You may or may not have heard of these ladies, but it turns out to be a great point. Most bloggers who make money are quietly trading and setting up a business… but you will never hear them talk about how much money they are making.

I’m lucky enough to have these women as friends… and talk to them about income reports often. I know how much money they make… and it’s more than me.

Ways Bloggers Make Money In South Africa

While these traits are common, the truth is that the more money a blogger makes, the more unique they are in their niche. They stand out because they focus on what makes their blog stand out from the other 7 million blogs.

Sure, many profitable bloggers have advantages like a large advertising budget or relationships with other people in power, but they need to maintain their uniqueness to retain and retain readers.

Many new bloggers assume that the only way to make money blogging is through passive advertising using a company like Google AdSense. However, sidebar ads are one of the least profitable ways to monetize a blog.

How Do Bloggers Make Money

Most bloggers who are making enough money to support their families employ a specific strategy to attract and nurture an audience that will eventually buy the product.

First Year Blogging Income Report

Download this graphic to remember smart blogging techniques. Sign up to receive photos by email.

Half of the relationships are built from blogs through email. If you haven’t collected email addresses, you should start now.

On this website, the main source of income is courses and enrollments. A secondary source of income is through affiliate relationships.

However, on my blog at, the income streams are more diverse: passive advertising, print, ebooks, sponsored content, affiliate links, etc.

Case Study] 4 Ways

Bloggers with multiple sources of income have more financial stability because if one source of income stops, others continue to provide revenue.

Or you might be thinking, “Aren’t bloggers the only ones who make money teaching blogging?”

Remember the three women I mentioned? None of them teach bloggers about blogging, and each makes a significant income in a niche where most think it’s impossible: food (for those on a tight budget), fashion (for most moms), and parenting (with a focus on Christian discipleship. )

How Do Bloggers Make Money

For every one of these women, I know many more who are profiting in the homeschool, DIY, cosmetics, and gifting niches.

Blogging: What Is It?

Successful bloggers understand their unique perspective within a target market and want to serve like-minded readers. There’s no reason you can’t make money blogging too.

So stop waiting and start your blog. Get Access to Scratch: How To Blogging From Day One For Just $10! Save $29! Free Masterclass: 3 Key Projects for Building an “Eyes to Fire” List That Got Me From 0 to 40,000 Email Subscribers (and 10,000 Subscribers!)

Download the Income Report Cheatsheet: Discover the 7 Repeating Lessons I’ve Seen After Reading 100+ Blog Income Reports! (it’s free)

This means your Aunt Sally or Uncle Jim will not understand how an online website can bring in 5 or 6 figures of income.

How To Start And Monetize A Blog + Regrets From Established Bloggers

In fact, even if you’re connected to the “online” world, it can be hard to wrap your head around such a concept.

That it was possible to make money with blogging, but deep in my heart I had a little doubt

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s 100% possible, but you have to actually make your first sale (even if it’s only 5 cents) to see and believe it.

How Do Bloggers Make Money

Your Aunt Sally or Uncle Jim cannot understand how an online website can bring in 5 or 6 figures of income. Click to Tweet So How Much Do Bloggers Really Earn?

How To Make Money Blogging (the Practical Guide For 2022)

That said, it is dangerous to have an attitude of blind optimism and think that you will make the coveted 6-figure figure once you decide to start your blog.

In a survey of 1,500 Problogger readers who were trying to make money blogging, 10% of aspiring bloggers earn nothing and 63% of them earn $0.01 – $99 per month.

The best part? 13% of blog readers surveyed make at least 5 figures per year and 4% of them turn their blog into a 6-figure business.

So yes, while not everyone can earn anything, you have the opportunity to earn money if you put your heart into it.

How Much Do Bloggers Really Make? (real Bloggers Surveyed!)

Note that these bloggers are not looking to make money blogging, so this is a slightly different profile of bloggers than the ProBlogger survey. This second survey included hobby bloggers.

Thousands of bloggers were interviewed, how much do bloggers really earn? Click to tweet the right way to make money blogging

They monetize their site the wrong way. Don’t try to monetize your site with ads or sponsorships – you need one

How Do Bloggers Make Money

If those bloggers who used to earn $0 – $99 a month start monetizing their blogs in a smarter way, I am sure they will earn a lot more money.

Top Ways To Make Money Blogging On WordPress

I recommend offering services, creating courses and affiliate marketing as I have found that they allow you to earn more from your traffic and visitors.

Blogging is your interest because you see many income reports from this niche. You must visit successful blogs that talk about this topic and inevitably come across some income reports.

Only people in the “blogging blogging” niche are encouraged to publish income reports because they will be able to inspire their readers and be seen as a credible expert who will help their business.

This took quite a bit of research, as blogs in other niches usually don’t need to talk about their income.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money In 2022 •

There are still many websites that are earning full time but don’t talk about it online.

I hope this article has given you confidence and an accurate insight into how much bloggers actually make!

Download The Income Report Cheatsheet: Check Out 7 Recurring Lessons I’ve Seen After Reading 100+ Blog Income Reports! (it’s free)

How Do Bloggers Make Money

*** If you’re just starting out (for example, you’re a really new blogger and haven’t started your own blog yet), check out this 4-part blog guide for beginners where you’ll learn how to start your own blog in 20 minutes and get it 50,000 times Highly shared and helped thousands of new bloggers like you to start successful blogs It’s not that difficult. you

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