Hotel Dekat Astana Anyar Bandung

Hotel Dekat Astana Anyar Bandung

Hotel Dekat Astana Anyar Bandung

Hotel Dekat Astana Anyar Bandung – Interactive map of hotels and accommodation near Bandung Asia-Africa Conference Museum (radius 0-2 km), cheap and luxury. This museum address: Jl. Asia Africa No. 65, Braga, Kec. Bandung Well, Bandung City, West Java 40111

If there are anecdotes circulating in Bandung about the name of the longest street in the world, the answer is Jalan Asia-Africa. It is a historical area that is often visited by local and foreign tourists in Bandung. This street is best enjoyed during walks. It is the oldest and most historic street in the creation of the city of Bandung. The Asian-African Building and the main square are icons of the area.

Hotel Dekat Astana Anyar Bandung

Hotel Dekat Astana Anyar Bandung

Below is a list of accommodation in the form of cheap accommodation and 2 star, 3 star and 4 star hotels around Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung along with the phone number of each hotel:

Susu Murni Dedi Astana Anyar Bandung, Viral Setelah 35 Tahun Berlalu

Super strategic location about 100 meters from the main square. The price is very favorable for hotels in Asia and Africa. This hotel is suitable for those looking for cheap accommodation in a strategic location, but not for those looking for a comfortable stay. breakfast ok

Everything is fine, but the hot water does not work. It is also a shame that there is no hairdryer. But overall good! Everywhere is close. This is a well

The place is very comfortable, I was here yesterday with my friends and the service was satisfactory because I was and the bed was not big enough. This place is quite strategic because it is close to Bandung Grand Mosque and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

Ibis Styles is a family hotel located in the heart of the city, in the famous business center of Braga. The location is very strategic, right in front of the legendary Asia Africa Building. It guarantees your satisfaction, it is clean, the staff is friendly, the equipment is complete and the price is reasonable considering the comfort offered. Entertainment and restaurants are not far from the hotel.

Rumah Dijual Tengah Kota Jogja Dekat Malioboro & Tugu Yogyakarta

It is located in the heart of Bandung, in the Braga Citywalk Mall area. If you want to go inside, you have to walk quite a bit in front of the mall. Our stuff was brought by the porter at check-in. I think the small room is small, yes it is a budget hotel. Bus users need to be patient, as parking is difficult and space is often cramped. The surroundings of Braga are lively and close to many tourist attractions.

My family stayed at the hotel for 3 days and 2 nights. What really impressed me was the restaurant service, as he was so familiar with the customs of the guests that he came right to my table the next morning to greet me. Even though the coffee machine was broken, I immediately asked for a Cappuccino. Ask for bread too, they get it right away. The hotel looks clean and luxurious. No haunted hotel impression (people say). The shuttle is also easy to call, they also have a shuttle to the airport and it’s free.

The hotel is close to Bandung square and cultural heritage site, so it is really comfortable to stay here. There are clean and spacious rooms, a rich breakfast and also a swimming pool. In the evening, you can take a walk and taste the delicacies along Jalan Braga. Don’t forget to stop at Bandung Square next to the Grand Mosque. beautiful

Hotel Dekat Astana Anyar Bandung

Old hotel but clean, not scary, the location is very close to KAA building, Bandung city square, so we just walk at night. The hotel is busy. The staff is very friendly, helpful. The breakfast has a lot of choice and is delicious, the plates are clean.

Reddoorz Near Tegalega Bandung, Bandung

I can’t lie that the hotel was really satisfactory. Book a room with a view of the street just around the corner. Great 🙂 to have a pool on the roof. Just walk to the main square. The breakfast menu is quite varied, in fact quite varied to the point where they are not essential things like pancakes. Thank you Mercure for the pampering!

It is located in a strategic location in Braga, so it is a bit crowded, especially on Saturday evenings. The hotel staff is friendly and to the valet. Ease of application procedures. the room is worth it, they have spa facilities, swimming pool. My favorite part of this hotel is the breakfast menu, which has a variety of options and is delicious. Gokill!!! White porridge and bone marrow flakes, herbs, soups, rice and side dishes, delicious omelettes, waffles, muffins, batagor, spaghetti, there are fish fillets, new potatoes, tofu patties, salads, prepared water and more. the price is really worth it..

