Home Loan Calculator New Zealand

Home Loan Calculator New Zealand

Home Loan Calculator New Zealand

Home Loan Calculator New Zealand – Credits to Digital Products 2022 Creative Directors Anna-Marie Antipas, Anais Ardid Team Members Naomi Hadfield, Hayley Smith, Josh Burt, Joanne Maguire Contributors Helen Player, Kiwibank, Alex Biden, Kiwibank, Simon Kiwibank Client

Kiwibank is New Zealand’s largest bank owned to attract and retain a new, progressive type of customer through brand-led cultural, product and technology transformations.

Home Loan Calculator New Zealand

Home Loan Calculator New Zealand

The brand’s ‘Let Kiwi Thrive’ strategy and refreshed identity is inspired by the harakeke plant, a Te Ao Maori metaphor for a thriving community. The center shoots Rito – the new, growing generation, with the surrounding outer leaves representing our future knowledge and wisdom – nurturing parents and grandparents.

Mortgage Calculator & Home Loan Calculator

In every aspect of its experience, Kiwibank strives to deliver customer-centric solutions that powerfully and authentically express the new brand strategy.

Kiwibank has launched a range of interactive digital home loan tools designed to better support many different audience segments based on their specific context and needs.

Home loan calculators are a versatile set of tools used by a variety of audiences to understand their financial parameters and options.

A typical calculator experience focuses on what the user wants to accomplish.

What Is An Exchange Rate?

We challenged this convention and developed calculators that better help our audience make informed decisions, empowering customers to independently navigate and decide how KiwiBank can help them realize their ambitions and achieve their goals.

In-depth interviews were conducted with potential home buyers, owners and mortgage brokers to understand the motivations, needs and preferred interactions of people who use home loan calculators in the decision-making process.

The study concluded that differences based on age, location or economic status were not significant as motivations for using a digital tool, which emerged as a key dimension differentiating user needs.

Home Loan Calculator New Zealand

We identified five segments with specific motivations and ideas – all with different wants and needs.

Business Loan Calculator Nz

Simple calculators don’t take into account variables like whether it’s your first home, your next home, an investment property, or whether you’re looking to restructure your finances.

The main function of calculators is to enable testing, understanding and familiarization. They are true from the perspective of both the potential buyer and the bank and are used as a decision-making framework throughout the design process.

Kiwibanks’ new home loan calculators feature a natural language interface to understand less volatile aspects of a consumer’s position, such as household income, debt levels and composition.

The second part of the interaction uses a mechanism to explore variables and scenarios that can change sliders, allowing users to understand their choices and possible effects.

Anz Home Loan Calculators — Ronald T. Raharjo

Educational guidance is presented throughout the experience so that the user understands any high-level implications in all scenarios without leaving the calculator interface.

Duplicating components in more than one scenario allows users to go through different builds and compare different options for how they can achieve their goals and determine the best way to achieve it. This is another full featured mortgage calculator. (Our calculator for experts is available here.) This chart includes several charts to help you estimate how a desk mortgage will pay off over the life of the loan. And it provides a complete table of how payments are applied to both cost and principal payments. You will also notice the additional effect of adding regular repayments. You will need to click Calculate before this tool will display the results.

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Home Loan Calculator New Zealand

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Home Loan Calculator New Zealand

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