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Google Podcast

Google Podcast

Google Podcast – At I/O 2019, Google confirmed that it is moving podcasts to the top of audio search results alongside text and video search results. Podcast search is now available on and coming soon to Google Assistant.

Only episode titles and notes are used when Google searches for new podcasts. Instead, the company records the audio to understand “what’s being said on the podcast.” The goal is to make “audio Google’s first-class citizen,” resulting in Search offering relevant links, YouTube videos, and podcasts.

Google Podcast

Google Podcast

This allows you to search for a topic on and return to the “Podcasts” carousel with each episode. According to the company, there are more than 2 million podcasts online today. Clicking will open and replay the show online at On Android, this opens the Google Podcasts app, which has its own home screen icon.

Google Podcasts Adds A Privacy Warning

Currently, queries must include “podcast”, but Google notes that this will not be required in the future. Podcast search is available in the US today and even live on our end.

“Later this year,” the new search is coming to Google Assistant — which will bring monitoring tools to smart speakers — and an integrated experience for Google Podcasts for the web, including the Android client and iOS.

For example, if you ask the Assistant for podcasts on a specific topic, like “Okay Google, play a podcast about Marie Curie,” it will suggest episodes.

Google also announced an upcoming feature that will allow publishers to determine on which platforms (apps, websites) you can listen to podcasts. This will help you find what you need to buy or pay for.

Google Is Reinventing The Way We Listen To Podcasts

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Podcast Manager also provides information about the number of listens per show and episode, and the number of listens per episode.

Google Podcast

Google has released a new tool that allows podcasters to understand how the content available through Google Podcasts is engaging with their audience, allowing them to fine-tune and expand their offerings. Also known as “Podcast Manager”, analytics also provide information about various things. In addition, with this new tool, podcasters can ensure that their content is available to Google Podcast listeners through a simple screening process.

How To Access Hidden Browser Tools In Google Podcasts

“Within the tool, you can get metrics to understand how your show’s attendance changes over time and see the latest trends,” Google said in a statement. The tool also provides data on the number of listeners per show and episode, the number of listeners per episode, the percentage subscribed to each episode on Google Podcasts, and anonymous device analytics.

“This includes security analytics that help you better understand where people are following and when they’re falling, as well as listening time, minutes played, etc. You can send the data if you want and integrate it into your analytics tools,” it added. in the report. . In addition, the new Podcast Manager provides insight into device behavior among Google Podcasts listeners.

Basically, Apple also has a similar option called “Apple Podcasts” that was launched in 2017 and also has a “Podcasts Analytics Beta” that helps podcasts get more information about the behavior of their listeners. However, Google, in this case, may have an advantage over the competitor as “Google Podcast Manager”, which aims to better understand the behavior of Google and Android users, clean pages in the performance report.

Apple has a similar option launched in 2017, and there are other podcast analytics tools on different platforms. The advantage of Google Podcast Manager is that it provides clear evidence of the behavior of Google and Android users, which helps to clarify shortcomings through granular reporting, while also showing opportunities to improve podcasts, especially during the coronavirus lockdown. has influenced podcasts worldwide. Google’s in-house app for downloading and listening to podcasts is now available on iPhones and other iOS devices. The Google Podcasts app is now available for download on iPhones worldwide via the App Store. This is a free app with no in-app purchases.

Apply For The Prx Google Podcast Creator Program

Google’s Podcasts app was first launched for Android devices and later became available for PCs via a web app. Now, the internet search giant has made it available to all iPhone users. In addition to browsing, downloading and listening to podcasts, the app also syncs progress across platforms and devices.

The app is straightforward and easy to use. At the bottom of it are three tabs: Home, Explore, and Action. In the Home app, you’ll find your favorite podcasts, recommendations based on your listening history, and popular podcasts. The Explore tab is where you can search for podcasts and see what’s trending in different genres. It is very similar to the Google search results page. The Activity tab displays a user’s downloads, listening history, and a list of podcast episodes.

Google has also released an updated version of the Podcasts app for Android smartphones and tablets via the Play Store. The new version of the app features a three-tab interface similar to that found in the iOS version of the app. It also brings the feature of downloading recently released episodes. It also notifies you when a new episode of a recorded podcast is available. These features have been offered by competing apps for years.

Google Podcast

Google is late to the podcast market. Its app competes not only with Apple’s Podcasts app, but also with Breaker, Castro, Overcast, PocketCasts, Spotify and more. While Spotify takes on other podcasting apps for different types of content, Google uses a weekly recommendation algorithm to attract users.

Talks At Google Podcast

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According to a report from 9to5Google, the newly updated Google Podcasts will welcome users with a “Check out the new Google Podcasts” greeting, which will continue to highlight the app’s three sections accessible from the bottom bar.

Tips For Google Podcasts

There are three new sections in the bottom bar of Google Podcasts – Home, Discover and Activity (as seen in the image below).

The Home tab in Google Podcasts shows the user the latest in their subscriptions, replacing the old grid arrangement with a rotating basket of listening to your favorite podcasts. To indicate when a podcast is new, the invisible blue marker on the podcast cover will be replaced by a red dot in the upper right corner.

Instead of featured podcasts, the Home page on Google Podcasts now shows new episodes of channels the user is following. The list also includes two line notes for display, as well as an option to start playing, an “add to line” option, and an option to start loading.

Google Podcast

Use the Discover tab on Google Podcasts to explore popular shows,

Google Podcast: Cos’è E Come Funziona

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