It’s really good, the location is strategically close to the train station, Pasar Baru shopping mall is opposite, also close to the main square and the grand mosque. the hotel is located in a shopping mall, the view is also good Mt. but before the mall turns into a small one-way street

We are very happy to stay at the beginning of the year and feel the good and pleasant hotel atmosphere… strategic location, pool and swing suitable for children. The room we stayed in was perfect for our little family. The friendly wait staff is only a minor problem. looks like an old and long slow subscription in the registry… just minor glitches during the stay… thanks grand preanger prama

Maison Teraskita Bandung Harga, Foto, Ulasan, Alamat. Indonesia

An overnight stay in the Aston Braga apartment offers an exciting experience. 3-room apartment with 5-star facilities is located in the golden location of Aston Braga, Bandung. During the day, we can enjoy the Indonesian Paris of Java. At night… reward yourself with cuisine and entertainment. Just walk around Aston Braga and find entertainment and food.

There are also many food stalls around Jalan Asia Africa serving Bandung specialties. Here is a list of restaurants and cafes that you may have to enjoy while visiting Jalan Asia Afrika Bandung. These delicacies are easily accessible from the hotel where you are staying. .

The first time I was there, the impression was interesting and I didn’t understand much, but after the second and third visits, I just understood the Asia-Africa Museum.

Hotel Dekat Astana Anyar Bandung

Located in the city of flowers, the Asia-Africa Museum should be a must-see for the current generation, as it is more than just a discussion of the history of Asia-Africa press conferences.

Grand Tulip Hotel Bandung

It’s like being transported back to a time when the Indonesian nation was at the forefront of the peace conference, and Indonesians should be proud of that.

If you go there, I am sure you will find many things that will make you understand or maybe a little surprised what the Asian-African Conference or what is popularly known as the Inter-World Peace Conference is really about.

Yes, history is the face of this nation’s identity. The present is shaped by the events of the past. It’s okay to look back to realize our identity while guiding the page to flow forward. Achieving the vision and dreams that our nation will realize is appreciated by the nation.

Entry is free, just write your name on the registration form. In addition to viewing and reading exhibits and history, there is also a library and a room for viewing documentaries.

Ibis Budget Bandung Asia Afrika

History of the rise of Asia Africa. Schoolchildren must come here to learn about the role of the Indonesian nation in the unification of the nations of Asia and Africa in 1955. The reason for the establishment of the AA Museum was the desire of the leaders of Asian and African countries to learn about the AA conference. city. The museum was opened on April 24, 1980.

A place that I think is very historic of course. it keeps sweet and bitter memories inside. Remember the love struggle of sad heroes. From now on, we will certainly pay tribute to our heroes who were martyred during the struggle for the unified country of the Republic of Indonesia.

The museum depicts the struggle of Asian-African people to free themselves from the shackles of colonialism. This building, typical of European architecture, is one of the places where you can find a lot of information about the countries that participated in the 1955 conference.

Hotel Dekat Astana Anyar Bandung

I came here 3 times for an Asian-African commemorative engagement. The museum guide is friendly and really helps children understand the history. Country kids must visit to explore nationalism.

Rumah Cluster Exclusive 2 Lantai Dekat Tol Seroja Bandung

If you arrive by car, it is best to park in Braga, then walk around and enjoy observing the presence of still-preserved buildings from the Dutch period.

The Asia-Africa Conference Museum is a museum with one of the evidences of Indonesia’s ancient history, here we can learn a lot of historical information. The location is near Bandung Grand Mosque which is along the main road. .The security guard took money from us to enter the museum even though it’s free, I want to complain but I’m confused

This museum is perfect for school children as it hides a lot of Indonesian history. The place is clean, the interior does not look old-fashioned, and the tickets are also cheap. It is very good for painting, I suggest if you want to paint from 10 pm to 3 pm, because the sun is not so hot and it is not cloudy, but still strong. The staff is friendly and always ready for information if we ask them. Inside we can get a brochure describing this museum. I highly recommend this place if you are a history buff or want to bring your family.

The library is pretty complete, there are guides on how to learn braille, books are there too. really good. Braille book complete, from math, letters, alphabet, hijaiyah also available.

Jalan Astana Anyar, Mulai Kuliner, Jasa Cetak, Hingga Pasar Loak

It is a historical building that is really comfortable to visit… the mosque is comfortable, the place is clean and there are many seats around the building 👍

The most historical museum in the center of Bandung. There are many replicas of important figures and objects that have become silent witnesses to the ASEAN Summit. Suitable for family or group visits

It’s a lot of fun to bring young children because they can learn more about the history. Museums equipped with digital devices never get bored.

Hotel Dekat Astana Anyar Bandung

The city of Bandung, the pride of Bandung, has a history vibrant as a place to hang out

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