Guy Sebastian Wins Australian Idol

Guy Sebastian Wins Australian Idol

Guy Sebastian Wins Australian Idol

Guy Sebastian Wins Australian Idol – It’s hard to believe it’s been 18 years since the world met a struggling young audio engineer named Guy Sebastian.

In 2003, Sebastian woke up early to line up for the first season of ‘Australian Idol’ at just 21 years old. He was a bundle of nerves as he looked forward to his performance that day, but it turns out he had nothing to worry about.

Guy Sebastian Wins Australian Idol

Guy Sebastian Wins Australian Idol

She chose Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky” and the moment the three judges heard her voice, they knew she was the one they’d been waiting for all day!

Jules Sebastian: Raising Children Is About Surrender

“Head and shoulders above the best voices we’ve heard today,” said judge Ian Dixon. Associate judge Marcia Hines, visibly moved by Sebastian’s performance, said, “What a gift you have.”

The only caveat? Dixon didn’t really like the look of the young singer. “It looks bad though, so you have to work on it!” He smiled.

Unbelievably, this humble youngster who started singing in his church choir at the age of 14 won the entire show! After that, she enjoyed a lot of fame for being the first winner of “Australian Idol”, landing a record deal and her debut single reached the top of the Australian charts. Her debut album, “Just As I Am” went six times platinum!

He continued to record for the next decade, offering a unique sound that ranged from R&B to 1960s Southern soul. He also ventured into the world of live talent shows by taking on the role of judge on “The X Factor Australia”.

Guy Sebastian Looks Absolutely Shredded In Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

Sebastian has released more original music in recent years and in 2018, he joined Boy George, Kelly Rowland and Delta Goodrem as judges on ‘The Voice Australia’. Can you believe how far this talented man has come since his first audition? What an amazing career!

Relive Sebastian’s first shot at stardom in the video below, and be sure to share this story to spread the joy.

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Guy Sebastian Wins Australian Idol

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It was a chilly morning in 2003 when a young Guy Sebastian found himself in a line of 2,000 people at 7 a.m., nervously preparing to audition for the first season.

You Best Believe It’s Time For An Ol’ Australian Idol, Where Are They Now

Dressed in a sheepskin jacket and flared jeans, he took to the small makeshift stage in front of Marcia Hines, Mark Holden and Ian ‘Dicko’ Dixon and belted out Stevie Wonder classics.

“It’s the best voice we’ve heard today,” he said. “Anyway, you look like crap, so we’ll work on it.”

“I thought, ‘Like I’m going to win a TV show, let’s get a record deal.’ Am I going to be on TV with all these beautiful pop star-looking people? I’m never going to win.”

Guy Sebastian Wins Australian Idol

“I wasn’t sure music was an option for me,” she said, reflecting on her first encounters with people in the music industry, who often told her they didn’t like the way she looked.

Guy Sebastian’s Advice For The Voice Australia Contestants

“I was a weird chubby, half-Asian kid who didn’t look like a pop star. I got on the train with all these rejection letters, my tail between my legs and I thought, I can’t change how I look. But I still Can be a musician,” he added.

Guy Sebastian was named the overall winner of the show on November 19, 2003 and walked away with a BMG recording contract.

Their winning single, ‘Angels Brought Me Here’, quickly reached number one in the charts. If you have trouble remembering that song, remember the first line:

“It’s been a long and winding journey, but I’m finally here tonight. Bring the pieces back to the light.”

Sebastian House Project

Due to time constraints, within six days, before boarding the plane to the UK for the competition

She finished seventh in the unique international version of the TV show, but that didn’t stop her upward trajectory at home. His second album,

Guy Sebastian is the only Australian male artist to have six number one singles and two number one albums in Australian chart history.

Guy Sebastian Wins Australian Idol

“Literally nobody (radio programmers) had ever sung a song that I thought would be a smash. When that happens, you start to believe you’re a failure.”

Guy Sebastian’s Dispute With Former Manager May Head To Mediation

“But resilience comes when you realize you’re not doing it for the charts, it’s for the things I believe in and want people to be affected by my art.”

“I thought everyone was out to get me. I had people call me derogatory homophobic slurs, I had people smoke cigarettes in my afro. I couldn’t believe the ugliness. I wish I had the tools to deal with it. So what” .

Audition clip. In fact, Jules, who also sings himself, auditioned that day, but he didn’t make it.

They won, they broke up briefly and Guy dated a few others, including Delta Goodrem who was Jules’ “roommate” while he was with her.

Guy Sebastian Tries To Follow Up His Success Of Battle Scars With Madness

“I went back to Jules because I knew he loved me for who I was,” Guy told 60 Minutes.

“And so I flew to Adelaide, and I told him, ‘I’m famous now.’ I might be with a supermodel and that, but do you want to go back with me? And she said, “Yeah, sure.”

“I’d like to keep [our 17-year relationship] to myself, but I’m lucky with Jules. He’s very nice and supportive, we just get on, we’re really good friends above all else,” she said. .

Guy Sebastian Wins Australian Idol

“I think that’s the key… if you’re a good partner, you can get through a lot of other things.”

Guy Sebastian, Titus Day Case: Fresh Delay In Ex Manager’s Trial

Jules is a stylist, writer and presenter by business, but the couple also run the Sebastian Foundation.

“The Sebastian Foundation came about pretty organically, and I always wanted to do something official where we could make an impact. I hate the word ‘give up,’ but I’m always exposed to people who go through a lot in life, and just my fans. Within the base, there’s a plethora of things that people deal with from domestic violence, depressive illness… and now we’re gearing up towards mental health, which is really more of our case,” says Guy.

“There are certain trigger points for me that make me really emotional. My children, I’m always emotional about my children.”

“I think if Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift were doing it on stage recently, I might as well,” he added.

Channel Nine’s The Voice Accused Of Being Rigged After Guy Sebastian’s Brother Chris Wins

“I was never the kid who grew up dreaming of being famous. It didn’t seem like a viable option – I grew up in the suburbs of Adelaide! I’m an immigrant, and a weird kid with an afro, and this isn’t. Something that I Never thought it would be possible,” he told 9 Entertainment.

“I never thought I deserved to meet Oprah or perform for a big audience, I think that moment did everything for me.” But the show quickly moves on from us laughing at terrible auditions to be mesmerized by all the certified banger covers, none more iconic than Guy Sebastian’s crack at musical power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “Crazy in Love.”

It was the last two matches – Guy vs. Shannon Noll – and it was the last chance for each competitor to show that they had what it takes to be first.

Guy Sebastian Wins Australian Idol

Guy essentially secured the win when he appeared on stage in a (presumably fake) fur coat, tinted sunnies befitting ‘it girls’ and dictators of the era, and his trademark big hair in the epic.

Of The Most Iconic Moments In The History Of ‘australian Idol’

This is the worst dressed of 2003 outside of the Teen Choice Awards and we, the audience, can’t get enough of it.

And – wait… did he fall on stage before he could sing? Damn bet he did. In fact, all legends of idols did it then.

The choice of music was also very interesting. Twenty years ago, it was less common for a guy to sing a song by an iconic female pop singer and still be taken seriously.

But Guy has put his own spin on that high monotony we know and love. Especially his take on the final chorus was superb.

The Australian Idol Winners: Where Are They Now?

When some random guy on a TV song show tries to take one of the biggest songs of the day from one of the biggest artists of the decade, the result is usually passable at best.

After all, “Crazy in Love”

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