Good Places To Eat By The Denver Zoo

Good Places To Eat By The Denver Zoo

Good Places To Eat By The Denver Zoo

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The phrase “let’s go to the Denver Zoo” shouldn’t be thrown around lightly with your kids. Planning required: On a hot summer’s day, one wrong step could cause the penguins to melt in front of them. But when planned correctly, it’s a trip full of inspiration, education and good old-fashioned fun. From feeding sea lions to watching peacocks stroll the boardwalk, the zoo will offer a different experience every time your family visits this summer.

Good Places To Eat By The Denver Zoo

Good Places To Eat By The Denver Zoo

Packing List: Be prepared for the heat with hats, sunscreen, water and a spray bottle, but also bring layers when a Colorado storm hits. Guests are allowed to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages, but fair warning: Straws are not allowed to protect the animals. Bringing your own snacks will help curb cravings for ice cream, cotton candy, and kettle corn and help prevent a midday sugar crash. You can bring your own stroller or stroller or rent one from the park.

Denver Zoo Constructing State Of The Art Animal Hospital And You’ll Be Invited In!

Timing: The Denver Zoo opens at 9 a.m., but park members can enter the park half an hour earlier. Leaving early can help with the afternoon heat and potential sleep loss. Don’t try to see the whole zoo in one trip. You don’t want to leave too much behind, so save some of the animals and exhibits for another day’s visit.

Animals: Keeping time management in mind, know which animals you want to see. Ask each child going to the zoo to pick a must-see animal on their visit so no one misses out on a favorite. Realize that children of different ages enjoy different animals. For younger guests, the elephants are a must-see, while the polar bears and primates are favorites with toddlers and preschoolers. Be aware that the area between the North Bank and Elephant Pass is the slowest part of the park and Bird World is not for everyone.

Key stops: Polar bears, seals and sea lions from the northern shores are almost always playing around (check show times before you go, so you don’t miss the animals’ special tricks). If you want to ignore requests to ride the train or carousel, plan ahead to walk this part of the park so you don’t disappoint the kids. The primate panorama takes a while to navigate, but all the kids press their noses against the glass to get a good look at the human-looking and moving (read: precious) animals. Where available, mobile ordering allows you to complete a transaction from your mobile phone and have your order delivered directly to your table or designated station.

Now serving coffee, beer and ice cream in addition to classic zoo snacks! Grab your favorite espresso and breakfast beverage from our extensive coffee shop menu, including breakfast burritos, sandwiches and pastries. Grab a quick afternoon snack, including ice cream, loaded pretzels or delicious drinks, to enjoy on the Samburu deck.

Denver Zoo Closes Bird World Exhibit But Continues Conservation Legacy

Stop by Samburu Grill for all your Denver Zoo favorites and seasonal fare. We now offer classics like burgers, hot dogs and chicken tenders, as well as seasonal soups, salads and sandwiches.

A true beer garden experience, this destination offers a selection of local craft beers on tap, along with Bavarian pretzels, snacks and drinks! Now serving seasonal favorites like s’mores and hot cocoa or cider.

Great place to grab a quick snack or your favorite beer! Wildlife Plaza Snacks & Sips serves Bavarian pretzels, snacks and bottled beverages. Now table seasonal favorites like s’mores and hot cocoa or cider.

Good Places To Eat By The Denver Zoo

Your stop for Brown Bear BBQ! High-end sandwiches, four-cheese mac ‘n’ cheese and all the traditional sides. After lunch, try our newest seasonal ice cream flavor, God Save the Cream!

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Stop by the train for your seasonal favorites, including brownies, cinnamon or sugar pretzels, and hot cocoa or cider! Beer and bottled drinks are also available.

Lorikeet Adventure, located next to Dippin’ Dots: Lorikeet Adventure offers snacks, bottled drinks and Dippin’ Dots. Now offering gifts for pet lights!

Head past the elephants and check out Kamala Cafe for fresh Asian dishes including spring rolls and stickers, sesame chicken rice bowls and firecracker meatballs – the perfect place to grab a soft serve ice cream or doll whipping while visiting. Now offering a variety of fresh beignets for zookeepers!

Craft Fine Street Foods now on Sycamore Island is a specialty for burger lovers! Check out our new menu featuring classic bread and specialty burgers served with fresh tartar. Kids meals are also available!

Year Old Bactrian Camel Born At Denver Zoo Euthanized

Located next to the McGrath Family Amphitheater, Kamala Snacks & Sips offers Bavarian pretzels, snacks and Dippin’ Dots, beer and bottled soft drinks.

Grab your favorite zoo snacks, soft serve ice cream, Dole Whip, ICEE and fountain or bottled beverages, including adult beverages. Now serving churros and churro sundaes for pet lights!

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